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Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx:  100F
Listening to:  My brain melting……..

It’s hot – But there are so many other things to be thankful for, so I shall pass through this weather and give praise for what I have.  The well is being redone, so fresh water is on the way soon.

When I drive through the valley to get to the city – about 15 miles away, I am always amazed by the beauty of each divergent field.  And I want to photograph EVERY SINGLE ONE, because they each have their own beauty.  The photo below is of a field owned by our neighbor, and he is growing seed for Canola Oil.  Look at this bounty!
So the next time you are in the baking aisle at your local grocery store, remember that the Canola Oil is made from fields of beautiful yellow flowers.  Those are the Blue Mountains, in the background.

I am working on getting a promotion to a “level 3” designer, and one of the ways I can earn the points to do that, is to have my blog readers visit the Pixelscrapper website, from my blog.  So if it is not too inconvenient, could I impose upon you to click on over and take a look at the site?  It’s free.  Downloads are free.  And there are lots of forums, challenges, and tutorials to make your scrapping even more enjoyable.  By the way, being a designer in the Pixelscrapper “Commons” is not a paid position, so I am not compensated in any way by directing you to the site.  Well, except points to enable progressing through the various levels of a designer.

One of the small kits I have loaded up on The Commons, is called “Hopes and Dreams”.  It uses the black and pink palette, which was a new thing for me.  You can find everything I have uploaded there just by clicking on my user name “Sunny Faith Rush”.  As of today I have uploaded about 200 designs.  There are more talented designers than I that are posting their designs, so you may find a new designer that specifically appeals to your own sense of design.


I have not put a download link here for this particular mini, in hopes that you will be ok with this rare request to visit the website, from this blog.  Please feel free to leave me feedback on how this works for you.  Thank you –

Blessings to you,





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Mellow Yellow
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx:  100F, Clear
Listening to:  The Best of Glen Campbell

It’s been an expensive week.  And a little challenging.  The well pump here on our ranch has failed.  Additionally, the pipe down the well shaft is corroding and the wiring is old, so we need to replace the entire thing.  I’m sure that the pump and wiring failed because of overuse during this heat.  The well driller is a neighbor, and a good friend.  His schedule was already full, because of issues with wells all across the valley.  Farmers have been trying to keep everything irrigated, but the equipment gets too hot.  We are going on our fourth day without water, but hope to have it all resolved by late Friday night or Saturday afternoon.  We have hooked up a hose to our neighbor’s well head in order to keep the horses watered, and then we have been filling water jugs up down at our church every day.  Vern sent the neighbor some flowers to thank her for the hose hookup.  The kindness of friends have kept us clean and hydrated.

I’ve put together another group of graphics that I put up on the Commons at Pixelscrapper.  This one is called “Mellow Yellow.  I rushed to put it together for you, but I am somewhat distracted so I apologize if I have forgotten anything.  As always, these are free to you to use in good faith.  Random acts of kindness to others are requested in exchange.




Blessings to you,




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Bee Sweet
Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon
Wx:  Hot.  Hot.  Hot.  Dang.
Listening to:  The Best of Firefall

Early morning is such a wonderful time for me.  The rest of the house is asleep, but everything outside is awake and celebrating the day.  As I write in my morning journal, I watch the birds visit the feeders.  The pheasant family is out in the field, and the male always honks his alerts as they make their way toward their feeding station.  It makes me chuckle, because it always sounds like he is complaining. He probably is…….

Sometimes I use this time to write letters to friends (Yes,  real paper you put in the post office mail…..and in cursive, too!)  Or I design something new for scrapbooking.  My drink of choice in the morning is a Chai Tea Latte, with a splash of milk.  My cat is usually in his loving mode, so I rub his ears and pet him until he grows sleepy.  Then he makes his way to his little bed next to my chair, and falls asleep. Outside my back window I can see the horses in their field as they graze on the soft grass.  They nuzzle each other in affection.  I am content to just sit and watch the world unfold in the morning sunlight.

              Oscar “The Grouch”
cat 5
I continue to upload designs to The Commons at Pixelscrapper.   I am working on earning a promotion to the next level of designing, so I am making a real effort to learn how to make things just a little better than the last graphic.   I’ve had a few areas identified where I could improve, so I have been learning/doing/fussing/practicing and I am learning so much.  I think that unlearning bad habits are the hardest. Well, perhaps not the hardest part – that award goes to learning how to accept feedback critiques in a gracious manner and applying that information to your future designs.  It is easy to take critical comments personally on something that you have spent a lot of time on.  It’s easy to get frustrated.  But by changing the “filter” in which you receive these comments, you can see the immeasurable value in the information.  Take out the emotion – work the solution, not the problem.  I applied that strategy throughout my career, and it served me well.  Time to get that filter out, dust it off, and apply it to my personal passions.

I have placed some of my designs that I have uploaded to The Commons, into a package for you that can be downloaded from my dropbox account – But I would encourage you to visit to download more cool (and free) graphics to use in your layouts.  This set I call “Bee Sweet”


preview-sheet_papersDOWNLOAD HERE

As usual, these are for commercial use.  Please see my TOU below:

Blessings to you –




Free Download – July Blog Hop

Summer Lovin
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx:  80F, Clear
Listening To:  Hymns from the 49th Parallel, K.D. Lang

Scientifically I wonder if there is a limit to the number of shades possible within a certain color?  Green for example.  The valley floor below us has a multi-colored pattern of green splashed across it’s floor,  from a bright chartreuse to a lovely and rich emerald green.    The valley is 35 miles long, and 15 miles wide.  It’s name, “Grande Ronde”, means “Great Circle”.

Eastern Oregon and the surrounding area was a haven for many Native American tribes. Many of these tribes, including the Nez Perce, Cayuse, Umatilla, Walla Walla, and Shoshone, would spend their summers in the bountiful Grande Ronde Valley. Here they would forage, hunt, fish, and bathe in hot springs. Tribes that may have been hostile toward each other would live together harmoniously in the “Valley of Peace”

Before I relocated to Eastern Oregon, I never really gave a thought to the work of farmers.  I never thought about them rising before dawn to open irrigation or riding their harvester long after the sun has gone down.   I had an idea that it was long and arduous work, but I didn’t really have a good knowledge or appreciation of getting my food from their field to my table.  And now?  I don’t know how they do it.  Amazingly long hours for little payback.  Constant care of their soil, even in winter.  The planning and rotating of crops.  Fighting crop diseases and persistent pests, and the unpredictable weather.  Gads, I have such respect for these men and women that choose to be the providers to the world.  Here, local farmers cultivate over 97,000 acres of wheat, peppermint, Kentucky bluegrass, potatoes, sugar beets and other crops. Estimated gross sales for these crops exceed $30 million a year.  Not to mention the cattlemen that choose to raise livestock.  I would not make it one day in their shoes.  Not one day.  I spent my 30+ year career in an office where I would grumble to myself if I had to put on a sweater because the temperature was too cool in the winter time.  Grumble!  Ashamed of that, I am.  Who AM I?  What do I bring to this world?  What do I leave for this world?  Am I making a difference?  People, lets work diligently and intelligently at this Kindness thing.  Let’s try and make a difference – even in the most minuscule way, if need be – to change someone’s day for the better.  Just one person – every day.  We can do this.

The theme for this month’s blog hop is “Summer Lovin”, and the assigned palette was quite bright.  The other designer’s contributions can be found here, on the Pixel Scrapper website.    Mine are below, and are free for commercial use.  Remember, all I ask in return is that you take the time to perform an act of kindness for someone.  I hope that you can find something that you can use.

PSJUL2017_rushranch_summer-lovin_papersDownload Papers Here

Download Elements Here

Wishing you a wonderful July with many blessings,




Free Downloads – June Treasure

June Treasure
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
WX:  54F, cloudy
Listening to:  Soundtrack, Interstellar

I am learning my art.  And, I have much to learn.  Much I want to do, much I want to accomplish.  In that effort, I have been loading my graphics up on the Pixelscrapper “Commons” section, where designers can have their graphics checked by other designers and are provided invaluable feedback on how to achieve more enhanced results.  As you can imagine, it can sometimes be a little intimidating to receive strong feedback about something that I have poorly designed. Self-inflicted wounds are the worst kind.  When I am sloppy or rushed, why am I surprised by the number of errors pointed out in a design?  I don’t know.  I just get so excited working on a design that I want to rush it out to you – and forget to check for the usual culprits such as gamut, stray pixels, resolution, etc. I must learn how to follow the design to the end of the process, THEN release to my friends.  (Patience, Grasshopper…..)  The Commons at Pixelscrapper is a progressive learning site – you graduate to the higher levels depending upon certain factors including how many errors you have received in your “quality checks” by other designers.  I am currently on level 2, which requires loading 150 graphics with no more than 10 errors.  I shall endeavor to meet that goal.

Here are a few things that you can find on the “Commons”, just in case you have not joined Pixelscrapper.  It’s a free site, so don’t hesitate to get involved in this supportive community of designers.  Even if you are not a designer, you can download free graphics.

You can download these directly from my Dropbox account, too.
These are for commercial use, and each file name also has a “cu” in it to help you know what you can use in any commercial venue.
Download Link


Thank you for your kind and supportive words about my designs.





Free Download – Fasteners

Designer Challenge:  Fasteners
Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon
Wx:  Sunny, 80F
Listening to:  Rumer, “Season of my Soul”

I’ve had an epiphany – one that I am sure has occurred to every other single person on this planet.  But, I’m a late bloomer.  You see, this evening, as my husband and I ate dinner out on the back deck in the cool of the evening, my mind wandered out amidst the green velvet hills above us.  So lovely.  It’s not for everyone, living here in a town of less than 500 people, but for me – for us – we fit here.  We grow here.  We are becoming what we were meant to become.   I asked my husband if he was happy here. I check in with him about that every so often, because he is such a “people” person.  And  I finally realized – It doesn’t matter WHERE you live, but HOW you live, how you embrace your day – that makes you truly happy.  Find a place within yourself that fills your cup and keeps you moving forward.  Like Einstein says so famously…………


There is a small designer challenge in the middle of the month at Pixel Scrapper, for a small collection of “Fasteners”.  Please visit that challenge here, to see the other offerings.  They are all for commercial use by the way!

Here is my offering.  Hope that you find a few elements that you can use.

As always, I love your visits to my blog, and your sweet embrace of my humble designs.

Blessings and Blue Skies,




Free Download – June Blog Hop

Nature Escape
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx: 71F,  Mostly Sunny
Listening to: Brenda Russell, album “Get Here”

It is early morning 5:00 a.m., and the world is still and peaceful here.  The sun rises gently above the Blue Mountains behind me, and I watch it travel across the valley floor below.  The horses are peacefully grazing in the pasture, and quail rush their young toward the feeders under our deck.  The weather is adjusting to spring, and farm crops are a lush, emerald green after the rains. It is remarkably lovely.  I am content.  It took many years to get “here” in this place on the side of my mountain, in this place inside my heart, my spirit, in this place of contentment. I am well-blessed.

(Photo Credit:  Dirt Road Photography)

It’s work to get the mind to quiet down, it’s work to get the body to just pause and relax, put down the spoon and kettle, put away the cleaning cloths and wax.  But eventually, you need to just sit and “be” –   to be renewed.  To feel the harmony and let go of the world clutter.  Allow yourself the time to pull yourself back together into focus.  So much time is spent in rushing to get things done in this busy world, that we simply need to unplug from the routine and give ourselves permission to be at rest, to do nothing.  To empty ourselves of the stressful news, bad situations around the globe, taxes, healthcare, pollution, food sources, and climate change.  Let go, if only for a moment, so that we can be filled with newness and see our way through until we need to climb the next big hill or big mountain.  Easier said than done – I understand that.

The June Blog Hop theme is “Nature Escape”, with a palette of greens and turquoise.  That made me dream of the sea, and all of its many treasures, therefore, my kit is related to the sea. You may find this kit a little difficult to use, as it contains many extractions of my brooches. I always wanted to live by the sea, and once I retired I had planned on living by the sea – but I never seem to end up there.  I am definitely happy where I am, but I always make time for summer trips to the coast.  Nothing beats a walk along the beach as the sun rises or sets.  The sound of the surf is soothing to me.  The majestic colors, the scents, the sounds – all of these things awaken the artist in me.  I want to sing, I want to paint, I want to dance, I want to write.  I want to wear flowers in my hair and bury painted toes in the sand.  I want to feel beautiful in freckles and ponytails.  I want the magic of the Ocean to be in me, too. Every since I was about the age of 14, I wanted to be a marine biologist.  But life happened, and I ended up playing with satellites in the sky rather than fish in the sea.  Go figure.

As always, my kits are free to you to use however you wish, including commercial use. I only ask that you perform some random act of kindness this month, to be the change in this world.  My TOU is at the bottom of this post.


Download Papers


Download Elements

rushranch_June Desktop1920x1080_CU

Laptop Wallpaper (1920 x 1080)