Blog Train – Farm & Fair

Designer Team:  Scrap Designer’s Blog Train
Theme:  Farm & Fair
Location:  The Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon

Hey, we inherited another dog.  My husband’s friend that passed away last month had a dog that needed a home, so here we are with three dogs.  Every animal on the ranch is a rescue, except for Murphy the yellow lab.  Anyway, “Doug” is fitting in just fine with the rest of the fur team.  Here he is snuggling up with Jake the cat, for a nap.
Doug has a few quirks that we are recognizing – he loves to be covered up with his blanket when he sleeps.  He likes his head covered.  He also has to have someone standing next to him while he eats – or else he won’t eat. I think that he misses his former owner, and he frequently crawls up into our laps for cuddles, even though he is a rather large dog.  A very sweet guy, we already adore him.  We have a checkup scheduled with the vet this coming Tuesday, to get him up to date on vaccinations and a general checkup.

Our lab Murphy has a birthday on Monday – He will be 10 years old.  My husband wants to give him a Birthday Party, and bought some ice cream to share with the dogs.  It may not be the healthy thing to do, but, a bowl of vanilla ice cream has Murphy’s name on it.

Have you done something kind for a stranger this month?  I’m counting on you!
And because you are kind and thoughtful to others, this new download is yours for commercial use.  By the way, the download for the word art is included in the elements download, even through there is a separate word art preview.

I encourage you to visit the designer’s in the blog role, below my previews.  They have really exceeded the “awesome” level with this theme.  There are times that I struggle with a theme, but not these designers!  In fact, I can’t wait to download them myself!





Sugarbutt Designs
Songbird Scraps Designs
Promethean Concepts     (Delayed posting until 9/11)
Skinni’s Scraps and Stuff
DigiScrap Angelhaze
Nellie Bell
LEA Art Designs
DigiJen Scraps
Moore Blessings Digital Design




29 thoughts on “Blog Train – Farm & Fair

  1. It’s beautiful….. like always !!!!!!

    This god is very lucky to find you !!!!!

    Thank you for all you do for animals and for the forum.





    > Message du 10/09/18 09:03 > De : “Rush Ranch” > A : > Copie à : > Objet : [New post] Blog Train – Farm & Fair > >

    Sunny posted: “Designer Team:  Scrap Designer’s Blog Train Theme:  Farm & Fair Location:  The Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon Hey, we inherited another dog.  My husband’s friend that passed away last month had a dog that needed a home, so here we are with three dogs.  E”

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  2. I appreciate the free downloads and your kits are beautiful, however, I am very disappointed by the quality of the papers and many of the png and jpg items. It’s clear that the papers were enlarged in PS from much smaller pics in the beginning, therefore causing the results to be very distorted and out of focus at a 12×12 size. When I resized them to 8×8 they were still out of focus. I then resized them to 2×2 which still did not do much for the overall quality and rendered them useless. Because of this I deleted them as they can’t be used. Your kits are beautiful but you really need to check the final quality of a 12×12 by enlarging it to 100% to make certain the focus and the quality have not been compromised. At this point I will not be downloading again.


    • Hi Mary – I am so sorry that you are disappointed with my work. I really appreciate your honest and candid feedback, and will strive to incorporate your concerns into my future work. Blessing to you.


  3. Hidey Ho there digi neighbor! 1st of all I want to comment on the quality of your papers. I just printed out the one with the chicken, it was perfection. 2nd let me say unless a person knows what they are talking about they should keep their comments to themselves, in my humble opinion. Some things made are not supposed to be crystal clear. If I wanted crystal clear I would go outside and take a photo of my chickens and use them as a background. I prefer art sometimes which is what you created and so graciously have given to us for FREE. I’ve used your freebies in so many things I can’t begin to count them. Not once has a person complained. Don’t let the nay sayers bother you they are everywhere these days now that we live in a world where there are less manners and more whiners. ~Nellie Bell

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    • AMEN, Nellie!!!
      Sunny, your designs are stunning, as usual—I’m especially fond of this month’s theme (I actually got giddy when I saw chickens, as I have about 200!!) and all your nature-type work. Just seeing your name makes me smile, and I love reading your blog stories. Since I started following you from Pixel Scrapper a while back, I actually wake up every day and think about what my son and I can do for someone else that day. We’ve always done it when we could, but now the thought is front and center. That is all on you and your kind spirit! Thank you for all you do for us!

      Love, from Texas! —-Anna (Nanner at ScrapTwist!)

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      • Anna! I am so excited that you and your son actively practice RAK! And it’s most assuredly not my prompting, it comes naturally to you, to be kind and generous to others. You’ve been that way your whole life. I love you.

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  4. The stuff we offer is FREE. People should just be grateful for that. It takes a lot of time out of our busy lives to present these scrap kits to people who might not otherwise be able to get them. Not everyone can afford to pay for beautiful designs. That nasty poster up above, doesn’t want your FREE stuff. no loss there. Love all our group designers. Thank you for your part. See you on the train. ~~Skinni

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  5. Seriously, complaining about the kit that is free. There is nothing wrong with the papers. Not every photo is meant to be perfectly clear. Sunny, you are such a giving person, I hope one persons rudeness does not hinder you in creating more beautiful kits. I love everything you create.

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  6. Awwwww Doug and Jake look so content together! I’m so glad you’ve been able to give Doug a loving home. You must have quite the crew! Due to current events in my life, I haven’t opened the kit files yet, but I’m sure they are just as lovely as always! I’ve used your designs in so many of my projects and have never had any issues. I’m sure this kit is no exception, but even if there are issues, there’s no excuse for the rudeness and negativity of the above post. I’m sure I speak for many others who follow your blog, Sunny, when I say that we love and appreciate your generosity in the lovely designs you share with us.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, as always!

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  7. Dearest Sunny, you warm my heart every single time I read from your writings. You’re such a warm, loving, giving sole — a true Christian and I cherish you being in my life, though it be only by internet. What a blessing you are to anyone who will only let you be. Let no one dissuade you with THEIR ideas of what is good, bad, etc. You are such a blessing in my life and I love having you in it. Thank you so very much for sharing your God given talents but, most of all, for sharing of your love of life, love of giving, love of people, love of the Lord and all aspects of YOU.

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  8. First of all, THANK YOU for sharing that heartwarming dog rescue story, along with the photo which is precious beyond words. Your neighbor must be smiling down upon you from heaven for your selfless act in taking in his beloved pet. Secondly, your designs are top notch. Everything came out perfectly fine, so you should take pride in your work. Your time in designing for this blog train is very much appreciated by me and the others above who praised your talent!

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  9. Another amazing gift package, thanks so much for sharing, I adore your creativity and find no problems with your work at all! Really do appreciate all you so generously share! Thanks again for all you share with me! Hugs, Mat

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  10. I’m not a farm girl … but I love all the rhinestone chickens in your kit! They remind me of my mom; she always has some sort of rhinestone brooch on her sweaters or jackets. Thanks for sharing your beautiful kit!

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  11. Sunny: I just tried to organize my wonderful kits created by you and found I did not have Fair and Farm, so I downloaded them, but I wanted to tell you the Special papers doesn’t work???


  12. Oh dear, I left that link pointing to my old dropbox account. Sorry about that! I have refreshed the link now, and it is pointing to my media fire account. Thank you so much for letting me know!


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