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Snow is falling here this morning, heavy, wet, powerful.  Almost as if trying to quiet the world for a bit, turning down the noise, the fear, the frantic worry of so many.  The snow calls to me, be still, be calm, this too shall pass.  Just put one foot in front of the other, move through it with the strength, dignity and compassion that reflects who you are.  Sometimes the world moves farther away from the light of Jesus – but remember who you are.  Remember who you belong to.  Continue to be the light to those around you.

Corona Virus –
If there was ever a time to be kind to one another – it’s now.  So much is happening around the world with the COVID-19 impact.  I live in Oregon.  We were given the order to stay at home on March 23rd.  Things are much different in these wide, open spaces of farmland and our tiny town of 500 residents.  Businesses are small, and note-to-self...march-29thpaychecks are smaller.  Every family has been impacted in one way or another.  Our local high school is preparing meals for seniors, to either be picked up curb-side, or delivered to the infirm.  The students earn their community service hours, which is a requirement to graduate in our school system.  We have had a few COVID-19 cases in neighboring towns, but they were placed under control very quickly.  We are optimistic and doing what we can to visit with friends and family long distance via cell phone, Facetime and ZOOM. Even our small church is live-streaming services on Facebook.  (Facebook.com/covecalvary/)  And as for “Social Distancing” – I’ve been practicing that for years – I’ve just called it being an introvert.  Be safe.  Be well.

Life goes on – Maddie our barn cat has had four beautiful, precious fur babies.  She is such a good mother, too.  So far she is very protective and doesn’t let us get too close to them.  We have three orange cats and one tortoise shell, like her mother.   As of today, April 1st, they are 13 days old.  Here is a photo of them at 8 days old.  The dark one we call Emma.
20200327_081439We don’t yet have names for the others until we can tell if they are male or female.  I can’t wait to start socializing them.  I feel sorry for my husband because I do not know how he is going to get these babies adopted and away from me.  I want to keep them all.  Emma is staying put, right in my arms and heart. 

gUEzx3Ft-35069077Jo-Jo, our last adopted cat, can’t seem to figure out why Maddie is multiplying from one cat to five.   He is totally freaked out about it.  He is almost 8 months old now – hard to believe.  He gives Maddie and kittens a wide birth, which is probably a good thing at the moment.  His own version of social distancing.

Here are my gifts to you, from my heart:

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We Believe Blog Train 3.15.20

Are you worried about the Coronavirus, COVID-9?  Let me know your thoughts on that.  I went into WalMart to buy some hand sanitizer for our church, and there was none to be had. We have an elderly congregation, so I thought that I might take some basic precautionary measures.  Guess we will just stick to hand washing and clorox wipes.

Recently adopted barn cat, “Maddie”.  She is not so keen on having her photo taken.  She is expecting babies, maybe in a few weeks.  Trying to keep her inside and well fed.  Will keep you updated on the baby watch.  I told my DH that we are going to have to build a new extension to the house – All of these rescue animals in a small home takes a lot of love, and a lot of work.

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