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Autumn Journal Cards
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
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Thinking about family in Texas this week, as Tropical Storm Harvey turns into a Cat 3 Hurricane, and then back down again into a storm.  Prayers go out to the people of Rockport and other locales that have been hit the hardest.  I have a brother that lives outside of Houston, in a town called Katy.  So far they are well prepared for whatever may come, including an evacuation plan.  In times like these we all – the five of us siblings – exchange “I love you’s”, so that we know without a doubt that we are loved and cherished, no matter the outcomes of a normal day, or a tragic day.  Come what may.  We are faith-based people, so we trust that all will be ok in the end.  And as the famous line from the “2nd Best Marigold Hotel” movie goes, “It will be ok in the end – if not, then it’s not the end”.  I actually have that saying on a board hanging in my kitchen.  I don’t know the original author of the quote.  In my research it has been attributed to a hundred different people.

Related image

I made some journal cards, in response to a prompt on the Designer’s Challenge Forum at Pixel Scrapper.  Instead of posting them to PS, I have posted them here.  I don’t know if you use them for anything, personally I don’t.  But I though that perhaps you might be interested in them, even to use a tags if you sized them down a bit.  I will have a September Blog Hop download for you on September 1st, but in the meantime, here is a little something:


Download Journal Cards Here

Please let me know if you are a user of Journal Cards, I truly don’t know the number of people that use them.  Am I wasting my time?  Thank you.

Blessings and Blue Skies,



Free Download – The Darks

Feather Flowers – Darks
Rushranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx: 97F, Smoky
Listening to:  Andrea Bocelli

Today is Saturday, so I have much to do.  Throughout the week I have put together the church’s Sunday Program, and now it is time to print out the original and make copies of it on the church copier.  I wait until Saturday, because throughout the week if I get any reports from the missionaries that we support, I put the highlights of it on the back of our bulletin.  I also add any items to the monthly calendar on the back.   By Saturday (Hopefully earlier in the week!) I have made the decision of what I want to do in the kid’s Sunday School as a craft, so I need to gather supplies and make my sample.  (We are building a birdhouse)  Being the Church’s Treasurer also means that I need to pick up the mail (bills), write the checks, and update the books.  I love the volunteer work that I do for our tiny church with the big heart.  It’s my small contribution to the healthy unity of our church family.

I didn’t leave myself much time to write up a proper blog post today, and I apologize for that.  But I wanted to post the dark version of my feather flowers for you.  Free for any use including commercial.  Please pass along the kindness as you see fit.  You can download them here.


Look for the delight.  Look for the joy around you this week.



Free Download – Feather Flowers

Pastel Feather Flowers
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx: 98F
Listening to:  Country

I had the most fantastic time with my sisters in Tennessee, and I will share some of that with you in my next post.  But in the meantime I wanted to get a download out to you.  These are my fluffy feather flowers, and you either love them or hate them – Seems like there is no middle ground among the people that have viewed them!  I had a special request for them, so here are pastels and I will eventually get some strong and dark colors for you in another download.

I really hope that you are having a wonderful start to the month – August is a busy time of year around here – farmers are harvesting their crops, and the world has gone crazy for the total eclipse which passes directly over Eastern Oregon.  NASA called up the Motel in the tiny town of Baker, and asked for 43 rooms……The motel only has 11 rooms……So, it is rather a crazy time with the tourists showing up for the big event.  We will even have folks camping out in our fields (Free, of course).

The well issue has been resolved (finally!) and we have all new equipment now.  Hopefully it should last another 25 years at least………..The expense was a challenge, but we have worked it into the budget.  All is well, with the well!

These fluffy things are free to use including commercial use, all I ask is that you perform a kindness for a stranger, in exchange.  DOWNLOAD HERE


I wish you a great week and many perfect moments of pure joy.


Digital Download – August Blog Hop

Good Vibes
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx: 90F
Listening to:  Soundtrack to Interstellar

People are interesting.  There is hope for this planet, one person at a time.  I truly believe that.  Here are three of the people interactions with “strangers” that I have had this week, that show me how precious people can be to each other:
1.  My husband and I were walking up to the entrance of our favorite restaurant.  A group of five women came out of the entrance and started hugging each other, sharing goodbyes and good wishes.  It was so lovely that I stood there just watching their joy.  After they finished and moved away from the entrance, I said to them “Gee, we feel left out”.  And they laughed, and hugged me!  Me, a complete stranger, hair in a ponytail and wearing flipflops, they embraced me.  I smiled for hours afterward.

2.  After our well equipment failed, we asked the neighbor if we could hook up our hose to their extra wellhead to water our horses.  They kindly said yes.  Their elderly mother was visiting, and every time my husband went over to turn on the hose to water the horses, he would sit town on our side of the fence as the horse trough filled.  The elderly mother would go sit on their side of the fence directly opposite him, and they visited together long after the trough was filled.  I so WISH that I had taken a photo of them, but I didn’t want to intrude on that precious time.

3.  I was invited to an Open House, for a beautiful garden.  It was a very big garden with all manner of plants and trees, fireplace, water fountain, brick patio areas, and too many things to really mention.  One of the amazing things was an iron dragon sculpture poised along the waterfall.  It was rather amazing, with individual iron scales, and wings.  One of my neighbors that was there told me that the artist lived right in my same town!  How did I not know this?  A woman that builds dragons out of iron?  And scrap machinery, old farm implements, etc.  How did I not know there was a female welder that created amazing things in her workshop?!  About 30 minutes later, I was introduced to a beautiful spirit names Tracy Case – the artist.  I held onto her hand for much long than I should have, but I wanted to feel her energy and countenance for as long as I could.  She didn’t seem to mind.  So gracious, and I hope to know her better one day.

This is Tracy’s dragon before it was delivered to its new home by the waterfall. dragon-tail

Since the well equipment failed, it is going to be a very expensive fix. (Minimum $5K – haven’t received the final bill as the work is still ongoing…) If a new well has to be drilled, that will be around $30K.  I decided that I just couldn’t afford to attend a reunion that my siblings were having in Tennessee, in August.  It is an expensive flight, and of course the expense of being there and doing things together…… was just an expense that I just couldn’t justify in light of my humble bank balance, and the unknown final total of the well fix.  So, I broke the news to my sisters and brother, and the sisters got together and bought my ticket!  I was very humbled at their desire to have me there with them, so I am totally over the moon about how wonderful and kind they are.  They are very special people.  I am blessed beyond measure!

So that was my week.  Despite well water issues, I had an opportunity to participate in the Pixel Scrapper August Blog Hop, called “Good Vibes”.  The color palette was just too much for me to handle:


but the other designers were able to come up with some great stuff!  It was interesting to me that I had issues with trying to design with these bright colors.  I don’t know if that it a personality issue, or a level of experience issue.  I think that it is more of a preference issue, because I would have selected the pastel colors, but not the primary colors.

Please check out the PS Blog Train Forum to download everyone’s designs.
I put some things together in hopes that you will find something that you can use.  As always these are free to you including unlimited commercial use, and all I ask is that you pass along a kindness to a stranger.

PSAug2017_Rushranch_good-vibes_cuDOWNLOAD PAPERS


And I wanted to pass along another site that will provide freebies to you – are you guys following Far Far Hill?  She usually provides paper downloads on a daily basis, and they are always lovely.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement and support as I work to improve my designing skills!

Blessings and Blue Skies,


Free Digital Download

Stacked Papers
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx:  85F
Listening to:  Soundtrack, Intersteller

I wanted to provide you with another small download of four stacked papers that I did for a Pixelscrapper Challenge in the Designer Forum.  It made me think about my humble designs, and how this forum is challenging me to become better in many ways.  My designing started with small steps, and one of those steps was taking the free tutorials from Cheryl, AKA “Hummie”.  I was very happy to see that she is going to be starting those up again, so if you are an aspiring beginning designer, she can help you get started, and again, it’s free of charge.  Please see her facebook page, “My Corner Online”  for details, and sign up with your email.  You will really enjoy her immense knowledge, her teaching style, and her sweet personality.  She is such an inspiration to so many, and there are many designers that can point to her for their skills.  She also does a weekly challenge for people interested in those.

I did a small challenge over on the Pixelscrapper Website, for Stacked Papers.  The challenge was to make four, and since it was a small amount I was able to fit it in between drilling a new well and teaching Sunday school.  I made them all different, for a variety.  In hindsight, I wonder if I should have made them all with the same color scheme and theme?
PSJUL2017_rushranch_sstacked papers_cu
Download Stacked Papers Here

I got some feedback from one of the members of the Pixelscrapper Community that she didn’t really like my pop-pom flowers, but I can’t help it!  I love them!  They look so fluffy and soft……..So, I am trying not to keep using them on my designs, just every so often….

Well, I wish you a very special week, one filled with wonder and kindness.  Don’t forget to share kindness when you can!



New Download Links for Yesterday’s Post

Hopes & Dreams
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx:  80F
Listening to:  Piano In The Dark – Brenda Russell

Good Morning, Sweet Ones.  I am providing you a download link to my mini-kit “Hopes and Dreams”, because the Pixelscrapper website is having some tech issues with access, and it’s just so…….complicated.    I will never ask you for that favor again, to pull my designs solely from the Pixelscrapper website.  My sincere apologies for the inconvenience.




Again, apologies for an idea that just wasn’t viable.

Have a lovely week,




Free Digital Download

Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx:  100F
Listening to:  My brain melting……..

It’s hot – But there are so many other things to be thankful for, so I shall pass through this weather and give praise for what I have.  The well is being redone, so fresh water is on the way soon.

When I drive through the valley to get to the city – about 15 miles away, I am always amazed by the beauty of each divergent field.  And I want to photograph EVERY SINGLE ONE, because they each have their own beauty.  The photo below is of a field owned by our neighbor, and he is growing seed for Canola Oil.  Look at this bounty!
So the next time you are in the baking aisle at your local grocery store, remember that the Canola Oil is made from fields of beautiful yellow flowers.  Those are the Blue Mountains, in the background.

I am working on getting a promotion to a “level 3” designer, and one of the ways I can earn the points to do that, is to have my blog readers visit the Pixelscrapper website, from my blog.  So if it is not too inconvenient, could I impose upon you to click on over and take a look at the site?  It’s free.  Downloads are free.  And there are lots of forums, challenges, and tutorials to make your scrapping even more enjoyable.  By the way, being a designer in the Pixelscrapper “Commons” is not a paid position, so I am not compensated in any way by directing you to the site.  Well, except points to enable progressing through the various levels of a designer.

One of the small kits I have loaded up on The Commons, is called “Hopes and Dreams”.  It uses the black and pink palette, which was a new thing for me.  You can find everything I have uploaded there just by clicking on my user name “Sunny Faith Rush”.  As of today I have uploaded about 200 designs.  There are more talented designers than I that are posting their designs, so you may find a new designer that specifically appeals to your own sense of design.


I have not put a download link here for this particular mini, in hopes that you will be ok with this rare request to visit the website, from this blog.  Please feel free to leave me feedback on how this works for you.  Thank you –

Blessings to you,