September 20th

Darn it, Jake!  Knock it off!

(Photo of the convict in our apricot tree)

Our cat, Jake, now has TWO bells on his collar, and a tag.  One bell was not enough for our bird friends to become aware of his sneaky, conniving presence.  (Darn it, Jake!)  One bell  worked throughout the summer until this week.  He now wears a full complement of clanging, annoying metal that can be heard from a block away.  Or so it’s my hope.  He has discovered that if he hides up in the trees and hunkers down in the camouflage of leaves and branches, he can drop down on top of unsuspecting birds like a commando strike team.  (Darn it, Jake!)  His hunting skills are very impressive, but not appreciated.  He has been lectured and grounded to the house, to no avail.  So we have moved the quail and bird feeders up on the deck where I can monitor what is going on.  Jake is not allowed outside at the bird’s breakfast time or dinner time.  He fusses at the door about it and beats up his toys, but at least there will be no more bird funerals around here.   The quail are bringing their second batch of summer babies to the feeder, so we are really enjoying watching them grow.

The quail are wild and free-range.  We just want the covey to increase in size and live happy lives, in safety and peace.

Design Team:
  Scrappin’ Your Heart Out
Theme: Cafe’ Au Lait

Here are my designs for this month’s blog train, and please check out the other designers listed, below.  I didn’t have much time for designing a lot of elements this time, so I apologize for the kit being so small.   Hope you find something here to use for your own scrapbooking.



Blog Train Designers:

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16 thoughts on “September 20th

  1. What a pretty colour palette! Really love your patterned papers, Sunny! Where do you find the time to share your talents so generously?

    Cats can be devious that way. When I lived in a condo Simba would chase pigeons off the balcony, when we bought a house, he’d chase them off the porch. Never tried to catch them though, just mice.


  2. Merci Sunny





    > Message du 20/09/19 07:50 > De : “Rush Ranch” > A : > Copie à : > Objet : [New post] September 20th > >

    Sunny posted: “Darn it, Jake!  Knock it off! (Photo of the convict in our apricot tree) Our cat, Jake, now has TWO bells on his collar, and a tag.  One bell was not enough for our bird friends to become aware of his sneaky, conniving presence.  (Darn it, Jake!)  One “


  3. Thank you Sunny for more lovely freebies. It amazes me that people (I’m sure mainly females) have the audacity to complain when designers, especially you, are so very generous. As crafters, you’d think they’d know how much time and effort you put into your creations. Lin

    Don’t Let Your Photos stay Pixels. Scrap a Memory Today.



  4. Uh oh. Little glitch. Pattern paper preview shows 8 papers but there are only 7 in the zip. Watercolor preview shows 6 papers but only 3 in the zip. Did something happen to my download?


  5. Thank you for the lovely kit. Our daughter had a tiger kitty that would kill a bird, then kill another one, then another, before starting to eat them. His was a real hunter until he became an indoor kitty only. He passed away in 2012.


  6. I loved the photo of Jake – such a handsome boy – and the darling quail. How fun it must be to watch the little ones grow. Thank you so much for the beauties in my inbox. You always do such lovely work.


  7. Thank you Sunny for another lovely kit. This one really resonates with me as I love my coffee. Your cat is gorgeous and I hope the two bells will do the job. I also love your image of the Quails. It is very well taken and the background is beautifully blurred


  8. Love the photo of the baby quails!! How fun to watch them grow (I live in the city…) Whether big or small, your creations are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing them, Sunny. You are very generous in sharing your talent!! I especially love this theme; love a good hot cup of coffee to start my day! 🙂


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