Scrappin’ Your Heart Out – May

Lots of rain in our area this week, and it’s bad news for the farmers.  Either their fields are flooded, or the seed that they have planted has floated out of place or away.  Not much we can do but stand by and see what the end result will be.  Praying for an end to their bad luck.  We did have an evening where the clouds lifted a bit, and sunset drenched the mountains with color.  I took a quick photo with my phone.  My phone doesn’t want to capture the darker reds, but this will give you some idea of how pretty it was.

Enjoy your month of June – be kind to each other – be kind.  Be helpful.  It makes everything a little easier, a little better for everyone.

Design Team:  Scrappin’ Your Heart Out
Design Theme:  Modern Mauve
Designer:  The Rush Ranch

The way that the scrapping works for this design team, is that you are allowed to add two additional colors to the chosen palette.  I am thankful for that, as I always have a hard time sticking to a set of colors.  I try to conform, but I know that I must frustrate our moderators at times.  Please check out the other designers in the blog roll below,  because they are much better at following instructions than I.

Palette Flair


Patterned Papers
Solid Papers
Watercolor Papers

Blog Roll Designers:

Digiscrap Angelhaze
Becky’s Creations
Crazy Cat Creations 
Moonlight Scraps 
Savage Dezines 

Check out our Blog and if you are a designer and would like to contribute to the train with us come and join ourFB Page (designers only and make sure to answer the questions please)


12 thoughts on “Scrappin’ Your Heart Out – May

  1. Thank you for the goodies! I’ve been looking for a kit with the colors and style that you did your part in this month and here they are! On a side note, I was watching the news yesterday and they mentioned how bad the weather is for the crops. It’s sad to see. We’ve been having unusual weather here in northern California, too. At least it’s all green here and not dry like it is inland.


  2. Another beautiful kit Sunny, thanks ever so much and hopefully weather for all of us slows down some, we’re under tornado outbreak at the time being and flash flood warning! Stay safe and thanks again for your generosity!


  3. Sunny, it is always a delight to open your emails! Thank you for sharing anecdotes of your life and words of wisdom with me and others, for putting yourself out there…I find that to be very brave!
    When I scrolled down and saw this kit I actually said to myself, “Oooh! Pretty…I love these colors, Oh! Wait! Fun elements, papers!! I love it”.
    Thank you so much!!


  4. What a beautiful kit, I love the colours!
    Our farmers are in the same boat here… so many fields under water. Last time this happened we had a serious produce shortage and had to rely on imported fruits and veggies so of course grocery costs went up. Many farms are struggling and the smaller ones barely manage.


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