Welcome January 2020

We all take our turn at one time, or another.  Walking through shadows or walking through darkness.  Some of us much earlier than expected.  Our true nature is revealed during these trying times.  Some people are awesome at it.

I’m very blessed with a dear friend that has shown me the true meaning of faith, grace under pressure, and being a godly woman.  Such courage.  Such strength. Such beautiful peace.   Simply, awesome.  My friend has late stage IV cancer.  Very aggressive. Diagnosed just last month and given just a few more months of time.  Precious time.  She has a family – a devoted husband, and three healthy and awesome sons.  She remains a bubbly, happy person.  She is one of those people that lights up a room.   She is beautiful in mind, body and spirit.  She makes you feel so special, so loved, so important.  Those blue eyes grab your heart, and doesn’t let go – she is FEARLESS.   God chose her for this journey – not me or you.  I am looking for the wisdom of it, somewhere between the pages of my emotions.  I ask myself:  How can this experience make me a better person?  How can this make me worthy?  I seek those answers and perhaps, I shall find them somewhere along the way.

My friend graduates soon into paradise, and one day we will all be together again, those of us that believe in eternal life.   I believe that if God doesn’t work His many gifts upon her, He will work them in the people surrounding her at this time.  The medical personnel, the friends, the families……Who knows how many will reach out to Him, because of her?

Is this a time to be sad?  God chooses the time – God chooses the way.  And his ways are perfect.  I must admit, it’s hard to reconcile our hearts and minds with our spiritual nature (belief in heaven and eternal life) and our human nature (heartbroken, lonely, and grieving their absence).  But I think that somehow, we can blend the two. Somehow, we must pour that grieving energy into something good. Let it transform our hearts and minds, let us become more like Jesus, to see others with His eyes and to love them with His heart.

After all, we are just walking each other home to heaven.  So let’s do it with love, patience, kindness and understanding.  May God always bless you with his unconditional love during this new year of 2020.

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12 thoughts on “Welcome January 2020

  1. Thank yoy Sunny.

    I wish you a happy new year.






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    Sunny posted: “We all take our turn at one time, or another.  Walking through shadows or walking through darkness.  Some of us much earlier than expected.  Our true nature is revealed during these trying times.  Some people are awesome at it. I’m very blessed with a de”


  2. How beautifully you express your thoughts. You have encouraged me to do likewise. I recently lost a brother and a sister, one in October and the other in November. Yes we all walk through those shadows or darkness, but those who believe in the Lord and know Him also know that He is sovereign. One of my favorite songs is, Because He Lives. Just thinking of these very things you have written about as I look forward to the new year. I love how you ended this with “we are just walking each other home to heaven.” What a beautiful expression. Thank you for sharing this and for sharing your faith and encouragement through your digital scrapbook kits you share. I am profoundly grateful.


  3. Thank you so much for your thoughts. I hope that you enjoy some good times with your friend before she passes from this life into the next. I know there is eternity waiting for all of us on the other side, and look forward to my own eventual reunion with those who have gone before.

    Thanks, as always, for the kit! Happy New Year!!


  4. Hi Sunny, Thanks ever so much for the lovely kit! Sorry about your friend! Those words can be absolutely devastating, but when you have that attitude and that belief in faith, it makes the trial more easy to handle! I will add her to my prayer chain for a most peaceful time! Hope your 2020 will be much blessed and enriched by your loved ones! I’m almost through packing, movers come on the 10th and I leave on the 11th! Then it will be unpacking and getting settled, but a new journey and a new beginning is just what I need! Thanks again for all you so generously share! hugs, Mat


  5. Thank you for the designs. You spoke so eloquently, I am sorry for your friend and the pain you will feel. It is hard to reconcile the pain of loss and the joy of knowing God’s mercy. May God bless you and comfort you at this time and forever x


  6. Sunny, I absolutely love your perspective on things. This is a sad and yet glorious time in your life, knowing a dear friend won’t be with you long, but knowing she will be in a much better place when she is gone from you. God bless you for your honesty, your compassion, your love, and for sharing it all with the rest of the world. YOU make the world a better place. ❤


  7. You are so good at expressing your thoughts & feelings … may God surround you with his comfort & peace for you & your friend as she goes through this part of her journey here. {{hugs!}} & prayers…
    && thank you for sharing your beautiful creation for this month’s blog train!!


  8. Thank you for sharing your lovely creations, and the blogs about family and pets. I was delighted to find your site, and your generous gifts. Thank you!


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