I’m pretty simple.  Love the quiet life.  Doing my best, to do my best, for God and family. I live in a small farming town in Eastern Oregon since 2013. Previously I had spent 46 years in Alaska and upon retirement, moved to my new forever home. We have a small place of six acres, a few fruit trees, a few farm animals, and a few dreams. We love it here and do our best to be an asset to our small community. We have a lazy and fat yellow lab named Murphy, a crazy Himalayan cat named Oscar (the Grouch), and a blind cat name “cat-cat” who is more than 18 years old. Our horses, Sunflower and Lacy, are a joy to watch as they prance about their field, golden manes flying, graceful feet dancing to their own music. We will be adding chickens to the mix this spring.

The wildlife in the area have adopted us.  We have over 100 quail at our bird feeders several times a day, and a few pheasants nesting in the barn. Four at last count.  We also have a deer that has taken to eating along with the horses and sleeps in the barn.  He has a damaged leg, so we are thinking that he is no longer able to keep up with his herd.  We named him “Big Bird” the first time we saw him because he was eating from our bird feeders, but now that he is a resident, he deserves a more respectful name.  I haven’t selected one yet.

My purpose with this blog, is to be kind – to share.  I have loved computer graphics for many years as a hobby starting with Corel Draw, and finally advancing into the early versions of Photoshop. In 2010 my best friend invited me to start paper scrapping with her group. That lasted for one whole, tedious day. All that paper storage and setup/cleanup! A year later I found some people doing online digital scrapping, and I was hooked. I wanted to learn everything there was about designing scrapping kits. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I need to learn more. Always learning more.  I am currently working with Photoshop CS6, and although I have Adobe Illustrator loaded on my computer, I have yet to acquire the courage to open it up and create.

The purpose of this site is to share with you my humble designs, for free. For any use you desire, including commercial use. My only wish is that you pass along this humble kindness to others. Be the change. Be the grace and mercy the world so desperately needs.  Want to talk a bit more?  You can reach me via email at rushranch@gmail.com

Be well,

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  1. Sunny, there are so many aspects of your story and blog that I felt… and, if I were a person of more words, would love to comment on. Please just know that your genuine warmth and charm shines brightly throughout your blog and I wish you all the best. My warmest thoughts.

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  2. Hi Sunny, Are your items in the Pixelscrapper Commons area for personal use only? I want to be sure to keep them separated if they are. I just love your work. I also love your generosity and giving. Thank you so much. I look forward to each new creation!


  3. Hello Sunny, I have followed your work in Pixelscrapper Commons and now I have just found your beautiful blog, I love it! I really like your creations and the kindness and generosity with which you share them with us. It is a blessing. Thank you so much for everything.

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  4. Hi Sunny. I just found your site this morning and read through the entire blog. I can’t believe how warm and generous you are, and how beautiful your work is. Thank you SO MUCH for these beautiful elements.

    I’ve recently started computer digital collage artwork and have found some challenge sites online where I can add mine to the rest of the entries. Most have no winners, just the fun of joining in and showing our work. Having a theme to follow helps me at this point as a newbie in this art and seeing the other entries and how they are put together is adding to my education in doing this. I’ll bet you’d love this venue; you could probably use lots of your own creations. I know I’ll be using some in furture pieces! Thank you, again! 🙂

    Bless you.

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  5. Hello Sunny,
    Thank you for you and your husband being who you are. There are so few like you left in this world. I was blessed having folks with hearts like yours. Even though we may have been poor compared to the friends that surrounded us I felt rich for having them. They have been gone for a very long time and when I came upon your blog and read your stories and thoughts I have both laughed and cried because it brings back so many memories of their kindness in giving and caring for others as you and your husband have shown. I love your dog and all his quirks (especially his game with his medicine.) My husband, David, and I are animal lovers too and have had German Shepherds all our married life, recently losing our wolf-dog. I’m having trouble talking David into a little dog because we’re just getting to old to lift them when they need us to….it’s not working…..yet. I’ve also enjoyed the stories on the horses, had one when I was little, they so beautiful, intelligent and majestic. Oregon is beautiful, been there many times, in fact 3 times taking our motorcycle up to the ice fields in Canada but never made it to Alaska, not yet anyway. By the looks of your pictures you are truly blessed to live there, I can only imagine the peace and beauty of living in that setting. You both definitely deserve it. Again I want to thank you for the comfort your blog brings me and am hoping to read all the way back to the beginning. Of course I can’t forget to thank you for all your wonderful art designs you so generously share with us. This is how I came across your blog. I look forward to your stories, your abundant knowledge about so many things ( I recently found out that pure honey never ever goes bad….amazing…how great God is.) and of course your talent.
    May God bless you even more abundantly and provide and comfort your neighbor,
    Cynthia Stringer

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  6. Your designs are beautiful but not as beautiful as your heart. Such a wonderful example of faith, generosity, and humility. You are a blessing to me and a wonderful Christian. There are so few like you. Thank you for shari g your heart with us!

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  7. Hi Sunny
    It’s me again…I was thinking about your ‘resident’ deer you call Big Bird…did you ever give the deer a more respectable name that you wanted to give? Of course I also think of your horses, cats and dogs. Would love an update on how they are all doing. Last but not least the young neighbor who was struggling financially if I remember all this correctly. So glad to hear you had a wonderful time with your family reunion…yes you are truly blessed and deserve it so. Thank you as always for your lovely kits you provide for us. Do you create layouts and have a gallery??? Thank you again….Cynthia Stringer


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