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Stacked Papers
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx:  85F
Listening to:  Soundtrack, Intersteller

I wanted to provide you with another small download of four stacked papers that I did for a Pixelscrapper Challenge in the Designer Forum.  It made me think about my humble designs, and how this forum is challenging me to become better in many ways.  My designing started with small steps, and one of those steps was taking the free tutorials from Cheryl, AKA “Hummie”.  I was very happy to see that she is going to be starting those up again, so if you are an aspiring beginning designer, she can help you get started, and again, it’s free of charge.  Please see her facebook page, “My Corner Online”  for details, and sign up with your email.  You will really enjoy her immense knowledge, her teaching style, and her sweet personality.  She is such an inspiration to so many, and there are many designers that can point to her for their skills.  She also does a weekly challenge for people interested in those.

I did a small challenge over on the Pixelscrapper Website, for Stacked Papers.  The challenge was to make four, and since it was a small amount I was able to fit it in between drilling a new well and teaching Sunday school.  I made them all different, for a variety.  In hindsight, I wonder if I should have made them all with the same color scheme and theme?
PSJUL2017_rushranch_sstacked papers_cu
Download Stacked Papers Here

I got some feedback from one of the members of the Pixelscrapper Community that she didn’t really like my pop-pom flowers, but I can’t help it!  I love them!  They look so fluffy and soft……..So, I am trying not to keep using them on my designs, just every so often….

Well, I wish you a very special week, one filled with wonder and kindness.  Don’t forget to share kindness when you can!



New Download Links for Yesterday’s Post

Hopes & Dreams
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx:  80F
Listening to:  Piano In The Dark – Brenda Russell

Good Morning, Sweet Ones.  I am providing you a download link to my mini-kit “Hopes and Dreams”, because the Pixelscrapper website is having some tech issues with access, and it’s just so…….complicated.    I will never ask you for that favor again, to pull my designs solely from the Pixelscrapper website.  My sincere apologies for the inconvenience.




Again, apologies for an idea that just wasn’t viable.

Have a lovely week,




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Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx:  100F
Listening to:  My brain melting……..

It’s hot – But there are so many other things to be thankful for, so I shall pass through this weather and give praise for what I have.  The well is being redone, so fresh water is on the way soon.

When I drive through the valley to get to the city – about 15 miles away, I am always amazed by the beauty of each divergent field.  And I want to photograph EVERY SINGLE ONE, because they each have their own beauty.  The photo below is of a field owned by our neighbor, and he is growing seed for Canola Oil.  Look at this bounty!
So the next time you are in the baking aisle at your local grocery store, remember that the Canola Oil is made from fields of beautiful yellow flowers.  Those are the Blue Mountains, in the background.

I am working on getting a promotion to a “level 3” designer, and one of the ways I can earn the points to do that, is to have my blog readers visit the Pixelscrapper website, from my blog.  So if it is not too inconvenient, could I impose upon you to click on over and take a look at the site?  It’s free.  Downloads are free.  And there are lots of forums, challenges, and tutorials to make your scrapping even more enjoyable.  By the way, being a designer in the Pixelscrapper “Commons” is not a paid position, so I am not compensated in any way by directing you to the site.  Well, except points to enable progressing through the various levels of a designer.

One of the small kits I have loaded up on The Commons, is called “Hopes and Dreams”.  It uses the black and pink palette, which was a new thing for me.  You can find everything I have uploaded there just by clicking on my user name “Sunny Faith Rush”.  As of today I have uploaded about 200 designs.  There are more talented designers than I that are posting their designs, so you may find a new designer that specifically appeals to your own sense of design.


I have not put a download link here for this particular mini, in hopes that you will be ok with this rare request to visit the website, from this blog.  Please feel free to leave me feedback on how this works for you.  Thank you –

Blessings to you,





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Bee Sweet
Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon
Wx:  Hot.  Hot.  Hot.  Dang.
Listening to:  The Best of Firefall

Early morning is such a wonderful time for me.  The rest of the house is asleep, but everything outside is awake and celebrating the day.  As I write in my morning journal, I watch the birds visit the feeders.  The pheasant family is out in the field, and the male always honks his alerts as they make their way toward their feeding station.  It makes me chuckle, because it always sounds like he is complaining. He probably is…….

Sometimes I use this time to write letters to friends (Yes,  real paper you put in the post office mail…..and in cursive, too!)  Or I design something new for scrapbooking.  My drink of choice in the morning is a Chai Tea Latte, with a splash of milk.  My cat is usually in his loving mode, so I rub his ears and pet him until he grows sleepy.  Then he makes his way to his little bed next to my chair, and falls asleep. Outside my back window I can see the horses in their field as they graze on the soft grass.  They nuzzle each other in affection.  I am content to just sit and watch the world unfold in the morning sunlight.

              Oscar “The Grouch”
cat 5
I continue to upload designs to The Commons at Pixelscrapper.   I am working on earning a promotion to the next level of designing, so I am making a real effort to learn how to make things just a little better than the last graphic.   I’ve had a few areas identified where I could improve, so I have been learning/doing/fussing/practicing and I am learning so much.  I think that unlearning bad habits are the hardest. Well, perhaps not the hardest part – that award goes to learning how to accept feedback critiques in a gracious manner and applying that information to your future designs.  It is easy to take critical comments personally on something that you have spent a lot of time on.  It’s easy to get frustrated.  But by changing the “filter” in which you receive these comments, you can see the immeasurable value in the information.  Take out the emotion – work the solution, not the problem.  I applied that strategy throughout my career, and it served me well.  Time to get that filter out, dust it off, and apply it to my personal passions.

I have placed some of my designs that I have uploaded to The Commons, into a package for you that can be downloaded from my dropbox account – But I would encourage you to visit to download more cool (and free) graphics to use in your layouts.  This set I call “Bee Sweet”


preview-sheet_papersDOWNLOAD HERE

As usual, these are for commercial use.  Please see my TOU below:

Blessings to you –




Digital Download – Collaboration

Gamer Girl
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx:  51F, cloudy, windy

My husband and I have some lovely grandchildren – Well, don’t all grandparents have lovely grandchildren?  Aren’t they all kind, intelligent and talented children?  I believe so.  Our young grandson Jack has learned how to address a mailing envelope, so he has been writing letters to us, and they could not be more precious to us.  Jack lives in Alaska, by the way.  He usually includes a drawing of an animal or people in his letters – let’s see…….he drew a wolf in the last letter.  I have scanned them and intend to add a little color to them and then print them out for framing.  This may sound silly but when you reach my young age of 65 years old, the framed letters from grandchildren are more precious than a framed Rembrandt or Reubens.

An email isn’t as personal or as creative as a letter.  A letter conveys much more than pencil or ink upon the page – time, energy, thought, expense, choices of pen and paper, the artful craft of words, etc.  I can’t explain it, but it seems a mighty lost art. A beautiful form of communication that gets lost in the massive wave and dash of emails.

So we are gathered here today because a team of Pixel Scrapper designers got together and made a collaborative kit to share.  You can also find the links to the other Collaborative teams here.   There are three teams.   Our group was able to come to an agreement on a color scheme and theme.  Since most of our lovely designers are much younger than I, they chose a theme that I am not as familiar with as I should be – the world of gaming.  In my day there was Donkey Kong and the Mario Brothers video games, but now – my goodness!  They have become so popular that movies are being made about them!  I saw the previews to “Assassin’s Creed” just the other day.  And remember “Laura Croft, Tomb Raider”?   I’m sure that there are others that I am not remembering.

The most important thing to tell you is that because this is a collaboration of several designers, these items are intended only for Personal Use.  Normally downloads on this blog are for open use, but due to the different designers involved, these must be classified as Personal Use, only.  The individual designer TOU’s are included in the downloads.  I hope that you have fun putting together some scrapbook pages for your own sweet “gamers”!

The download links:
paper dolls

Let me know if you have any issues with the downloads or graphics.



Be well my friends.  Hug the ones you love.




Digital Scrapbooking – April Blog Hop

Raindrops and Rainbows
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx: 45F, raining, wind

They fall.  First one, then another.  My husband points them out to me as we drive by.  I turn my face away.  I can’t look.  The neighbor is pulling out his cherry orchard.  15 acres this year – maybe more next.  With each fallen tree, my heart sinks lower.  For years we have marveled at the beauty of a cherry orchard in full bloom.  Playful chickadees have darted within the clouds of white and pink spring buds.  A small semblance of heaven.

But the new laws are in place this year to protect migrant crop workers, and the economy is bad for fruit sellers.  Our neighbors have hired the same family of workers for two generations.  They are provided with a clean and attractive bunkhouse for their two week stay.  It has a restroom, showers, bunk beds, etc.  Picnic tables outside provide a place for playing cards or reading.  Last year I baked cookies for them.  Sometimes they come to our church.  But the new laws state that each individual family must have their own, separate housing.  I don’t make a judgement call on that law – I wish everyone had the opportunity to have everything they require.  In my neighbor’s case, they just don’t have the funds to build new bunkhouses for individual families.  Along with that mandatory law, the market for Bing cherries has fallen considerably.  The heartbreaking decision was made to pull down the trees. A little bit of my heart falls down with them. Sigh.

The Pixel Scrapper Blog Hop for April is called “Raindrops and Rainbows”, a fitting theme for this time of year in Oregon.  Lots of early rainfall.   I am excited to see what the other designers at PS have designed.  I went with a watercolor theme, and stayed away from bright, primary colors.  Please visit the link to get access to all designer creations for this Blog hop.  And remember, each designer will have their own particular terms of use for their designs.  My designs are free to use, as you wish.  I just ask that you do a random act of kindness for someone else, in return.  My official terms are at the end of this post.

PSApr2017_raindrops-and-rainbows_papersDOWNLOAD PAPERS




Be well, my friend.  Hug the ones you love.





Digital Scrapbook downloads

The Mix of Stuff  
Rush Ranch – Oregon
Wx:  Cloudy, 30F

It’s amazing how fast the weather can change in the Grande Ronde Valley.  It’s been much warmer the past few days and the warm wind is melting the snow down to the soil line.  There is even some green shoots of grass springing up in the fields.  I am most concerned for the baby calves being born at this time of year – it can get very cold at night, but I suppose being snuggled up to a mother that weighs over 1,000 pounds would keep the little one snug and warm. Our house cat Oscar has even ventured outside for 10 minutes at a time to feel the edge of spring so near.  Funny how each one of us in this household have stood outside on the deck during these past few days, eyes closed, face forward, feeling the faint breath of spring.  I think that we all have had cabin fever!

I have a mix of downloads that I haven’t linked to my blog in the past, so I thought that I would put these additional resources up for you.  They don’t have a particular theme, but may be useful in filling out your digital library.

Download Papers

Download Flower Library

Download Winter Papers

As always, I hope these come in handy for you.  These are free to you.  I simply ask that you pass along a small kindness to those around you.  Here is the official terms of use:


Be well,