May 1st Blog Train

Dear Friends –

I’ll be taking a break from designing for awhile, as I need to refresh myself.  I will be posting one more blog train on the 15th, and then begin my break.

“Taking a creative break from the work you love is how you sustain doing the work you love”

The above quote is from Meg.  Her blog is  “That Hummingbird Life“.  If you want to read more, follow the link – be forewarned – her conversations can be a little salty, shall we say.  But sometimes truth doesn’t have the luxury of pretty words to express itself.

It’s been a difficult month for my family, emotionally.  My husband lost his best friend one week, then my dear friend passed away a week later.  THEN,  a week later, we had to put our elderly lab down.  A one-two-three punch.  So I just need some quiet time.  Let my roots grow deep into the earth, and stabilize myself a bit.
Quiet Retreat 4It seems poor timing, taking a break – given that so many are at home due to COVID-19. But I must.  I’m not sure how long I will need – A month perhaps, maybe more.   Thank you for your gracious understanding and support.



Butters and PearlFluffy Update:  The kittens are growing and more active.  First up is Butters and Pearl.  Pearl is on the right.  Butters is a bit bigger, and more roughhouse that Pearl.  You can find Butters and Gemma wrestling about with each other quite a bit, and playing hide and seek.



Then there is the runt of the litter, sweet Emma.  The only one that has the full tortoise shell colors like her mother.  She was so timid at first, but is now becoming the first one that explores and climbs.  With those little claws, she has become an expert at climbing up their cat tower.  It has three levels, and she has made it to level one so far.  Won’t be long before she reaches the top.



And then there is Gemma (ne: Reggie).  She is the biggest kitten of the bunch.  A very mellow one.  Her paws have the tortoise shell markings, so she has unusual coloring. She is my favorite, but I try to give all of the fluffs the same attention.  Look at that precious face!  





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