September 10

Many years ago there lived a beautiful boy, greatly loved by his mother.  He never knew his father, but no matter – He grew into a talented boy who loved to paint with oils and acrylics.  He loved music, and as he grew, he would dream of a future filled with all the things that he loved. He had a kind heart for others, yet a mischievous side that drove his younger sisters a bit crazy.

His mother would come to marry a very difficult man full of anger and rage.  As the beautiful boy grew into his teens, he faced many hard days and nights of brutality and fear.  The mother became a shell of her former self, overwhelmed and lost, unable to protect the boy.   As time went by, the beautiful boy became the focal point for the difficult man’s alcoholic rages.  There were days the boy didn’t know if he would live to see the next sunrise. He didn’t know what hurt more, the abrasions of the skin, or those on his heart and mind………..

He lived in that constant fear daily, and eventually, it killed the very light within him – that beautiful, talented light.  As you know, first the heart breaks, and then the mind.  The boy’s hopes and dreams were blowing away like fragile dandelion seeds, caught in the wild wind, a maelstrom of destruction.
He left home as soon as he could, a teenager on the streets.   And as the adult years grew closer to him, he grew further away from everything and everyone.  His family lost track of him.  The entire world lost track of him.  No one remembered his birthday or sent him a gift for Christmas.  No one invited him over for Sunday dinner or a Friday night movie.   It was as if he never even existed.  It was as if he had died.

And then, one day, he did.

On Christmas Day in 2010, he collapsed on a sidewalk in a seedy part of town, in a state far, far away.  Methamphetamines raged through his body until his heart exploded.  He didn’t use his heart anymore anyway, not for a long time.  His heart had felt no love, no hate, no joy for a very long time.  He made sure of that.  It was just easier to exist that way, finding comfort in the numbness of oblivion.

He was still young, just 50 years old.  The police found him there on the sidewalk.  He had carried no ID in his pockets.  No one knew him.  Police searched databases and neighborhoods for information until they identified him.  His body lay in the county morgue for over a month until the police were finally able to locate a family member thousands of miles away.

His parents had died years previously, but a sister had been found. The eldest one.  The one that had searched for him for several years, but could never locate him.  The sister made the arrangements with the out-of-state morgue and a distant funeral home.  The beautiful boy was cremated, and his ashes shipped back to his home state.

She had sat at a table of a local mortuary to accept delivery of the beautiful boy.  As she waited, she wondered how many times a heart could be broken – one hundred times?  One thousand times?  Why were some people able to recover and move forward, when others were not?  There were no answers.

Eventually, an employee passed her a box of ashes no bigger than a package of flour.  A plain white box full of all that was, all that remained of the beautiful boy. She gathered him up in her arms to take him home.

Alone, with just his sister present to say words of prayer, sorrow, and regret, his ashes were scatted.  She poured out all that he was into the clear, icy blue waters of the Cook Inlet –  well, all that he was here on earth.

Because the beauty of him will forever remain in heaven.

I am that sister. 

And I ask that you be kind to one another.  Our very lives depend upon it.


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41 thoughts on “September 10

  1. Thank you for the beautiful kit and for the beautiful story. You always share the best of your heart and it touches me every time. A sad story for you and your siblings to be sure, but a wonderful reminder to be kind to each and every person we meet. Thank you for being so faithful in sharing what God lays on your heart.


  2. Thank you Sunny.

    All is always so beautiful.

    Have a good day.





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    Sunny posted: “Many years ago there lived a beautiful boy, greatly loved by his mother.  He never knew his father, but no matter – He grew into a talented boy who loved to paint with oils and acrylics.  He loved music, and as he grew, he would dream of a future filled w”


  3. Sunny I offer condolences very humbly. So sorry for the double loss…him and later his life. I am sharing tears with you. I thank you for your beautiful items also. God be with you and give you comfort.


    • Thank you so much for sharing this story. I was in tears by th end of it. So sorry you did not find him earlier, but unfortunately if someone does not want to be found it can be hard. May God comfort you and bless you.


  4. Sunny I’m so sorry for the loss you still must feel every day. I know my heart still breaks for my brother whom we lost in 2007. With so much pain and sorrow in the world, it takes so little to be kind. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    And thank you for another beautiful kit. I really love the note card and envelope. It must mean I’m to sit and write to someone!


  5. Oh Sunny, I just read your story, a few times in fact….so beautifully written and so sad.
    Thank you for this beautiful kit. I love your designs and am also enjoying getting to know you through your posts and sharing at Scrap Twist. Sending you love and hugs.

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  6. Thank you for sharing your kit and your story. Life passes all of us by too quickly. Hold them closer and love them more while you can, people! My heartfelt sympathy on the loss of your brother…


  7. Your story left me in tears. I read it to my husband and he cried as well. So sad. Sad that this happens all too often in this world. I will pray for you. I lost my son right after his 52nd birthday this year. He died of a massive heart attack in his home, but was not found for two weeks. The hardest part for me was knowing he died alone. I am still grieving. I think I always will. I am so sorry for your loss – then and now. And –thank you so much for your beautiful kit. God bless you.


  8. Our family, too, had a beautiful boy who lost his way and died far away. Bless you for sharing your story, although I’m not sure how it can make me both very sad and happily nostalgic. Thank you for the lovely kit too.


  9. My heart bleeds for a lost sister, I am sure it will never completely heal because I do not feel complete without her. I’m so sorry for your loss.


  10. Sunny, what a heartbreakingly poignant story of your brother’s life.I’m so glad you know the Savior, that his light shines through you, and it truly does.Know that in everything you do.Thank you for sharing. Love,Lisel


  11. What a heartbreaking yet beautifully written story! You are a multi-talented individual. It is a very sad, yet inescapable fact that some people cannot be saved, not matter what you do. You have to keep trying because perhaps your loved one will be the one who succeeds. Thank you for sharing this and as always thank you for your lovely graphics.


  12. Sunny, thank you for sharing your story. It is such a heart-breaking and tragic story, and touched me deeply. It is a reminder that many people who are addicted to something are not bad people, they just had tough choices to make. Thank you for sharing from your heart. God Bless.
    Thank you for another beautiful kit too.


  13. Your story brought tears to my eyes. When I taught in inner city I knew of similar stories. Breaks my heart when children aren’t able to be children.


  14. Your story left me wanting to hug my whole family. I was raised in a very tender loving home but I’ve had friends who weren’t as lucky. I agree, it’s a tender mercy from God to us when we choose to treat others kindly. It’s a blessing and you’re able to feel just a tiny bit of love that God feels for that person. Be kind. It’s that simple.

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  15. You are such an inspiration through your words and through your art. Thank you for sharing that touching story. May God wrap His loving arms around your brother in heaven, and around you, If only this world would be more kind, it would be a different place. God’s blessings to you!


  16. Oh, Sunny, I am so sorry for your loss. I lost one of my brothers five years ago and there are times I still really miss him. Other times I know he’s no longer in pain and I’m glad for that. Hugs to you and yours! Thank you so much, also, for the kit. It’s beautiful as always!


  17. Sunny, I read and re-read your sad story, it made me cry…because I lost my only brother too, who too was lost & could not be saved, & my only sister…& your story reminded me of my loss…thank you for sharing…


  18. Thanks for the awesome gifts you so generously share and especially your heartfelt story! You have a marvelous way with words, surprised you don’t author a book! Beautifully told and so very sorry for your loss, been there as well but so very hard to live through and trying to salvage someone so destroyed and lost! You have a pure heart, thanks for sharing! May we all be kind to those we meet as they have untold stories too! Thanks again for sharing! God Bless! Hugs, Mat


  19. Sunny, my heart breaks for you! You tell the story of your brother’s pain so beautifully and I had to re-read it a couple of times because I couldn’t see through my tears. I was raised in a very happy and loving home and my step- father (my Daddy) is an amazing man! I can’t imagine the pain you must feel. Your story reminded me to be extra thankful for my siblings, even though they can drive me crazy! You are such a blessing to so many through your posts. Thank you for sharing his story and for the beautiful kit. Sending hugs and prayers!


  20. Sunny, as always, you touch our hearts with your words, your beauty, and your plea that we be kind to all. We read and, hopefully, are forever changed. Thank you for your sweet spirit and your desire to inspire us to love others. I take comfort that the Bible tells us there are no tears in Heaven… and that we shall once more hold our loved ones in our arms when all is as it should have been. Thank you for sharing your gifts and your heart.


  21. Your heart-breaking story touched me deeply. We can never know what a day may bring or what others are truly going through. Love and kindness matter. Very sorry for your losses.

    Thank you for this beautiful kit and the inspiration you give to live well, giving to others.


  22. This absolutely breaks my heart. A beautiful and sorrowful tribute to a beautiful boy. I know what is to long for a sibling that you know is floating around this world and you are not able to hug them and to love them the way only a sibling can. I am so, so sorry for your loss. Are you still in Alaska? Because I am.


  23. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece. I am sorry for your loss and I pray for God’s peace and comfortable. Your message about kindness is so important.


  24. Thank you for sharing such a personal story … your pain – especially your brother’s pain – has deeply touched me. Praying that God’s peace will fill your heart.
    Thank you also for all the lovely gifts you share with us each month. They are beautiful!!


  25. Thanks you Sunny … both for the gift, and for sharing your story. We lost our beautiful nephew at 22y.o. – also to Meth. So hard to see him and knowing what was going to happen,even though my sister & her husband fought so hard to save him. Unfortunately, no one could save him. We lose our beautiful, vulnerable children to the greed of monstrous people who peddle this rubbish, not caring about the carnage it causes. Too many of us carry the pain of loss within us .. god bless you and help you remember the boy he was, before the meth took him from you.


  26. Sunny,

    There is something about your posts that keep drawing me to them each time. And, no, it is not the freebies. Although they grace our lives with the beauty you share. Thank you, kindly, for them.

    I read your posts because they make me soul search, sometimes painfully, but search I do. Today our minister spoke of comfortable and uncomfortable. No one grows when life is comfortable, only when we are made uncomfortable do we reach out and grow.

    So I understand that God has put you in my life to do just that, make me search my soul and reach out to others. I, too, have lost a brother who suffered his entire life from bi-polar disorder. I now have a daughter who is lost to us because of drugs, alcohol and a brain injury. You asked the question, why is it that some people are able to overcome the pain of life, and some are not. For me it has been my ability to hand over these burdensome and painful circumstances to the Lord and choose to look for the joy in my life that blesses me. Is it easy? No. It’s like an addiction that every morning I must make a conscientious decision to look for that joy.

    But with wonderful people in my life, including you and your posts, Sunny, it is with happiness I start my days counting my blessings! I thank you for that gift!


    • Sorry I misread…you can feel free to correct “son” to brother…either way, it is still really hard…for siblings, parents, and those who love them…Praying for peace and somehow where you find the small joys in the kindness you give to those around you!


  27. I have been here too…our son was mentally ill…and all of a sudden we got a call that he had died on May 15, 2015. He was 29. He fell from his balcony, was doing well with his illness, but it was his time. I think that God may have allowed this to preserve him from something so much worse (our RCMP are not good with the mentally ill, they shoot first, jail them first, and then ask questions later). I do know that he no longer is mentally ill, and he is now clear headed and like the eagle can soar. We buried his ashes close to home, and I have some here; I could not part with them. I am starting to cry as I write this…

    I miss him, and I *knew* something was going to happen, I told my husband the day it happened and we were at my God Son’s wedding…I was told (in my mind) to make a slide show of his life but didn’t listen…so I was up for 48 hours putting one together. This has been very hard on our family…it’s left us fractured. Mental illness does that, and so did his passing. But I am still here. And my DH (Darling Husband) is truly the best…I am blest to have him. We have gotten through this together. We *still* shed tears.

    All I can tell you, is that I understand…I don’t know how much a heart can stand; I grew up without family — I grew up in foster care and was abused, I raised 4 children who are out in the world…*well one is now in heaven* And we have been through a lot together…We have dealt with mental illness, the rape and murder of my best friend, a crushing disability with our oldest and much much more…but somehow we are still here. Some marriages can’t take these kind of blows. So many marriages split up after the death of a child, or disability/mental illness, but we are together still…

    God bless your broken heart…he will knit it together, it just won’t be quite the same. We are learning to live a “new kind of normal.” You learn to live without them, and you learn to look for the small joys and live the day as best you can. Time doesn’t always heal but eventually the pain is lessened just a bit, enough to bear it. I see you scattered your sweet son’s ashes at Cook Inlet…we have been there; my best friend’s husband lives in AK and we have seen that area…it is such a beautiful place!

    Grieving still,


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