May 1st Blog Train

Dear Friends –

I’ll be taking a break from designing for awhile, as I need to refresh myself.  I will be posting one more blog train on the 15th, and then begin my break.

“Taking a creative break from the work you love is how you sustain doing the work you love”

The above quote is from Meg.  Her blog is  “That Hummingbird Life“.  If you want to read more, follow the link – be forewarned – her conversations can be a little salty, shall we say.  But sometimes truth doesn’t have the luxury of pretty words to express itself.

It’s been a difficult month for my family, emotionally.  My husband lost his best friend one week, then my dear friend passed away a week later.  THEN,  a week later, we had to put our elderly lab down.  A one-two-three punch.  So I just need some quiet time.  Let my roots grow deep into the earth, and stabilize myself a bit.
Quiet Retreat 4It seems poor timing, taking a break – given that so many are at home due to COVID-19. But I must.  I’m not sure how long I will need – A month perhaps, maybe more.   Thank you for your gracious understanding and support.



Butters and PearlFluffy Update:  The kittens are growing and more active.  First up is Butters and Pearl.  Pearl is on the right.  Butters is a bit bigger, and more roughhouse that Pearl.  You can find Butters and Gemma wrestling about with each other quite a bit, and playing hide and seek.



Then there is the runt of the litter, sweet Emma.  The only one that has the full tortoise shell colors like her mother.  She was so timid at first, but is now becoming the first one that explores and climbs.  With those little claws, she has become an expert at climbing up their cat tower.  It has three levels, and she has made it to level one so far.  Won’t be long before she reaches the top.



And then there is Gemma (ne: Reggie).  She is the biggest kitten of the bunch.  A very mellow one.  Her paws have the tortoise shell markings, so she has unusual coloring. She is my favorite, but I try to give all of the fluffs the same attention.  Look at that precious face!  





Design Team:  Scraptwist Free4All
Design Theme:  Kindness is Contagious

Elements and Word Art
Patterned Papers
Solid Papers
Watercolor Papers
Computer Background

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26 thoughts on “May 1st Blog Train

  1. La vie est vraiment dure !!

    Nous avons également eu des proches touchés par cet affreux virus.

    Je comprends tout à fait que vous ailliez besoin de vous reposer un peu pour toutes ces douleurs accumulées.

    Pensez un peu à vous.

    Avec tout ce que vous nous offrez, nous avons largement de quoi scrapper.

    Je suis de tout coeur avec vous et je vous remercie pour tout ce que vous faites pour nous.

    Reposez vous un peu, vous le méritez bien.

    Bonne journée.





    > Message du 01/05/20 08:00 > De : “Rush Ranch” > A : > Copie à : > Objet : [New post] May 1st Blog Train > >

    Sunny posted: “Dear Friends – I’ll be taking a break from designing for awhile, as I need to refresh myself.  I will be posting one more blog train on the 15th, and then begin my break. “Taking a creative break from the work you love is how you sustain doing the work “


  2. Sunny, I’m sorry to hear of the losses you and your family have suffered. To have so much piled on at once must be overwhelming. Take care of yourself – rest, recharge, refresh. I will miss seeing you in the forums, and will think of you and pray for you.

    Thank you for the beautiful kit – as always! I particularly like the word art this month, and am of course excited to add another beautiful laptop background to my collection. 🙂


  3. Qué hermosos gatitos! Amo los gatos, son fantásticos!
    Muchas gracias por todo tu trabajo, es maravilloso!
    Descansa y disfruta, volverás renovada.
    Google Translator
    What beautiful kittens! I love cats, they are fantastic!
    Thank you very much for all your work, it is wonderful!
    Rest and enjoy, you will return renewed.


  4. I know how you feel. Though I have not lost anyone due to this virus, my husband, who has always been active and has always taken care of me (I am disabled), hurt his back about 10 days ago. It is a compression fracture and he has been in terrible pain. The doctor is going to schedule a procedure where they will inject bone cement into his spine to strengthen the fracture, but until he heals, I have been having to do everything and my pain is so much worse. I used to spend most of my time in front of my computer and I rarely want to do that anymore. I am sure it is depression, as I am sure that is what you are feeling. It will get better. Rest and a change of routine will help. I will be praying for you and look forward to seeing you in a month or so. Be safe, stay well, and thank you so much for this kit and all the previous ones. You have a talent! I will pay it forward. God bless.


  5. Thank you as always for sharing your beautiful talent with us! You are a joy and inspiration to us all.You will be missed ! You need to take time for yourself and your family THAT COMES FIRST!!!
    Prayers for you all and know that GOD is with you and will heal your heart!


  6. Thank you so much. Please take time for yourself and your family. I really appreciate your talents and generosity.


  7. Take your time and get a much needed break. I love love your kits and thank you so much for each and every one of them. See you when you get back!! Take care and stay safe.


  8. Thank you so much for the latest creation. Enjoy your break. I’m so sorry for your losses. Everyone needs to recharge now and again. Love the kitty pics!


  9. Sunny, I am glad for you that you are taking sometime to heal. We will miss you and look forward to when you return. Your baby kitties are all adorable. I just love animals. For awhile we had several but now we have only one cat. God bless you with his peace, love, and grace. Will be praying for you and your hubby.
    Thank you for another wonderful kit.


  10. I certainly Understand and may God Bless and Refresh Your Body, Soul, Spirit, Heart and Mind! Rest and be at Peace until He Brings you back Online. HUGS to You!


  11. I love reading your posts, every single one. And I DO understand, and my prayers are with you, my heart goes out to you for the losses you have been hit with. God be with you, as I know He is, and get the rest and comfort only He can give! (((((((((HUGS))))))))


  12. I’m so sorry to read the tough things that have been happening to you. Take some time to recharge. Please let us know how you are doing! You will be welcomed back with open arms. Thanks also for your generous and beautiful creations.


  13. Such great losses all piled one on top of the other. My heart goes out to you. Give yourselves the luxury of taking all the time you need, however short or long. I pray the Lord comforts you in your sorrows.

    Thank you for yet another beautiful kit.

    Your kittens are so darling! What a blessing they have you.

    Peace to you


  14. Sorry for your losses (one is hard enough to deal with, let alone three in a short space). Taking the time to recharge is a very important thing we all should do. Take care of yourself and your family, including all those cute furry kitty bundles.

    Thankyou for the beautiful freebies. You work is amazing and I look forward to seeing it again when you are ready and hearing about the latest kitty updates. Until then relax and recharge. Take care and stay safe and well.


  15. That is a lot of loss to deal with! I am so sorry to hear you are dealing with so much. Good friends take a long time to make, and their loss is immeasurable. Take the time you need to come to terms with their loss, and to remember the good times. Thank you so much for the beautiful kit!


  16. Thank you for all the lovely gifts that you share with us. Your creations are beautiful!
    So sorry to hear of your losses … praying that as you take time to rest & reflect, that our Lord will give you peace, comfort & strength. Take care, Sunny!!


  17. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your talents and generosity.
    Please take time for yourself and your family.
    Love those adorable little kittens, so sweet.


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