Bee Kind – Download

Bee Kind – May 2018 Designer Challenge
Location – Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon

I wanted to share with you a glimpse of my dear husband’s heart.  The kind heart that I fell in love with, the heart that makes MY heart sing.

For Mother’s Day, Husband ordered flowers for the widows of our church.  Those wonderful ladies that have gracefully grown with age well into their 80’s and still remain the kind and loving people they always were.  Their own families are distant or “forgetful”, and it is an absolute delight to see their glowing faces and hear their peals of laughter on Sunday morning after their surprise flower delivery.  THAT is the wonderful and priceless Mother’s Day gift that my dear husband gives to me – that joy, captured in their laughter and hugs. Yes – Priceless.

I talked a bit about our neighbor’s horses last post, Whinny, and Scratchy.  Their owner has become a single parent this year of three little girls. Obviously, their finances have been greatly impacted, and the horses are now dependent upon their grassy field for food.  My husband frequently throws alfalfa over their fence for the horses as a supplement.  Yesterday he called the owner and asked if she could do him a BIG favor, and bring her horses over to our field for the summer, because “our horse was lonely”.   Of course, this will allow us to feed them and care for them, which will help her out as well.  One less worry for her – she is a hard-working and kind soul.

I laugh at myself when I remember my husband and my first few “dates” (So long ago. Most likely, before you were even born….).  I made sure that the dates were always during the day, and I always brought my girlfriend with me.  The three of us, having lunch together.  Can you imagine?  And he just smiled right thought it all, a good sport.  Years later, here I am – partnered up with a wonderful fella………………

Well – I’ve bored you enough with my sappy stuff.  Thanks for indulging me.

The latest Designer Challenge over at Pixelscrapper was to come up with our own kit theme and color palette.  There are quite a few participants in the challenge, so I encourage you to go check out their designs – such talent and imagination!  But I am releasing my kit about 2 weeks early, so there is no final link to share yet for the other designers.  Here is the link to that forum, when the thread begins for the completed kits.  Be advised, some of them may not be a free download – please check the terms of each designer to be clear on the intended usage and fees, if any.

My theme was “Bee Kind”, because I love bees, and I love all things “kind”.   Bees have been a point of fascination for many,  since biblical times.  John the Baptist was documented as eating wild honey and insects to survive.  Egyptians thought that bees represented the afterlife and reincarnation, and frequently included bees in their burial tombs. Even “Childeric I”  the Merovingian King born in 440 AD was buried with over 300 golden bees with lovely insets of garnet.  Napoleon used the image of Childeric’s bee as his official seal as Emperor.   Throughout history, the bee has come to symbolize hard work, diligence, industriousness, and orderliness. Because it is also the producer of honey, the bee also symbolizes sweetness and benevolence.

All good stuff, the bee.

My designs are free to all, commercial use included.  As always, I just ask that you perform a kindness for a stranger this month.  Please note that I show two previews of elements, but there is just one download to get them both.

















May your blessing this month be bountiful.




33 thoughts on “Bee Kind – Download

  1. Dear Sunny ☀️

    Thank you so much for this, your blog is really interesting and your kindness shines through it. I love your idea of giving your kits free in exchange for a kindness to others. Thank goodness for women like you in our world 😃

    Love and blessings from Gillian

    Sent from my iPad


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    • Thank you so much for your wonderful kit. As usual it is spectacular. Your husband seems to be as kind and giving as yourself. Both excellent examples for the world to follow. May your month be filled with blessings as well.


  2. Wow, you really spoiled us with this one, Sunny! Such a fabulous kit. Everything is amazing, but my fave pieces are the “Bee your own kind of fabulous” and “Bee the change you want to see in the world” (I have that quote in my office at work) word art, the bee banner, the border cluster and the little frames you’ve displayed with the clothes pins. Thanks for the wonderful quick pages too!

    Such a sweet, sweet man, your husband! Bee sappy all you want about someone like that!

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  3. Thank you SO much for the lovely papers, elements, etc. I love them and their theme of kindness. I will use these to make pages of my great grandchildren. I am 76 and no longer write my blogs but still love scrapbooking.

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  4. This is a beautiful kit – thank you so much for your talents & sharing! And I really enjoyed your email message & sharing about your husband – how blessed you are!

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  5. Thank you for this wonderful kit. I would also like to thank you for the insight into your daily life. I read this every time with pleasure. It brings me joy to see that there are still people who are attentive to their neighbors. Thank you for that.

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  6. Your story was not boring. I think it is wonderful that your husband thinks of others. He is a good example of how God wants us to live. Thank you for another beautiful kit. Have a Blessed day.


  7. Oh, dear Sunny, what a blessing you are to us. You may indulge yourself any time with us, as you never bore us — only inspire us! I had to smile as I read this post… the first email of the morning and you blessed my spirit as always. I enjoy hearing about your life, because I know it will impact my own. Your husband’s caring for the needs of others, both emotional and financial, is touching. He seems to have the same generous spirit as you. 🙂

    As always, your work is gorgeous. I love the happy sunflowers (was your horse the inspiration for them?) and the jeweled bees. I have often wondered if the jewels you use in the kits for us are personal treasures or elements from elsewhere. Secretly, I am hoping they are your personal treasures and that you enjoy wearing them often! And the bee papers are exquisite! Really, I just love the whole kit! Thank you so much for such a generous gift of your time and heart. I feel so blessed today! Madge

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  8. I too love your husband – thank you for sharing him with us! This kit, as all are, is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing that as well. Have a wonderful week,

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  9. You are such a treasure, to us and to your husband! Love you both! Thank you so much for sharing your God given talents and for sharing yourself and your family.

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  10. Sunny,

    I enjoyed reading your Mother’s Day story. Such a feel good story. You and your husband are

    two very special people. I admire you both and I love the care towards your neighbors and the animals.

    Warms my heart.

    I also have to tell you. You are an amazing designer and I don’t think there has been a thing you’ve created

    that I haven’t loved. Thank you so very much for your generosity and for sharing your talent.



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  11. If there was an award for Kindness, it should be given to you. Thanks so much for your beautiful graphics and sweet generosity. I really enjoy reading about your life in Oregon.

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  12. Thanks so very much for sharing your thoughts of your sweet caring husband! What a treasure you have! Thanks too for the the awesome and so very generous gift of the bee kit! Have a wonderful rest of the week! hugs! Mat

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  13. Reblogged this on iHeartDigiScrap and commented:
    Bee Kind by Rush Ranch is awesome. Many digiscrap styles (floral, vintage, basics, etc.) included and she did a “bee-dutiful” job! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

    Check out her results to the PixelScrapper Designer Challenge this month.

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  14. Hi Sunny! I’m so glad that you have an amazing husband. I am happy for you.
    Give a pet or two to your horse for me. I love horses! I hope the two horses that are next door can visit your horse more often. Perhaps you should do a horse kit in the future??? Hint! 😉

    I just LOVE your Bee Kind kit. It is so professional looking. You up your game each time that you do a kit. You are far better than me. You’ve come a long way from 2012! I am in the Commons 3 now. I decided to NOT sell my kits in stores and just design for the Commons 3. I am so pumped about it. I love making others happy. I hope that I can be a better designer over at PS. If I stick around long enough I hopefully will. LOL

    Wishing you a most fabulous week.



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  15. Thank you for the beautiful kit 🙂 and for sharing little bits of yourself with us. You have a very special guy, you must be so proud of him 🙂

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  16. Thank you very much for Bee Kind . My father was a beekeeper and he was a very kind and gentle man. Never spoke poorly of anyone even if they had done him wrong. These elements and papers will be put to good use scrapping about him! You are exceptional!

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  17. Sunny,

    Reading this post brought tears to my eyes! Just to know that there are still people like you and your husband out there after the dealings I have lately just makes me so happy. I am actually going to try and use this set as the earth angels challenge on the twist this month! My husband and my daughter are my heros and I could not be the person Iam today if it wasn’t for them 🙂

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