We Believe Blog Train – Sept ’18

Design Team: We Believe
Theme: God’s Word – Psalm 119
Designer: The Rush Ranch

This is the “We Believe” Blog Train, and this month we are focusing on Psalms 119. The chapter is filled to overflowing with sweet goodness!  I used verse 90, in making my scripture cards:   “Thy faithfulness is unto all generations: thou hast established the earth, and it abideth.”   I really connect with the “Faithfulness to all generations”.  I love genealogy, and I can see how, through faith, my ancestors moved across the face of this earth in all directions.

Please visit the other designers in the blog train, I know that you will enjoy the other awesome designs.  And remember – I’m counting on you to perform a Random Act of Kindness at every opportunity!

As a side note, I am moving to a new file storage provider – normally you would be downloading from Dropbox, but today you are downloading from MediaFire, so if you have any issues, please let me know in the comments section.





Crystal’z Colorz
Songbird Scraps Designs
Nellie Bell
A-M Designs
LEA Art Designs
Amanda’s Digital Studio
Moore Blessings Digital Designs

On a more personal note, I want to talk about the quality of my design work. I receive critical comments from time to time,  from folks that have a different scrapping style than mine – and that’s ok. Honestly, I appreciate their feedback. It’s a big world of scrappers out there, so it’s easy for them to just move on and connect with those that design in their preferred style. I’m sure that Rembrandt would have provided MAJOR commentary on Monet’s or Picasso’s masterpieces. Everybody has different creative visions, and all are valued.

I certainly recognize that my endeavors in designing watercolor papers or digital art papers are not for those that prefer more structured or precise images. And, I’m just learning, exploring how I can push my art a bit further. Personally, I am most happy with explosions of watercolor and foggy or veiled images. I simply say “Thank You” to those of you that keep visiting my blog to download my designs. Thank you for YOUR kindness and support. I have had the pleasure of connecting with you in the comments section or via email, and you bring great joy to my efforts.  Sincerely – Thank you, for being you!


42 thoughts on “We Believe Blog Train – Sept ’18

  1. Thank you so much.

    Have a good day.






    > Message du 15/09/18 09:06 > De : “Rush Ranch” > A : mc.viougeas@orange.fr > Copie à : > Objet : [New post] We Believe Blog Train – Sept ’18 > >WordPress.com

    Sunny posted: “Design Team: We Believe Theme: God’s Word – Psalm 119 Designer: The Rush Ranch This is the “We Believe” Blog Train, and this month we are focusing on Psalms 119. The chapter is filled to java-scripting with sweet goodness!  I used verse 90, in making my scr”

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  2. My thoughts on your receiving critical comments on your work. Your work in Beautiful!!!!! I cannot believe that people could actually say differently than that, and I am so sorry you have to hear such negative comments when your work in wonderful and you are so giving of your work!!! Thank you for what you do

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  3. Good Saturday morning Sunny! As usual your gifts are remarkable and fantastic and the fact that your GENEROUS HEART gives them to us freely is beyond measure! You are very much appreciated by those of us on a limited budget that adores beautiful works of art in our scrapping too! You are constantly amazing me with the creations you provide, ESPECIALLY the WATERCOLORS! Thank you again for sharing your awesome talent with me! Have a fantastic week ahead! God Bless! Mat

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  4. Good Morning!
    I LOVE your gifts, you are so talented and I’m sad to hear about the critical comments.
    I’m always looking forward to your parts of the blogtrains and I wish my parts will be just half als beautiful than yours are.
    Could you please be so kind and check the download links for the solid and watercolor paper? They lead me to the jeweled papers file.
    I wish a wonderful weekend.

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  5. Good Morning Sunny…a beautiful name for a beautiful talented lady.Gorgeous work and blog. I love what you write. I don’t seem to be able to download those pastel papers that I love. I tried 3 times and it is always the jewel papers that come up. Thank you so very much. Bless you.

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  6. I am so sorry to read that you became bad comments about your work…those persons dont know that art has so many facets..and each one has value……I love your work and come regulary to see your wonderfull papers ( the watercolor are my favorites)…. have a nice day

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  7. Sunny, my heart is sad that anyone would even offer feedback in such a negative way, and it hurts even more that your heart was hurt by them. You give so generously to us, and with such a sweet spirit. My “Sunny Stash” (that is actually the file name on my desktop!) is full of everything you have given us and it is a source of joy and inspiration. When I am having a low day, all it takes is looking through those dreamy watercolours and lovely patterns and jewels and a smile peeks out. I am glad you design what you love — and what I love! — and what makes you happy with your work. Listen to the feedback because that is how we grow. Discard the negativity and see the feedback for what it is. Use it to grow or let it go. Move forward, not looking back. God has blessed you with a lovely talent and you have been growing it up. You use it to bless others, and I know He will show you how to grow it further, Thank you for being a blessing to us and thanks for the newest addition to my Sunny Stash! Madge

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  8. Ms. Sunny, your fans number so many more than those “few” rude individuals. I love everything that you create! I love your style and what you portray through your techniques. Your designs create feelings when I use them and you must never forget that we are so appreciative of you, your talents and your generous spirit in sharing them with us!!

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  9. Thank you so much for another beautiful kit. Thank you for sharing your time, talent and bits of your life with us. I always look forward to reading your blog. BTW, I love your watercolors and “foggy” images. Not everyone who downloads your kits is into scrapbooking. I am not but just love to create images in my PSP program. Again, thank you.

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  10. First off let me say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE,… YOUR DIGITAL Designs!

    I LOVE it ALL – your watercolor papers are just STUNNING (as are your other papers) and your elements are GORGEOUS & realistic.

    YOU are my absolute favorite designer so PLEASE do NOT change your design style.

    Your wonderful talent and generosity is a Blessing to us all. I would also like to say there are many designers whose

    style doesn’t fit mine but I would NEVER EVER consider sending negative/critical comments to them about their art.

    Suggestions are one thing but criticism is unacceptable in my book. There are a ton of designers out there so they should

    search and find one whose design style works best for them. Their lack of consideration and gratitude toward you is very upsetting to me.

    PLEASE, PLEASE believe me when I tell you (and I know the thousands of your followers feel as I do)

    I ALWAYS look forward to your contributions because they are so beautiful and is the style I love the most.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for Blessing me with your generosity and special talent.

    I sincerely love and appreciate you and your work.

    Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless you and your family always,


    P.S. I also love reading your blog. The land you live on is beautiful and so serene. Your stories about the neighbor’s horses,

    the recuse dogs and cat just warms my heart for I too love animals.

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  11. I too am sorry to read you receive low or negative comments, I have been scrapbooking since 1997 Paper Scrapping then moved into Digital Scrapbooking in 2003. Since I somehow came across your Blog some years ago I constantly return because of the Beautiful quality of your designs, so excellent and because you are a Faith Scrapper and I too Love God with all my Heart and your Creativity and your Faith talk on your Blog so Inspire Me. May God touch your heart and soul to keep you inspired even against the negative because I DO NOT See Negative.

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  12. Everyone has their own style and a style that they like. That’s what makes things so interesting. If you don’t care for something that’s fine but why do ppl find the need to leave negative comments! If you don’t like it move on to something you do like and leave the comments at “home”. I for one love your style and colors that you use. I can’t wait to see what the next offering is that you come up with. Keep up the wonderful work. You are one talented lady. Bless you.

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  13. I love your style Sunny! Like you say, everyone has different tastes. It is just sad that people have to voice their negative views just to make themselves feel better or to make someone else feel bad. I also enjoy following your stories and life moments. Keep up the great work!! Please ignore, if you can, those who don’t appreciate you and the work you do for all of us that do.


  14. Thanks for another beautiful kit and look at all the wonderful comments. That kind of tells you what people think of your designs and also about the people who frequent your blog. They took the time to say a word when they downloaded and that is shows how much good is out there in digiland. It’s a beautiful thing to see. Have to say those jeweled papers are the bombdigity, can’t wait to open them up 😛

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  15. Hello Sunny
    Thank you for once again creating beautiful art. I am so glad that you are exploring and pushing yourself. Watercolor papers have always been a favorite and if they are in a kit, I always use them. Yours are gorgeous. I recently lost ALL of my digi stash and it’s been heartbreaking. I’m blessed and thankful to the digital artists and store whom are all helping me get back some of what I’ve lost.
    Have a blessed week!

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  16. Your work is some of my favorite in the digiscrap world. I am surprised that people feel the need to criticize your work rather than just finding what they like better. I’m always happy to see your newsletters in my box. You are generous and talented. Thanks for all you create for us.

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  17. I JUST ACCIDENTALLY FOUND YOUR SITE TODAY. WHOOT WHOOT!! I really like your things and am going to tell a couple of friends about your website. The blogs are interesting to read. Thank you very much for giving out freebies. what is the name of the site you sell on? Have a wonderful day and again thank you.

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    • Thank you for your very kind words, Kari. I’m pleased that you have found my blog. I do not sell anything I make, I prefer to give my designs to you, in exchange for a Random Act of Kindness. Blessings to you.

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      • My goodness Sunny, what a good person you are. Thank you so very much. I just spent the better part of today on the phone with my best friend here on your site showing her all of your wonderful things and teaching her how to download and unzip files, so that she can learn how to do digital scrapping. Your site and things have excited her. You made a good day for both of us. Again thank-you!

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  18. Absolutely love your work. Seems that your designs come from your heart. The world is full is disgruntled people. Just let negative comments roll off your back. You are doing a generous work. Personally, it suits my interest, and I thank you for your generosity!

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  19. Everyone has different tastes … if someone has created something that is not my style, I just don’t download it. I can’t believe that someone would be critical of something that has been offered to them for free!!! Like someone else commented, if the critique is worth taking note of — then take it under consideration; if not, just ignore it! Your creations are beautiful — & you are so generous in sharing your talent with us. Thank you, Sunny!!!
    & thank you for sharing your lovely contribution to this month’s train!! God bless you, Sunny!


  20. Oh Sunny it makes me sad to hear that people leave negative comments; simply because they don’t like your style. Constructive criticism is a different thing .. if it is info on how to improve your technique or quality. I download some things, and I keep what I like, if there is something that I know I will never use, then I delete it – but I must admit that is a very rare thing, cos, you know, you might just find a use for it at some stage :). I appreciate the gifts that designers like yourself pass on to us all .. it is extremely generous – they are not just things, they are a part of yourself, your creativity 🙂 Anyway, I am glad that people like that are in the minority – you can tell from the number of supportive comments here that your gifts are loved, and very much appreciated 🙂 Thank you so much for the beautiful work you share with us !


  21. I absolutely LOVE your work. Your watercolor papers are among my most favorite of all!! I appreciate so much that you gift us with your work. It truly is a blessing. I tend to go to your gifts first when creating a gift for a loved one. Bless you for all you do, and all you do for us!!

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  22. I just read about negative comments. I am amazed, because your work is some of the most beautiful I’ve seen, not just among scrapbook design sites but among general design sites as well! I’m also grateful because I’ve paid well for designs that don’t hold a candle to what you generously give free.

    Stay blessed and creative 🙂

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