Scrap Designers – Feb 2019

Design Team:  Scrap Designers
Theme: Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Designer:  The Rush Ranch

MorningWhen I wake up in the morning, it is usually still dark outside.  I have one of those minds that wakes me up after just a few hours of sleep.  I usually lay there under my blankets for a bit, gazing out at the shadow of trees beyond my window.  The little chickadees gather there in the branches, waiting for sunrise.  Then they flutter down to the bird feeders on the front porch, enjoying breakfast before their busy day.  It’s our cat’s favorite part of the day, watching the birds eating breakfast.  Mornings are a happy time at the Rush Ranch.

I’m doing great with the knee surgery recovery.  I’ve had a few ups and downs, but that’s normal.  During my first few days in the hospital, I had trouble with the strong painkillers that they were giving me.  I couldn’t keep them down.  I had a visit from our interim Pastor and his wife, and, you guessed it – I needed a barf bag while they were present.  But, what a friends for, eh?  I was very grateful for their prayers, and how they gracefully handled my predicament.  Eventually the surgical team switched my meds to something less intense, but not as effective in controlling the pain – but I was ok with that.  I currently hold the record for the number of barf bags used in a single day at that hospital.

This “downtime” has given me the time to slow down and appreciate the small things, especially my family and friends.  Friends have brought snacks and dinners, sent silly cards, or texted messages of encouragement.  You, the readers of this blog, have sent such wonderful words of inspiration and kindness!  I feel like you and I are friends, too.  Thank you for your thoughts, comments, and prayers.  All of it is a soothing balm, a calming influence, and a precious reminder that we are all linked together by our desire to boldly make a positive impact to our story.  OUR STORY.  Our history.  Our future.  Humbly, I shout out a sincere “Thank you”.

My oldest grandson is 23 years old.  We had a deep conversation yesterday.  The same one you all have with your loved ones.  Our future, and who we become, is defined by our personal choices in life – we are not defined by good or bad parents, wealth or poverty, or our “lot in life”.  You start where you are, and work your way up, and/or out.  You put in the time.  You sharpen your skills.  You apply solid attributes based upon truth and kindness to your decision-making.  You apply yourself now with strength of character in whatever your current endeavor, with the knowledge that it will fill out your life skills so that you move forward with confidence.  The short lesson?  You don’t become a jerk or an alcoholic because your dad was.  You don’t blame others for your lot in life.  Any thoughts about this line of reasoning?

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope…..” Jeremiah 29:11


Over at the Scrap Designer’s group, the theme for this month is “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”.  I hope that you will find something in my mini-kit that will work well for your own designs.  I have been going a little crazy these last few times with the plaid papers.  I can’t seem to stop designing them.  I am using a ” Photoshop action” by designer Elif Sahin.  I hope that you find the plaids go well with my watercolor papers, as I am trying to make “soft” plaids, rather than patterns with very distinct lines.

rr_feb19_girls fun_girlI also tried to design a little girl, but as with my animals, I have not yet developed a specific, consistent style.  I imagine that the more I design them, the more I will eventually “land” on a style that suits me well. I want a style that is uniquely my own, so that when you see my bear, rabbit or child, you will immediately know that it was something that I designed.  Please visit the other designers in the blog role below – I think that you will really enjoy the other contributions.

Download Elements
Download Solid Papers
Download Patterned Papers
Download Watercolor Papers

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Songbird Scrap Designs
Rush Ranch
DigiJen Scraps
Promethean Concepts
Joy’s Creations
Made by Angelhaze
Skinni’z Statz, Scrapz and Stuff
Scrapbookcrazy Creations by Robyn
Lady DG Scrap
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Moore Blessings Digital Design


19 thoughts on “Scrap Designers – Feb 2019

  1. Very happy you are better.

    Thank you for all you do for us.





    > Message du 10/02/19 09:01 > De : “Rush Ranch” > A : > Copie à : > Objet : [New post] Scrap Designers – Feb 2019 > >

    Sunny posted: “Design Team:  Scrap Designers Theme: Girls Just Want to Have Fun Designer:  The Rush Ranch When I wake up in the morning, it is usually still dark outside.  I have one of those minds that wakes me up after just a few hours of sleep.  I usually lay there “

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  2. Doesn’t sound like your knee has slowed you down much. Hope it heals up quickly. Thanks for the fun kit, I’m going to make some cute cards for my daughter. This fits her perfectly. Thank you.

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  3. Thanks so much for your contributions! I’m glad you are doing better after that knee surgery. My mother-in-law is a “barfer” after surgery. Fortunately, I am not, and that’s fine because I hate throwing up! About your conversation with your grandson, I completely agree. Just because we had some disadvantages in terms of parentage or economics doesn’t mean the remainder of our lives are determined by that. We can choose our paths and work towards the goals we set. We might not achieve *everything* we think we want, but as long as we try our best and don’t let ourselves “wallow,” I think we’re good.

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  4. First of all may I say, you DO NOT look old enough to have a 23 year old grandchild! As always your contribution is beautiful. I love the little girl, she is adorable. Thank you for giving us such a nice gift in the midst of your recuperation. Glad they found a drug that suits better. Praying that very soon you won’t need it at all!

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  5. It is great to hear that you are recovering so well. It seems like they have really mastered this surgery and the recovery afterwards! All the BEST to you, always.

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  6. I’m glad your recovery is going well, but sorry you’re so sick! You’ve done a beautiful job once again. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your talents. 🙂


  7. I’m so very happy your recovery is doing so well! Thanks ever so much for these lovely gifts, absolutely adore the soft plaids! Stay positive with the therapy it is worth it in the end! Prayers still going up for you! Hugs, Mat


  8. Question: Does your cat crouch and smack it’s lips with a hopeful heart when watching the birdies every morning? As usual your stories always make me smile. I agree with you on your conversation with your grandson. I have a close friend who’s childhood was loveless and teenage years she she suffered every day until my folks took her in. She is the most productive, kindest, generous and loving person you’d ever want to meet. I have been blessed to be her friend. I’m glad you are doing well and thank you so much for your wonderful kit.


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