Scrappin’ Your Heart Out – April

Design Team:  Scrappin’ Your Heart Out
Design Theme:  Dusty Cedar
Designer:  The Rush Ranch

I’m really excited about a family reunion taking place the first week of May.  It will be near Houston Texas, at a house on Livingston Lake.  Only three full days, but I am SOOOO looking forward to seeing my brother and two sisters.  Our spouses will be with us, and it will be such a relaxing and sweet time together.  We are an affectionate family and hug much, laugh often, and cry when we part.

We Facetime as a group on the first sunday evening of each month.  One sister lives in Virginia, another in Tennessee, and my brother lives in Houston.  We love our time together.

I was born in Texas, but didn’t spend much time there.  My grandfather was a big cattle rancher, but my father didn’t want to join him in the business – Dad had his heart set on flying helicopters.  We moved away to California when I was five years old.  Even now, I have a few memories of Texas.  I’m surprised that I am still alive.  We neighborhood kids would tease one of grandfather’s bulls so he would chase us, then we would run to the fence for safety – somehow we always crawled over the fence just in the nick of time, falling on the other side in a tangle of legs and arms.  We would lay there laughing from fright and great relief that we escaped from harm, just one more time. Childhood – how did we survive it?!

My buddy Skipper lived across the street.  I don’t know why he was my buddy – I guess I kept hoping that I could plant some kindness in that heart of his……. Among his many challenging acts of friendship was the time he chased me around my backyard with a hatchet.  Skip was always doing something that would put me in harm’s way or get me in trouble.  Poor Skip, I sure hope he didn’t become a lifetime criminal, but he sure was headed that way.

This month’s blog train from “Scrappin Your Heart Out” has some interesting colors to it.  I prefer working with a more muted palette.  Pastel colors are pretty, but I seem to be more creative when I have a muted palette.  We were tasked with making a paper pack only, but I “stepped out of bounds” and made an element pack, too.  Hope they don’t drum me out of the club!  Hey, please remember to visit the other great designers in the blog train.  Their links are listed below.


Patterned Papers
Plaid Papers
Solid Papers
Watercolor Papers

Blog Train Designers:

Songbird Scraps Designs
Becky’s Creations
Crazy Cat Creations
Fizzy Pop Scraps
Made by Angelhaze
Moore Blessings Digital Design
AnnieC Digitals
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Check out our Blog and if you are a designer and would like to contribute to the train with us come and join ourFB Page (designers only and make sure sure to answer the questions please)



16 thoughts on “Scrappin’ Your Heart Out – April


    Thank you Sunny.

    I hope you will spend good time with your familly.




    > Message du 20/04/19 09:07 > De : “Rush Ranch” > A : > Copie à : > Objet : [New post] Scrappin’ Your Heart Out – April > >

    Sunny posted: “Design Team:  Scrappin’ Your Heart Out Design Theme:  Dusty Cedar Designer:  The Rush Ranch I’m really excited about a family reunion taking place the first week of May.  It will be near Houston Texas, at a house on Livingston Lake.  Only three full days”


  2. Your reunion sounds like lots of fun! I hope you have a blessed time. Thank you for the beautiful downloads. I’m glad you made elements, If you get in trouble, I’ll vouch for you. You are one of my favorite designers!


  3. Family Reunions can be wonderful. I’ve been to a couple that were memorable (in good ways only!) I love everything you make and I am very glad you threw in the elements.


  4. Thank you for sharing and welcome home to Texas! We are having some beautiful weather the past few days here in Houston. Hope it holds out for your visit!


  5. I was wondering why everyone was sharing just papers … thanks for including some elements!! 🙂 All the papers are lovely though! Thanks for your contribution to the train.
    Enjoy your time in Texas — spending time with family that you don’t get to see often, is (in my opinion) the best of vacations!!


  6. Sunny, you are so fun! I share your tastes. When I see another download from you it lights up my day. The other creators are sharing good things too but honestly YOU are the reason I follow you. Thank you for all you do and your willingness to share with those of us who don’t have the same talents you do.


  7. Sunny , I hope you have a fabulous time with your family. I loved your story of your childhood and can’t wait to hear about your reunion. An extra special thank you for adding some elements to your paper pack because I have found ( and am embarrassed to say ) that I forget about the papers I’ve received in the past when they are given just by themselves. The elements help me to remember how I want to use the papers.(that’s what happens when your gettin’ old). So thank you so much for your generosity….Cynthia S


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