March 1st Scrap Downloads

The Rush Ranch
Eastern Oregon

I think it’s Cabin Fever.  We’ve all got it.  It always presents itself in these months that brush up against spring, refusing to give up the cold, ice and snow until and unless it becomes impossibly bright, sunny, and warm.  And of course it seems so unkind to receive all of the seed catalogs in January, with their colorful photos of lovely flowers and healthy veggies. And my mind is like a complicated roadmap, twisting left, then right.  Do I plant berries, grapes, or roses?  I want to plant them all. Right now.

We have a new resident at the ranch.  A wild cat is now living in the barn.  Not sure where the fella came from, but he is not a tame one.  We leave him hard cat food every morning.  He now shares the barn in a somewhat peaceful truce, with an owl, pheasants, quail, in addition to the original residents – the horses.   The barn is becoming a “Noah’s Ark”.

The weather is the big issue around the country.  My sister in Tennessee is dealing with flooding.  Another sister in Virginia has been without power off and on for days.  I see in the news that California is having unusually heavy rains and flooding.  We have heavy snow and icy roads here in Eastern Oregon.    And my friend Catherine says that the desert is blooming!  She lives just down the road, but took a trip to the Nevada/California border, and the desert is indeed, blooming.  I’m supposed to drive through the mountain pass tomorrow to get to my Doctor’s appointment – just a checkup after my knee surgery.  My husband is convinced that it’s not going to be a problem.   This is how the highway looked yesterday, as truckers waited in line to put on their chains before heading over the pass……..

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

I’m not as optimistic as husband…..I’ll be taking a good book and a thermos of hot chocolate with me.  I pray that everyone is safe and warm today!


Design Team:  Pixelscrapper
Design Theme:  Mardi Gras
Designer:  The Rush Ranch

My downloads are below.  You can find all of the other designer downloads at the Pixelscrapper Forum.  By the way – their designs are more to the specific theme of Mardi Gras, whereas mine is just a general download within the same color palette.
I’ve never been to Mardi Gras, nor do I know much about the New Orleans culture surrounding it, therefore I make no attempt to blunder it.


Download Plaids
Download Elements
Download Watercolor Papers
Download Patterned Papers
Download Solid Papers


Design Team:  Scraptwist Free4All
Design Theme:  Awaken
Designer:  The Rush Ranch

Download Elements
Download Plaids
Download Patterned Papers
Download Watercolor Papers
Download Solids

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Marniejo’s House of Scraps
Songbird Scraps Designs
Dancing Tiger Designs
Nellie Bell
Moore Blessings Digital Designs
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If you participate in the Scraptwist Challenges, you will receive the following mini kits free.  I have three challenges, and three free corresponding kits to send you as a “posting bonus”, for your participation. The theme for this month is Earth Angels, celebrating the First Responders.

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14 thoughts on “March 1st Scrap Downloads

  1. Thank you Sunny.

    Here, we have a beautiful weather.

    The sun is shining but it will not be for a long time because it will run tomorrow.

    I wish you a nice day.





    > Message du 01/03/19 09:04 > De : “Rush Ranch” > A : > Copie à : > Objet : [New post] March 1st Scrap Downloads > >

    Sunny posted: “The Rush Ranch Eastern Oregon I think it’s Cabin Fever.  We’ve all got it.  It always presents itself in these months that brush up against spring, refusing to give up the cold, ice and snow until and unless it becomes impossibly bright, sunny, and warm.”


  2. Hi Sunny, thank you for the beautiful kits. We are having a lot of rain right now. Lots of snow in the Sierras making it a longer than usual trip to Lake Tahoe. Spring will be here before we know it. My hubby did mention the other day he is getting cabin fever, wanting it to warm up and for the sun to shine so he can ride his motorcycle.


  3. Thank you so much for the two Blog Train kits. I love the plaid papers. I live in the Willamette Valley and we have sunshine after a week of off and on power, fallen trees, snow banks along roads that you can’t get through . However the Snow has been beautiful. We were outside one evening while it was snowing. It was like being in a beautiful snow globe! Thank you again!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for your beautiful, generous gifts. All those trucks! After 9-11, we saw a lot of scenes like that when trucks were trying to cross the Ambassador Bridge between Canada and the United States. I hope your wait is much shorter and more pleasant!


  5. Hope your trip over the snowy pass went well. I went over Oregon’s I-84 on a snowy day several years, but didn’t have to deal with all the traffic in your picture. Thanks for all the marvelous kits.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. O what fun you must have with your “Noah’s ark” situation! Glad you are feeling better and hopefully got a good report from the doctor (safely arriving there and back)! You are so right about the weather, here we have Spring weather with high humidity ans soft rain, then wham in a couple of hours we have freezing drizzle with 40 traffic accidents before daylight! Never know in Texas, stick around it will change 2-3 times a day! LOL! Thanks for the Pixel Scrapper kit, as usual so lovely the mixture of colors! Thanks, too, for the awesome Scrap Twist kit as well! You really amaze me with all the lovely creations, the blending is exceptional and love. love, love the plaids and watercolor papers! Thanks so much for your generous heart! Have a marvelous weekend! hugs, Mat


  7. Thank you for the beautiful & very generous kits 🙂 My goodness, I don’t envy you that weather at all!!
    We have just finished a very hot summer, with the top temperature coming a couple of weeks ago of 47deg C. We are now into the first few days of Autumn … I hate the cold weather with a passion, so the next 6 to 8 months will not pass fast enough for me, weatherwise that is ! I would never get out of bed if we had snow weather, lol!!


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