August 1st Downloads

Greetings, dear friends!

When I was a kid, books were my escape.  My childhood environment was very dysfunctional and we never lived in one place for very long.  I never remember going to the same school for more than one year at a time.  I never wanted to make a friend, because it was so hard to keep leaving them behind.  And it was hard always being the new kid on the block.  Books, though, they were my friends. I could go anywhere, be anything, be safe, be fed, inside of a book. The reason I mention this is because lately, instead of buying books for my Kindle, I have been buying hardcovers from  I can buy a nice hardback for less than $4, and any purchase over $10 ships for free.  No membership fees, etc.  Their philosophy seems to be really cool, too:    “We believe reading empowers people, offering them empathy to live for a moment in someone else’s shoes, offers them education, a critical asset to improving one’s life, and offers an occasional escape to fantastic worlds inhabited by interesting characters. Yes, we save millions of books every year from being destroyed, but our mission goes beyond the environment. We save these books and make them accessible to readers for the chance to shape another mind, share another story, and teach a bit of wisdom.”

I’m not getting anything for endorsing Thriftbooks –  just mentioning them if you would like another resource for your own bookshelf.

Hey, Look at my cool rose!  This rose bush has grown white roses all of its many years.  Always. Suddenly, this year it has not one, but TWO roses that are split with color, a rich pink.  I have no idea how it can do that, and I haven’t done anything differently.  Do you think that pollinators can impact a plant’s production like that?  20190724_171830
And one last thing, let’s all try to be just a bit kinder to one another.  The troubles of the world are ramping up, so it will take courage and determination to keep calm and love one another.  The Lord provides his grace and mercy upon us each and every hour – the least we can do is turn to one another and give every effort to listen and love.  I appreciate YOU, and love being here for you. I love giving you my humble designs.  I always hope that in some way, it will all make a difference.


Design Team:  PixelScrapper
Design Theme:  Bohemian Rhapsody



Design Team:  ScraptwistFree4All
Design Theme:  S’More Memories

Patterned Papers
Solid Papers

Blog Train Designers:
Marniejo’s House of Scraps
Nellie Bell
tp designs
Songbird Scraps Designs
The Brown Owl
Moore Blessings Digital Designs
Lori Imel Designs
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18 thoughts on “August 1st Downloads

  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful kit.

    Your rose is very funny !!!!

    I also think that pollinators can impact a plant’s production.

    Nature is very strong unfortunatly people don’t take care of it.

    Have a nice day among your roses.





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    Sunny posted: “Greetings, dear friends! When I was a kid, books were my escape.  My childhood environment was very dysfunctional and we never lived in one place for very long.  I never remember going to the same school for more than one year at a time.  I never wanted “


  2. Wow what a pretty rose, amazing! I’ve never seen that happen.

    What a great concept with the books. My husband wouldn’t forgive me if I did that, Haha. He says I have too many books and have to stick mostly to digital! He was happy when the used book store closed nearby.

    I love the bright colours of the PS blog train this month. Your papers look amazing!

    And the theme of the Scraptwist train is perfect. We finally got our 4 yr old out back country camping with us last week, and she loved it. It was so great to be back on the lake in the middle of nowhere. Last time we were there I was 6 months pregnant, so it’s been awhile! And of course we made s’mores. She loves making them at home at the backyard bonfire, but says they taste better at “her” lake!


  3. Thank you for the freebies. Love that rose!! Love to read as well. I won a prize at the local library for reading the most books over the summer reading program (adults) and I didn’t even turn in half of them.


  4. I love Thriftbooks. There are many places that you can find used books on ebay and so on, and it’s so much better for the planet than buying new. Many of these ‘stores’ also have a buy 3 get one free, or buy x and get 15% off. Thriftbooks will also email you a coupon for use on your first/next purchase if you sign up for their newsletter (again I’m not getting anything for saying this, I just firmly believe in recycling books). Check your local library for sales of used books (here the ‘Friends of he Library’ group have a twice a year sale). Check your local thrift stores. And don’t forget to pass it on when you are done. Take your used books to a thrift store, a retirement home, a non-profit group etc.

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  5. Thanks so much for your freebies, as always!! I love Thriftbooks! I’ve been buying from them for several years now. It’s terrific. I do have an Amazon Prime membership, and that’s also great for books, but when I’m looking to get several books in a series (like the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child), Thriftbooks is #1!


  6. More amazing gifts, thank you so very much for all you share! Have aa fabulous weekend and again, I thank you for all the lovely freebies!


  7. Thanks for the Bohemian kit. The paisley papers are beautiful. As for the amazing rose: Since you had two roses, you might consider trying to save the branch, particularly if you get another. Propagate a cutting from it and/or try to retain that branch when you trim the shrub back. Having such a rose is a blessing of nature!


  8. Ms. Sunny,

    I, too, lived in books as I grew up as I was picked on by my classmates, so I spent my lunch recess working at the library across the street from the school. It didn’t matter as no one even noticed I was gone. Lol, I can laugh now but at the time it was a lonely journey. My favorite books were Pipi Longstocking, because who didn’t want an adventure like hers! And besides, she did not care what everyone thought of her eccentric and crazy ways. I found characters to love, despise, not believe in, but my favorites were the ones who whisked me away to their lives. I’m in my 60’s and I still have my collection of Victoria Holt books in a box in my closet. I just could not part with them. They gave me hope that there was love in the world and even though life was a mystery, true love always won out.

    Thanks for this memory waltz, Sunny, you always brighten my day!!!

    Mary K

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  9. I love a good book. I haven’t gotten onto the “Kindle” bandwagon; I just can’t imagine reading a book without being able to “turn the page”! I love the philosophy of — a book can take you to so many places; real or imagined, near or far! Your rose is beautiful; I’ve never seen anything like that!
    Thanks for your contributions to the blog trains … lovely as always!!


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