Free Download – July Blog Hop

Summer Lovin
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx:  80F, Clear
Listening To:  Hymns from the 49th Parallel, K.D. Lang

Scientifically I wonder if there is a limit to the number of shades possible within a certain color?  Green for example.  The valley floor below us has a multi-colored pattern of green splashed across its floor,  from bright chartreuse to lovely and rich emerald green.    The valley is 35 miles long, and 15 miles wide.  Its name, “Grande Ronde”, means “Great Circle”.

Eastern Oregon and the surrounding area was a haven for many Native American tribes. Many of these tribes, including the Nez Perce, Cayuse, Umatilla, Walla Walla, and Shoshone, would spend their summers in the bountiful Grande Ronde Valley. Here they would forage, hunt, fish, and bathe in hot springs. Tribes that may have been hostile toward each other would live together harmoniously in the “Valley of Peace”

Before I relocated to Eastern Oregon, I never really gave a thought to the work of farmers.  I never thought about them rising before dawn to open irrigation or riding their harvester long after the sun has gone down.   I had an idea that it was long and arduous work, but I didn’t really have a good knowledge or appreciation of getting my food from their field to my table.  And now?  I don’t know how they do it.  Amazingly long hours for little payback.  Constant care of their soil, even in winter.  The planning and rotating of crops.  Fighting crop diseases and persistent pests, and the unpredictable weather.  Gads, I have such respect for these men and women that choose to be the providers to the world.  Here, local farmers cultivate over 97,000 acres of wheat, peppermint, Kentucky bluegrass, potatoes, sugar beets, and other crops. Estimated gross sales for these crops exceed $30 million a year.  Not to mention the cattlemen that choose to raise livestock.  I would not make it one day in their shoes.  Not one day.  I spent my 30+ year career in an office where I would grumble to myself if I had to put on a sweater because the temperature was too cool in the winter time.  Grumble!  Ashamed of that, I am.  Who AM I?  What do I bring to this world?  What do I leave for this world?  Am I making a difference?  People let’s work diligently and intelligently at this Kindness thing.  Let’s try and make a difference – even in the most minuscule way if need be – to change someone’s day for the better.  Just one person – every day.  We can do this.

The theme for this month’s blog hop is “Summer Lovin”, and the assigned palette was quite bright.  The other designer’s contributions can be found here, on the Pixel Scrapper website.    Mine are below and are free for commercial use.  Remember, all I ask in return is that you take the time to perform an act of kindness for someone.  I hope that you can find something that you can use.

PSJUL2017_rushranch_summer-lovin_papersDownload Download Papers 1
Download Papers 2

Download Elements Here

Wishing you a wonderful July with many blessings,




38 thoughts on “Free Download – July Blog Hop

  1. Sunny, I also admire the work of our farmers and ranchers they are a special type of people and we thank the Lord for them! Thank you so much for this beautiful kit!


  2. Just wanted to say I recently discovered your site and I think your things are awesome. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. 🙂


  3. Thank you for the beautiful papers and elements. I grew up on a farm in southern Idaho. The work is definitely all consuming, but there isn’t a better way to grow up. So glad I was a farm kid!


  4. We pass through the Grande Ronde Valley every few years when visiting distant family. It is marvelously beautiful country.
    I love the mottled colors in your papers. Thanks so much for your kit.


  5. Thank you so much .. what beautiful papers 🙂 I’m with you .. I wouldn’t last 5 minutes being a farmer .. they work soooo hard .. and the middle men get most of the profit 😦 Well, that’s how it works out here in Australia any way!! Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July week end 🙂


  6. Великолепные бумаги и элементы!!! Большое спасибо за ваши творения!!!


  7. Thank you for your generosity! The elements coordinating with the papers is great. I love the mixed colors on the papers, very cool. Looks like something you could do with actual paint or ink.


  8. Love the bright colors!!! It is a gorgeous kit!!! The butterflies are delightful!!! The frames and tags are charming!!! The flowers and charms are fantastic!!! The borders are amazing!!! The papers are stunning!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!


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