Scrappin’ Your Heart Out – July ’19

Design Team:  Scrappin’ Your Heart Out (SYHO)
Design Theme:  Love To Learn

Sometimes – well, a lot of the time – I fail to listen to my “inner voice”.  My intuition.  I suppose that most of us are like that.  Life is busy with noise and grit.  This morning I was at the grocery store with a rather large shopping list.  I made my way to the checkout lines, and there were very few open.  I pushed my cart over to the aisle to wait my turn.  I turned around and a woman had pushed her cart behind me.  She only had a few items.  I pushed my cart to the side and waved her in front of me.  A few minutes later, another woman pulled up behind me in the checkout line.  She only had a few things in her basket, as well.  I thought (selfishly) that if I keep stepping aside for small basket loads, I will be here all day……….But, I just couldn’t do it.  That inner voice told me I needed to step aside and let her go in front of me.  She was very grateful, and as her things rang up (among them a lovely plant with purple flowers….)  she said: “how did you know that I was late for an appointment?”  Well, I didn’t.  But I could sense the unease in her movements and face.  I guess I’m only recounting this tiny experience because it has reminded me to be more aware of others.  My agoraphobia sometimes forms a protective barrier around me when I need to be out and about.  I need to open myself up more, really “see” people.

My husband and I went to the coast this past week, and it was a lovely experience to spread his brother’s ashes in the sea.  The sunset was brilliant and beautiful, the sky filled with colors of fire as the ashes fell into the sea.  The ashes had been mixed with orchids from Hawaii. And the very next morning there was a lovely rainbow arc about the sea.

At Sunset – Rockaway Beach, Oregon

“Love to Learn” is the theme for this month’s Blog Train.  I no longer have kids in school, but even if you don’t either, there should be some items that will work just fine for other layouts.  Please be sure to visit the other designers in the Blog Train to find more lovely items for your scrapping.

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23 thoughts on “Scrappin’ Your Heart Out – July ’19

  1. Thank you so much Sunny

    have a great day.






    > Message du 20/07/19 07:50 > De : “Rush Ranch” > A : > Copie à : > Objet : [New post] Scrappin’ Your Heart Out – July ’19 > >

    Sunny posted: “Design Team:  Scrappin’ Your Heart Out (SYHO) Design Theme:  Love To Learn Sometimes – well, a lot of the time – I fail to listen to my “inner voice”.  My intuition.  I suppose that most of us are like that.  Life is busy with noise and grit.  This morni”


  2. Beautiful photo of the sunset!

    Thankyou so much for the gorgeous kits. I admire your work greatly, and am very grateful that you share for free.


    • Oh Sunny I’m glad you had such a wonderful experience spreading the ashes. What a beautiful photo. I never would have thought if mixing flowers with the ashes. So beautiful.
      I have been on the giving and receiving end of your grocery experience and I can appreciate it from both sides!

      I love the kit you made. After so long waiting it’s nice to be able to use all the school stuff I’ve collected! I really like the border, but everything is great! The bears are adorable, and that backpack looks just like my daughter’s lunch bag! I love the word art – what font did you use? I love it!


  3. Una pregunta: Puedo compartir estos bellos envíos en mi grupo de intercambio?
    Google translator
    One question: Can I share these beautiful shipments in my exchange group?
    Thank you


  4. Thank you for the beautiful well as the kit.
    The story brought tears to my eyes.
    My children think I am nuts because I talk to people I do not know.
    I wish everyone I see a good day. I tell them more need to do that.
    Thank you so much for showing me there is more like us.
    Grateful for everything that you share


  5. Thank you so much for your creativity and generosity. I have a similar internal debate at the checkout line. But, I find I have become much more generous with such gestures as time has passed by. Maybe I’ve become mellow with age. It often seems that when I do small good deeds, I am later rewarded with one or more from someone else!


  6. What a gorgeous sunset to see after you celebrated your brother-in-law’s life with the spreading of his ashes. Thank you for sharing your creation for this month’s theme. My kids are grown, but I still have old photos to scrap … & I have a little granddaughter. Your kit will be very useful!! Thank you!!!


  7. Sunny
    I am sorry to hear of your brothers passing but I am sure the rainbow is a sign he will be with you always. Aside from that part, I could have been writing this post. I am always trying to think of other people sometimes I forget that I am important too though. But I also have agoraphobia, I dislike even giving it a name, and it has gotten a lot worse the past couple years. I have dr appointments 3 times a week and that will be the only time I can leave the house some weeks. It’s so hard to watch life passing by sometimes. Now that my daughter is home from college I am trying so much more to get out and do things with her and have been making progress, just last week I went out every single day! It may have only been to do one thing but I did it 🙂
    Thank you so much for always have the right things to say and your beautiful creations! See you over at ScrapTwist!



  8. As always, thank you so much for sharing your talents with us. I’m glad you were able to spread your brother-in-law’s ashes with your husband. That was probably a very moving experience! I had to look up Rockaway Beach because I can never remember if it’s north or south of Tillamook. We’re going to Lincoln City next month, and will be making a trip up to Tillamook to see the new visitors center. It should be fun! One more thing: I, too, am a bit agoraphobic. I am not into crowds. If there is a crowd, I’m either sitting against the wall or huddled up at a table or whatever. When I shop, I am focused on shopping and nothing else. I just want to be DONE. So I hear you on that one. And it is important to hear the nudges that the spirit gives us about who to help and how. Thanks again!


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