Scrapping Blog Trains – June 2019

Just in case you are wanting to download some of my previous year files, I am still making the switch from Dropbox to Media Fire.  I have completed files from the current day, back to August 2018.  Anything prior to that is still being transferred. I wish that I had a fast internet speed, but it is what it is.  There is no transfer protocol between the two services, so I must upload all the files from my laptop.

My husband and I are taking a fast road trip for a few days in early June,  across the State of Oregon to see his mother in Bend, and then up to Seattle to see our granddaughter.  My husband loves road trips, and I like seeing the scenery – We are a good match.  It will be a nice break from the busyness of the church work, as we get the congregation ready to vote for a new pastor on June 9th.  The Lord keeps pointing me to the words “Patient Endurance”.  There is an end to all of the work, and it is all for good.

We have had a very wet spring, and today thunder rolled across the valley for much of the day.  Douglas and Murphy (the dogs) are clinging to my husband’s legs, most of the time.  They hate the noise of it all.  Since Jake the cat is deaf, he doesn’t mind a bit.  He sleeps through it all.  Even though it has been raining, my daughter was kind enough to work out in the wet to plant three new grapes vines for me.  Now my “Vineyard” consists of five plants!  And, I will assume that it will take another year for them to start producing fruit.  I’m going to ask for raspberry bushes for my birthday, so I can get that patch a little more full.  I only have two raspberry bushes, and one blackberry bush at this time.  (My kids are always wanting to know what I want for my birthday – Plants!)

The butterflies like my baby lilac bushes.  The bushes are so young that they have tiny blossoms.


Design Team:  Pixelscrapper 
Design Theme:  Storytelling
Designer:  The Rush Ranch

Patterned Patterns
Plaid Papers
Solid Papers
Watercolor Papers


Design Team:  ScraptwistFree4All
Design Theme: Coming Up Daisies
Designer:  The Rush Ranch
Patterned Papers
Plaid Papers
Solid Papers
Watercolor Papers

Blog Train Designer List:
Dancing Tiger Designs
The Brown Owl
Brandi White Designs
Songbird Scraps Designs
Marniejo’s House of Scraps
tp designs
Nellie Bell
Lady DG Scrap

And, if you participate in any of the ScraptwistFree4All challenges, you will receive the corresponding posting bonus, FREE.  Here is a gallery photo of all of the posting bonus kits for June:No photo description available.


27 thoughts on “Scrapping Blog Trains – June 2019

  1. Sunny, thank you so much for all the wonderful graphics that you share. You are very generous and very talented. I just do scrapbooking for myself and my kids.(Now in their 50’s, but will always be my kids.) I collected everything for the Storytelling kit that was posted, but was unable to access anything for the Coming Up Daisies Kit.


  2. Lovely kits – thank you so much! However, the link for the Coming Up Daisies kits seems to be invalid for me. I’ll try again later. Be blessed!


  3. Media Fire seems to have one flaw. I upload my kits, and they appear to be there and active. But for some reason, they are really NOT active. So I must delete the files and reload them again. It has only happened to me twice since I have moved to media fire, but I will work with it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Technology is a real kick, isn’t it?!


    • Thanks for the fast response to the problem! I was able to download everything this time. Technology – you gotta love it! 🙂


  4. Hey Sunny you and hubby have a great road trip and visits! take care too while on the journey!
    Thanks for the Pixel Scrapper kit, really pretty as usual, the other, however, is not working…error says something seems to be missing…LOL! Will check back later…Thanks ever so much for all you share!


  5. Hi Sunny, I just tried your links again from this notice and got the error, but when I went to your site from another on the list, it downloaded…go figure…don’t know why the error from here, but if you go to someone else and link to your page it works! Gremlins at play…LOL!


  6. Hi there –

    I was just trying to download your blog train files for the blog train “coming up daisies,” but I get a message that says the links are invalid?





  7. To Douglas and Murphy…. ask your mama to check out ” Thunder Shirts” at the pet store or online. I heard they are wonderful and helps calm doggies during storms, fireworks, etc. Maybe buy one and try it first on each of you. Its like a wrap in that it holds them snug with a gentle pressure in an area that calms dogs. I guess the concepts is along the lines of acupuncture. I have a new 18 month old rescue German Shepherd mix, Dmitri von Demmins aka Nakoma who may need one too. He was on ‘death row’ with a broken leg but Westside German Shepherd Rescue in LA saved him and fixed his leg. He is a beautiful and gentle dog and we thank GOD for bringing him into our life.This rescue started in 2002 and has adopted out over 13,000 German Shepherds throughout the US. So please spread the word if someone wants to adopt a rescue, they evaluate their personalities, volunteers walk them,etc At the time we rescued Dmitri they had over a hundred shepherds. They each have their picture and story online and when they get adopted their picture goes to the adopted sections under year they are adopted. That was nice because I was happy to see all the dogs we considered (before seeing Dmitri) have since been adopted. (This rescue gives the dogs a first, middle, and last name and are fixed, shots and a microchip.
    So Douglas and Murphy be sure to give your very best pleading eyes for mama to check out that Thunder Shirt…don’t know if they have them for horses. Meanwhile I want to thank you for your wonderful kits this month, they are always so very nice….Cynthia Stringer


  8. Thank you so much for all the wonderful papers and elements and etc. that you create! I hope that you have had a good trip. I have a niece living in Bend; she remarried a few years ago and her new husband lives there. He works in a hospital but I can’t remember his exact position. (Not important, anyway!) We have family in the Seattle area as well. Two of my husband’s brothers live there (Auburn/Federal Way and Burien), and I have a cousin in Covington. I hope you waved at the Tri-Cities when you went by us! I’m in Kennewick, so you’d have had to go by here, I think. Anyway … thanks again!


  9. Sunny, Hope you are having a sunny day. You bless us all with your talent and sharing heart. Your creations are beautiful and show you as the caring person you are. Many many thanks!!


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