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Lake-4_600pxLake Livingston was a magical place for our family reunion. The scenery!  Egrets fly gracefully across the water, sailing silently upon warm currents of air. Ducks gather in groups to share the latest news.  Largemouth bass jump for the gnats that the swallows have missed during their aerobatic maneuvers.  A turtle floated by, I suppose, on his way to visit his mom.  And a delightfully green gecko kept me company in the morning sun – I named him Roger.

We would sit out on the deck catching the morning sun and sip our coffees.  We made s’mores around the fire pit after sundown.  Swing3_600pxWe barbequed, we laughed, we hugged, we cried.  We had several “demonstrations” – My brother showed us how to make jerky and fruit leather in his dehydrator.  I showed my sisters how to make a crocheted beaded necklace.  We shared books, had a movie night, and spoke about deep thoughts on long walks.  Sometimes we just sat in the warmth of silence, together, peaceful and content.  It was an awesome, glorious, precious time together.  437c8613e269f8c2e9a2f1194976d0e9I love them all SO MUCH, so much.  I am blessed beyond measure.

Thank you, Lord, for this awesome gift of family,
and the love we share between us!


Design Team:  Scrap Designers
Design Theme: Younger than Springtime
Designer:  The Rush Ranch

Patterned Papers
Plaid Papers
Solid Papers
Watercolor Papers

Joy’s Creations
Digijen Scraps
Promethean Concepts
Made by Angelhaze
Skinni’z Statz, Scrapz and Stuff
Kolor’Scapez! Kreated
Becky’s Creations
AnnieC Digitals
Moore Blessings Digital Design


10 thoughts on “Scrap Designer’s Blog Train

  1. Thanks for this lovely kit! so happy you had a good visit with family in this beautiful state and that the weather cooperated while you were here! Happy Mothers Day! hugs, Mat


  2. Thanks so much for your designs! I’ve never heard of Lake Livingston before this, so I had to look it up. It looks like a wonderful place for a reunion! We are having a reunion in August at Lincoln City on the Oregon coast. We’re super excited about it! I used an online site to “design” a tee shirt, which we’ll see if anybody wants haha. I’m going to purchase them for our family and probably for grandma and Donald (DH’s mom and youngest brother). It will be the 20th anniversary of our first trip to the beach as an extended family, so we’re hoping everyone can make it at least for a few days!


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