July Blog Train – Scrapping Your Heart Out

Blog Train:  Scrapping Your Heart Out
Location:  Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon
Wx:  Sunny / hot

This morning the view of the valley below is so beautiful.  The valley sits in a circle, surrounded by the Blue Mountains. It’s 5:30 am, and the sun is just brushing the tops of the mountains across the valley from us – not like the brush of someone brushing their teeth hurriedly in the morning, but as a lover brushes away a curl from your cheek………….It pauses, the sunshine, gently taking a breath before it rushes down the slopes to touch the valley floor below.   It’s quite beautiful to me.

We are busy this week.  We are expanding the area that the horses have to run, by another three acres.  This will allow them to visit and nuzzle the horses that live on the farm adjacent to ours.  Horses are very sociable, and ours love to visit with the neighboring horses.  They are always talking to each other, so we need to put them in a position to visit as often as they wish.

If the horses come to the west side of their pasture, they can align themselves with our sliding glass doors that look right into our kitchen.  And, they do.  Like clockwork.  They come at 8:00 a.m, and at 5:00 p.m., to “remind” my husband that it is time to feed them.  Keep in mind that they have a whole pasture to graze on, as well as a barn full of alfalfa – the alfalfa because they are too picky to eat “regular” hay.  At mealtime, my husband carries up a bucket of maple-coated oats, and a treat – either a carrot or an apple for each horse. These horses have him very well trained.  He secretly loves it.  “I’ve gotta go feed my girls….” he’ll say, as he wanders up to commune with them.  They gather around him like a bunch of fans at a rock concert.  He brushes their coats as they nuzzle him.

The lovely Mennonite family down the road from us is hosting family from all across the US and Canada, for a big wedding event and family reunion.  They have asked to borrow our RV so that they can have more room for their guests.  In the past, we have been able to offer them the use of our apartment that sits over our garage, but this year my youngest daughter is occupying the space for a time – so the RV is the only alternative.  They are such wonderful neighbors, we love them so!  It’s a pleasure to be able to “do” something for them…..

My youngest child had a birthday this week.  My youngest child – I smile at that.  She is 42!  My baby is 42.  That feels so strange to say that.  Time passes so fast.

On with the blog train!  Over at the “Scrappin’ Your Heart Out” a place for designers – The theme is “Watermelon Days”!  And I am ever grateful for the summer to be in full swing here in Oregon. One of my favorite things is to have meals outdoors.  We have a picnic table on the back deck and a round table on the front deck.  Depending upon what time of day it is, we hang out and just marvel at the beauty of the world around us, how lucky, how blessed we are to be able to set our eyes and hearts upon all we see.  Sigh.

Below are the links to my kit, and they continue to be commercial use allowed.  I have double-checked the links for accuracy, as my last download had a bad link – so sorry about that.  (As you can see, I am quite human and make frequent mistakes.  I’ll try to keep them at a minimum in the future.)  Please visit the blogroll links further down this post to gather additional kits from the other amazing designers.  They have worked hard to bring you their best.  We love you and want you to have lots of stuff in your scrapping stash!




13 thoughts on “July Blog Train – Scrapping Your Heart Out

  1. Sunny, thank you for sharing little glimpses of your life with us. I always leave encouraged and inspired to effect a change in my corner of the world by showing love and kindness. Thanks also for your work and talent that went into your lovely watermelon gift! Blessings, Madge

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  2. Love reading your posts! We live in the country, but it’s not as beautiful as the mountains. (Indiana farm country 🙂 ) My aunt in Tennessee had a watermelon farm and we would always stop and get a couple when we were there. 🙂 Now we get them at a local market and cut them into chunks, then stand around the kitchen island after they’re cold munching on them with our grandson.

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  3. I love reading your posts. Your farm sounds very peaceful but I am sure at times it can be chaotic. Thank you for the free kit. You are very generous, and sweet.

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  4. Thank you so much! We are berry picking today and packed frozen watermelon slices! We asked the children to take lots of pictures!! This package is going to be tons of fun! God Bless!!

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  5. Thanks so much for the blog train pieces! And thanks, again, for sharing some of your life with us. Your description of the sunrise over the mountains *almost* makes me want to get up early and watch a sunrise, but … nope. Haha. I’m much more a sunset person, especially here in SE Washington where we live. Sunsets are GORGEOUS here. I also love the sunset on the Oregon Coast, where we’ve vacationed for many years with my husband’s family. Those sunsets never fail to be beautiful!


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