We Believe Blog Train – May ’19

I am still working on moving prior year’s download files from Dropbox to MediaFire.  So far, only downloads from September 2018 to current have updated links.  I will continue to work on updating links as time permits.  There is no transfer protocol between Dropbox and MediaFire, so I have to upload all of the original files again.  Yikes.

It’s Tuesday morning here at the ranch.  Yes, the silver tufts of dandelions gleam in the morning sun.  The yard is filled with them.  But I don’t want to kill them – they are the first foods of the bees, in spring.  And the hummingbirds are rather calm this year, actually sharing the feeding stations.  I counted five hummingbirds at the same feeder last evening, calmly filling up before sundown.  Their usual pattern is to claim a feeder as their own and chase everyone else off.  I only have three feeders up so far, and I have made the liquid rather sweet for them to help them cope with the cold nights.  Our temperatures still fall into the low 40’s at night.

The local high school down the road has a very robust FFA program.  They have a lovely greenhouse and garden, as well as a big barn for raising chickens, goats, and cattle.  This weekend they had their plants on sale, so I made sure to pick up a few veggies and flowers to support their hard work.  We have been working on our veggie garden soil, adding a large amount of peat to it.  The soil is normally clay-based, which makes for very poor growing conditions. Hopefully, the peat will infuse the soil with more nutrients for a great growing season.

This past Sunday there were three huge golden eagles perched on a fence down the road from us, and I wondered what they were doing…….then I remembered, they were right across the street from a farm that had lots of free-range chickens.  I am sure that the eagles were hoping to catch a few of the chickens unawares…..The circle of life.  I don’t have to like it, but I do respect it.  Speaking of chickens, a new neighbor moved into the local neighborhood with free-range chickens.  The chickens really believed in the “free-range” part, because they loved to hang out in another neighbor’s yard across the street.  That neighbor is an elderly widow, and she didn’t like having the chickens in her yard.  Once she tried “shooing” them back across the street with a broom.  Not effective.  The next time they came to visit, she turned on the sprinkler system.  But the chickens loved the sprinklers!  ALL of the chickens ran over to her yard to hang out in the sprinklers!  So now the chickens are confined to their new barnyard by a fence, which isn’t so bad.  They have an orchard of trees to run through and plenty of nesting places.  But I do miss seeing them hanging out around the neighborhood.

So on with the downloads –

Be well my friends.  Be blessed beyond measure.


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Let your light shine - Matthew 5:16

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