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Gamer Girl
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx:  51F, cloudy, windy

My husband and I have some lovely grandchildren – Well, don’t all grandparents have lovely grandchildren?  Aren’t they all kind, intelligent and talented children?  I believe so.  Our young grandson Jack has learned how to address a mailing envelope, so he has been writing letters to us, and they could not be more precious to us.  Jack lives in Alaska, by the way.  He usually includes a drawing of an animal or people in his letters – let’s see…….he drew a wolf in the last letter.  I have scanned them and intend to add a little color to them and then print them out for framing.  This may sound silly but when you reach my young age of 65 years old, the framed letters from grandchildren are more precious than a framed Rembrandt or Reubens.

An email isn’t as personal or as creative as a letter.  A letter conveys much more than pencil or ink upon the page – time, energy, thought, expense, choices of pen and paper, the artful craft of words, etc.  I can’t explain it, but it seems a mighty lost art. A beautiful form of communication that gets lost in the massive wave and dash of emails.

So we are gathered here today because a team of Pixel Scrapper designers got together and made a collaborative kit to share.  You can also find the links to the other Collaborative teams here.   There are three teams.   Our group was able to come to an agreement on a color scheme and theme.  Since most of our lovely designers are much younger than I, they chose a theme that I am not as familiar with as I should be – the world of gaming.  In my day there was Donkey Kong and the Mario Brothers video games, but now – my goodness!  They have become so popular that movies are being made about them!  I saw the previews to “Assassin’s Creed” just the other day.  And remember “Laura Croft, Tomb Raider”?   I’m sure that there are others that I am not remembering.

The most important thing to tell you is that because this is a collaboration of several designers, these items are intended only for Personal Use.  Normally downloads on this blog are for open use, but due to the different designers involved, these must be classified as Personal Use, only.  The individual designer TOU’s are included in the downloads.  I hope that you have fun putting together some scrapbook pages for your own sweet “gamers”!

The download links:
paper dolls

Let me know if you have any issues with the downloads or graphics.



Be well my friends.  Hug the ones you love.




Digital Scrapbooking – April Blog Hop

Raindrops and Rainbows
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx: 45F, raining, wind

They fall.  First one, then another.  My husband points them out to me as we drive by.  I turn my face away.  I can’t look.  The neighbor is pulling out his cherry orchard.  15 acres this year – maybe more next.  With each fallen tree, my heart sinks lower.  For years we have marveled at the beauty of a cherry orchard in full bloom.  Playful chickadees have darted within the clouds of white and pink spring buds.  A small semblance of heaven.

But the new laws are in place this year to protect migrant crop workers, and the economy is bad for fruit sellers.  Our neighbors have hired the same family of workers for two generations.  They are provided with a clean and attractive bunkhouse for their two week stay.  It has a restroom, showers, bunk beds, etc.  Picnic tables outside provide a place for playing cards or reading.  Last year I baked cookies for them.  Sometimes they come to our church.  But the new laws state that each individual family must have their own, separate housing.  I don’t make a judgement call on that law – I wish everyone had the opportunity to have everything they require.  In my neighbor’s case, they just don’t have the funds to build new bunkhouses for individual families.  Along with that mandatory law, the market for Bing cherries has fallen considerably.  The heartbreaking decision was made to pull down the trees. A little bit of my heart falls down with them. Sigh.

The Pixel Scrapper Blog Hop for April is called “Raindrops and Rainbows”, a fitting theme for this time of year in Oregon.  Lots of early rainfall.   I am excited to see what the other designers at PS have designed.  I went with a watercolor theme, and stayed away from bright, primary colors.  Please visit the link to get access to all designer creations for this Blog hop.  And remember, each designer will have their own particular terms of use for their designs.  My designs are free to use, as you wish.  I just ask that you do a random act of kindness for someone else, in return.  My official terms are at the end of this post.

PSApr2017_raindrops-and-rainbows_papersDOWNLOAD PAPERS




Be well, my friend.  Hug the ones you love.





Digital Scrapbook downloads

The Mix of Stuff  
Rush Ranch – Oregon
Wx:  Cloudy, 30F

It’s amazing how fast the weather can change in the Grande Ronde Valley.  It’s been much warmer the past few days and the warm wind is melting the snow down to the soil line.  There is even some green shoots of grass springing up in the fields.  I am most concerned for the baby calves being born at this time of year – it can get very cold at night, but I suppose being snuggled up to a mother that weighs over 1,000 pounds would keep the little one snug and warm. Our house cat Oscar has even ventured outside for 10 minutes at a time to feel the edge of spring so near.  Funny how each one of us in this household have stood outside on the deck during these past few days, eyes closed, face forward, feeling the faint breath of spring.  I think that we all have had cabin fever!

I have a mix of downloads that I haven’t linked to my blog in the past, so I thought that I would put these additional resources up for you.  They don’t have a particular theme, but may be useful in filling out your digital library.

Download Papers

Download Flower Library

Download Winter Papers

As always, I hope these come in handy for you.  These are free to you.  I simply ask that you pass along a small kindness to those around you.  Here is the official terms of use:


Be well,


Digital Scrapbook Download- Love

Love Is In The Air
Rush Ranch, Oregon
Wx: 45F, overcast, high winds

February is blowing in with the wind, wild and reckless.  The air is warm, and the heavy snow is disappearing as fast as it can.  Streams of water run down the mountainside, and farmers in the valley below are upbeat and hopeful about this year’s crops. We will have high water tables to nourish those fields of plenty.

I’ve had a good week.  My Sunday school craft went over well with the kids, thanks to the abundance of ideas at the website  We did a cute little bear that holds a heart.  I modified the hear3t to say “Jesus Loves You”.  I only had boys in the class today, very unusual but fun.  They sputtered a bit when they thought the bear had on a skirt instead of just an apron, so several of them modified the apron to look like a pair of shorts.  Can you tell the boys are all very young?  1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders.

Being a Sunday School teacher is not something I would have EVER imagined that I would be.  But when we want to hear God laugh, all we have to do is tell him our plans.  He puts us where he needs us.

I have a new download for you.  The Pixelscrapper designer challenge was to make a mini kit for the theme “Love is in the Air”.  We were also challenged to pick an unusual color palette, something other than the usual pink or red.  So, I chose a sage green and plum.  Well, I *THOUGHT* I was choosing a sage green, but then I have since discovered that it is rather a gray-blue.  I am slightly color-blind when it comes to the color green.  I hope you think that it turned out OK. As always, these are free to you, for personal and commercial use.I simply ask that you pass along a kindness to someone else this week, no matter how small.  My Terms of Use are included at the bottom of this post.



I have used three poems from other artists as Word Art.  If you have an opportunity, I encourage you to follow Christopher Poindexter on Instagram and Tumbler.  He also has a store on Etsy.  His typewritten poems can be rather stirring and lovely. I also used a sweet poem from John Mark Green.

I will have some additional downloads for you within the next few days.

Wishing you a lovely week,



Digital Scrapbook Free Download

Winter Fun                                                                 Current Temp:  15F
Rush Ranch – Oregon
February 1, 2017

The theme this month for the Pixelscrapper Blog Hop is “Winter Fun”.  If you have been in the midst of this winter blast, I’m sure you are like me and are looking forward to the weather improving.  We have about 18″ of snow and ice, and the cold has been down to minus 22F (30C).  Gads, it has really been a rough time for farm animals and wildlife.  Not to mention the number of driving accidents across the state too numerous to mention.  But it’s not all bad.  The neighbor children are having the time of their lives sledding down the hill, and the hoarfrost on the trees make everything look magical.  Below is a photo that I took outside my bedroom window:
Yes, a winter wonderland.  But you see, I spent 46 years living in various parts of Alaska.  I was so looking forward to much milder weather when I relocated to Oregon.  Yes, Alaska is beautiful, majestic, and remote.  All of the things that I loved.  But after a certain age, the cold became too cold for too long, the dark became too dark for too long……I wanted to spend my “Retirement years” in the Pacific Northwest, but with a much shorter and warmer winter.  Alas, winter has followed me here like a dog follows a trail………..But it’s all good.  I received my first garden catalog in the mail just yesterday – Spring is on its way.

Here below are my designs for the February blog hop.  You can find the other designers at the Pixelscrapper Blog Hop Forum.

Download Papers

Download Elements

Download Frames

Download Journalcards

Please follow my blog for alerts on future downloads.
Be well,

Digital Scrapbooking – Free Download

Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon
Wx: 41F, cloudy with high winds

The Pixelscrapper Design Team has provided the theme of “Texture” to this month’s commercial use (CU) blog hop for templates.  If you are not familiar with the CU Blog Hops, the participants create from 1 to 3 items in the scope of the theme, and then publish the results by the 15th of the month.  They must be for Commercial Use to our audience, but you may use them as personal use (PU) as well.   As always, the group is very talented and offer very high-end products; I am honored and humbled to be among the group.

Here below is my offering, which can be downloaded from my dropbox account. As always, my products are free to you, I simply ask that you pass the kindness along in some small way to keep the positive vibes going.  My formal Terms of Use are provided at the end of this post.  Please feel free to sign up for my Newsletter, so that you are notified anytime I upload more designs for you.  Just a reminder, these are JPEG templates that you may recolor as you wish. You can find the other designer’s templates at this forum link.




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