Free Download – May Blog Hop

Destination Oregon
Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon
WX: 38F, rain, snowshowers
Listening to: Glen Campbell, Wichita Lineman

Feeling melancholy. Listening to mood music, etc. It’s been raining for days, weeks, but I was gifted with the sight of a most lovely, red hummingbird this morning! I’ve never seen one that was so completely red before. It was magical. I wanted to run outside and strike up a conversation to find out where he chose to winter this year, and did he have a family. But he soon darted off into the rain, heading somewhere into the safety of the trees near the creek across the street. I have two hummingbird feeders ready for them, and will put out more as they grow in number.

I am soaking my nasturtium seeds overnight, to get them ready to plant in their pots tomorrow. Nastys don’t mind the rain, in fact, they love it. Rainfall, feed my crops and trees. Bring the bees back home soon, to nestle among the daisies. Make the world right, make the world turn its face toward the sun, and shine upon what is right and good for all.

Thank you to those sweet and kind souls that shared with me some of their favorite ways to express kindness to others. I loved every one of your ideas, and some were ones I had not even thought of. Yes, thank you, for being the brave ones to step forward and, without want of reward or return, you are being kind, being compassionate, being THERE, being PRESENT in the lives of others. You fill me with joy – you really do.

I’m the eldest of my siblings, at the age of 65. I grew up with five other children weaving in and out between legs, between smiles and frustration, between childhood and adulthood. Four girls, and two boys. We lost the youngest brother, David, the day after Christmas in 2010. I don’t talk about his passing much. I’ll write about it one day when remembrance isn’t so rough and raw. We are spread out across the country now, but it is so precious and important to get together at least once a year. We have rented a wonderful cabin in the heart of the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee this summer, and I can hardly wait to see everyone. They have my heart. I love them so hard and so strong, the older I become the more I treasure them. There are no words that truly describe nor express my heart for them. Perhaps a beautiful symphony could. Perhaps.

On to more colorful subjects – the Pixel Scrapper Blog Hop this month is an interesting one, because we were challenged to design a kit about a destination, or the place we lived. So many different destinations are in this hop! And some amazing designs, too. All free. Please visit this link to see the rest of the participant list. My destination is Oregon. Some of my elements and papers are more general, so even if Oregon isn’t your port of call, hopefully you will find some interesting pieces to use. As always, my kits are free to you to use however you wish, including commercial use. I only ask that you perform some random act of kindness this month, to be the change in this world.
My TOU is at the bottom of this post.
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PSMay2017_rushranch_oregon_elementsDownload Elements


Blessings beyond measure,


Computer Screen Background

Month of May
Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon
Wx:  62F overcast, windy

I was thinking the other day, as the rain pounded down upon this soggy earth, that you can tell a lot about a person by HOW they walk in the rain.  Maybe.  There are those that make a mad dash for cover to protect their hair or clothes, detesting the weather.  Then there are others that just hunker down, resigned to it all as they move from one place to another, shoulders bent, determined to tolerate and persevere.  And then there are those that seem to revel in the rain.  Kids, especially.  They turn their face toward the sky, run about with arms wide, and make every effort to make each splash bigger than the one before.   Sometimes, I wish we were all kids again, experiencing everything through child-like innocence and delight.  I think that I am going to go outside right after this post, raise my face toward the sky and feel the rain upon my face.

Have you done something nice for someone lately?  A random act that was unexpected?  Could you drop me a note in the comment section below, and share some ideas or actions that you did?  I’m looking for more ideas regarding performing Random Acts of Kindness. The world really needs that right now.

I don’t have a kit for you today but I will have one on May 1st.  Instead, I have made a background for your laptop or computer.  It is rather pastel, so it won’t be popular with those that prefer a more universal design.  There are several sizes, depending upon your screen resolution.  Please let me know if it is something that you would find useful, and I will make one for each month with different themes.  If not, no worries.  I also included a page for those building family trees, as in Genealogy.  You may use these for any use you choose, including commercial.  My official TOU is at the end of this post.

rushranch_May Desktop1024x768_pu

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Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to sharing the May Blog Hop with you soon!





Digital Download – Collaboration

Gamer Girl
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx:  51F, cloudy, windy

My husband and I have some lovely grandchildren – Well, don’t all grandparents have lovely grandchildren?  Aren’t they all kind, intelligent and talented children?  I believe so.  Our young grandson Jack has learned how to address a mailing envelope, so he has been writing letters to us, and they could not be more precious to us.  Jack lives in Alaska, by the way.  He usually includes a drawing of an animal or people in his letters – let’s see…….he drew a wolf in the last letter.  I have scanned them and intend to add a little color to them and then print them out for framing.  This may sound silly but when you reach my young age of 65 years old, the framed letters from grandchildren are more precious than a framed Rembrandt or Reubens.

An email isn’t as personal or as creative as a letter.  A letter conveys much more than pencil or ink upon the page – time, energy, thought, expense, choices of pen and paper, the artful craft of words, etc.  I can’t explain it, but it seems a mighty lost art. A beautiful form of communication that gets lost in the massive wave and dash of emails.

So we are gathered here today because a team of Pixel Scrapper designers got together and made a collaborative kit to share.  You can also find the links to the other Collaborative teams here.   There are three teams.   Our group was able to come to an agreement on a color scheme and theme.  Since most of our lovely designers are much younger than I, they chose a theme that I am not as familiar with as I should be – the world of gaming.  In my day there was Donkey Kong and the Mario Brothers video games, but now – my goodness!  They have become so popular that movies are being made about them!  I saw the previews to “Assassin’s Creed” just the other day.  And remember “Laura Croft, Tomb Raider”?   I’m sure that there are others that I am not remembering.

The most important thing to tell you is that because this is a collaboration of several designers, these items are intended only for Personal Use.  Normally downloads on this blog are for open use, but due to the different designers involved, these must be classified as Personal Use, only.  The individual designer TOU’s are included in the downloads.  I hope that you have fun putting together some scrapbook pages for your own sweet “gamers”!

The download links:
paper dolls

Let me know if you have any issues with the downloads or graphics.



Be well my friends.  Hug the ones you love.




Digital Scrapbooking – April Blog Hop

Raindrops and Rainbows
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx: 45F, raining, wind

They fall.  First one, then another.  My husband points them out to me as we drive by.  I turn my face away.  I can’t look.  The neighbor is pulling out his cherry orchard.  15 acres this year – maybe more next.  With each fallen tree, my heart sinks lower.  For years we have marveled at the beauty of a cherry orchard in full bloom.  Playful chickadees have darted within the clouds of white and pink spring buds.  A small semblance of heaven.

But the new laws are in place this year to protect migrant crop workers, and the economy is bad for fruit sellers.  Our neighbors have hired the same family of workers for two generations.  They are provided with a clean and attractive bunkhouse for their two week stay.  It has a restroom, showers, bunk beds, etc.  Picnic tables outside provide a place for playing cards or reading.  Last year I baked cookies for them.  Sometimes they come to our church.  But the new laws state that each individual family must have their own, separate housing.  I don’t make a judgement call on that law – I wish everyone had the opportunity to have everything they require.  In my neighbor’s case, they just don’t have the funds to build new bunkhouses for individual families.  Along with that mandatory law, the market for Bing cherries has fallen considerably.  The heartbreaking decision was made to pull down the trees. A little bit of my heart falls down with them. Sigh.

The Pixel Scrapper Blog Hop for April is called “Raindrops and Rainbows”, a fitting theme for this time of year in Oregon.  Lots of early rainfall.   I am excited to see what the other designers at PS have designed.  I went with a watercolor theme, and stayed away from bright, primary colors.  Please visit the link to get access to all designer creations for this Blog hop.  And remember, each designer will have their own particular terms of use for their designs.  My designs are free to use, as you wish.  I just ask that you do a random act of kindness for someone else, in return.  My official terms are at the end of this post.

PSApr2017_raindrops-and-rainbows_papersDOWNLOAD PAPERS




Be well, my friend.  Hug the ones you love.





Digital Download – Free Stuff

Thank You All
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
WX: 62F, rain

Ah, the peace that comes upon good news, after a long, hard wait. My daughter “J” will be fine.  Just irritations and lesions that will heal on their own.  Thank you, everyone, for sending prayers and positive thoughts.  Your comments really uplifted me when I was scared and greatly concerned.   In this time of our lives when the world doesn’t quite make sense anymore, and there is hatred being practiced in all of its tormented forms, you have proven the truth that there is precious goodness in this world.  Again, thank you all for your encouragement – it meant so much to me.

I have a couple of free downloads for you, one is for a challenge called “The Letter B”.  We were asked to come up with a mini kit that contained a bird or butterfly, borders, button or brad, and a balloon.  I included all of those items, except a balloon – call me a rebel if you must.  Truth is, I forgot it.  My mind had been on J, and I was beyond distracted but I still needed to try to focus on something other than waiting for a diagnosis.  Hence, the absent balloon. I did throw in a few bees, just because I love them. And, I have been on a “kick” lately of making blended papers.  I can’t help myself – I love the way the colors ebb and flow into each other.  I have always wanted to paint watercolors, but I never approached that art with any confidence.  But here on paper, I am exploring what it means to be in the midst of a liquid colorbox. The emotions of color have no better display than in watercolor, yet I suppose Mr. Rembrandt would challenge that theory.

Here are the previews and downloads for “The Letter B”.  The elements have two previews but just one download.  I wanted to show you the full content of the element download, and it is better seen in two separate previews.  I wish I was one of those designers that could just pile it all together in one big center lump, but when I do that, I am never happy with the result.    As always, these are free to you for any purpose – I just ask that you do a random act of kindness for someone else – pass it on.  My official “TOU” is at the bottom of this post.

Download Papers

Download both element previews


I also did a small number of frames for an entirely different challenge, so if you are interested in the frames, here they are:
Download Frames

Official TOU Stuff:

Until we meet again,




Digital Download – March Blog Hop

In The Pocket
Rushranch, Eastern Oregon
Wx:  35F, mostly sunny

There is so much to be thankful for – the magical month of March brings the beginnings of spring, summer birds return, babies are being born in the cattle fields far and wide.  The days are longer and colors change from their faded and tired browns, to hopeful starts of green.  Something inside of me awakens – perhaps the part of me that wants to garden, walk in the warmth of the sun, or sit in the shade of a bountiful tree.  The hands that punch this laptop keyboard are missing the feel of soil, rich, dark, and cool.

March also brings many changes to my life as a Mother.  No matter how old your children become, you are still mother to those adults that make their own choices, their own way in this world.  My oldest daughter “A” has moved away as of Feb 25th, back to Alaska.  I will see her and my granddaughter less often.  It is a good move for them, but a conflicted heart for me.  Thank goodness for texting, phone calls, and Skype.  My youngest daughter “J” has a CT scan scheduled for March 3rd.  She had a chest X-ray two weeks ago, which revealed a nodule in her lung. She has had a persistent cough as well, so I am worried about the results.  She smokes.  She will be 40 years old this year, so she makes her own choices. I worry.  I pray.  I am in the midst of an internal storm, at times angry or frightened that cancer may have entered our lives once again.    Some things I have no control over – I can’t change the darkness, I can’t change the course of disease.  I can’t fix this for J.  Perhaps I am overreacting and the CT scan will reveal nothing. Either way, God is good.

Over at, the theme for this month’s blog hop is “In The Pocket”. The focus is on Journal Cards.  If you are not familiar with them, many people use them to record daily, weekly or monthly life.  Some print them out and keep them in a binder.  Others are involved in the “Project Life”  activity, formally documenting family life.  First, I have to apologize.  I don’t use Journal Cards.  Therefore, my designs for them may not be helpful, applicable, or useful.  But, I did put together various style hoping that SOMETHING in my downloads would be of use to you, even in general scrapbooking. I placed the journals cards in four separate downloads, so that you would only need to download those items that suited your style.  I also have papers and embellishments for you.

As the usual, my designs are free to you, for personal and commercial use.  There are no limitations.  I simply ask that you do a kindness, a random act that blesses someone.  My official Terms of Use are at the bottom of this post.

pixelscrapperpreview_papersDownload Papers

Download Elements

psmar2017_rushranch_pocket_jc1Download Journal Cards 1

Download Journal Cards 2

Download Journal Cards 3

psmar2017_rushranch_pocket_jc4Download Journal Cards 4

Download Journal Cards 5

Until we meet again, many blessings –


Digital Scrapbook downloads

The Mix of Stuff  
Rush Ranch – Oregon
Wx:  Cloudy, 30F

It’s amazing how fast the weather can change in the Grande Ronde Valley.  It’s been much warmer the past few days and the warm wind is melting the snow down to the soil line.  There is even some green shoots of grass springing up in the fields.  I am most concerned for the baby calves being born at this time of year – it can get very cold at night, but I suppose being snuggled up to a mother that weighs over 1,000 pounds would keep the little one snug and warm. Our house cat Oscar has even ventured outside for 10 minutes at a time to feel the edge of spring so near.  Funny how each one of us in this household have stood outside on the deck during these past few days, eyes closed, face forward, feeling the faint breath of spring.  I think that we all have had cabin fever!

I have a mix of downloads that I haven’t linked to my blog in the past, so I thought that I would put these additional resources up for you.  They don’t have a particular theme, but may be useful in filling out your digital library.

Download Papers

Download Flower Library

Download Winter Papers

As always, I hope these come in handy for you.  These are free to you.  I simply ask that you pass along a small kindness to those around you.  Here is the official terms of use:


Be well,