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Design Team:  Scrap Designer’s
Design Theme:  Here Comes The Sun
Designer:  The Rush Ranch

Well. Interesting visit to see MIL. She fell the day before we got there. She didn’t break anything but she got a concussion and deep tissue contusions. When the emergency room gave her a CT scan for the concussion, they found a tumor in her brain. I’ve been with her for two days since that diagnosis, and she is a remarkable woman. She is just going to let it take its course. No surgery, no chemo.  Just let it ride. She is in no pain. It does impact her balance a bit, and some thinking when she tries to think of a word to use. I admire her decision, and I would do the same. She says that she has lived a good life. At age 86, she has buried three wonderful husbands. I get such a kick out of her. I love her and admire her fortitude and faith.   No matter what, God is good.

The theme for the blog train this month is “Here Comes the Sun”.  Such beautiful and bright colors!  Please visit the other designers listed in the blog train, below my downloads.

Patterned Papers
Solid Papers
Watercolor Papers

Blog Train Designers:
Skinniz Statz Scrapz and Stuff
Lori Imel Designs
Joy’s Creations
Annie C Digitals
Becky’s Creations
Promethean Concepts
LEA Art Designs

Kolor’Scapez! Kreated
MooreBlessings Digital Designs


16 thoughts on “Scrap Designer’s Blog Train

  1. Thanks again for another lovely kit…hope your MIL is feeling much better and wish to send prayers your/her way for whatever is next! Hugs, Mat


  2. Sorry to hear about your MIL, but thankful that you all have peace about eternity. 🙂 Thanks for your post – and your blog in general! It’s always a blessing to read it! Blessings, Kate


  3. thanks for this lovely kit! I especially love the watercolor papers you make! Awesome!

    You & your family have my thoughts & prayers. Your MIL sounds like an amazing woman and I admire her dignity & grace in this trying time.


  4. God is good! Thank you for sharing your art. I would love to privately share the art I have made with my family pictures. Feel free to pray about it and let me know a way to show you. You are a wonderful example of God’s goodness.


  5. Thank you for this lovely kit! With the loving support your mother-in-law has, I think everyone will manage things just fine. I wish you all the best.


  6. Thank you so much! I’m glad you had a good visit with your MIL. My MIL is going to be 85 this year, and I know what you mean about them living a good life and being good with whatever happens. I’m sorry for your loss (when it comes), but having her make that decision herself and not others having to decide is really good. It’s very hard to make those decisions when the person isn’t capable of doing it themselves. My mom is 89, lives with my sister, and has dementia. She can’t make decisions regarding her health or care or anything anymore. It’s so very hard to see. Prayers for you and your husband and MIL.


  7. Fabulous!! Thanks for the share 🙂 I have the same attitude to end of life decisions .. good luck and I hope your MIL continues to be pain free 🙂


  8. What a strong woman your MIL is!! Prayers that God will hold her in the palm of His hands & keep her pain-free! Blessings to you all!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely colorful creation!


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