Scrapbook Downloads – Dec ’18

Design Group:  Pixelscrapper & Scraptwist
Themes:  Retro Holly, and Thinking of You
Designer:  The Rush Ranch

Laura Ingalls Wilder - She wrote the first books I stayed up late to read. The first books that made me dream with my eyes open.

Reset.  Renew.  Restore.  Revive.  Refresh. Reenergize.  Refill.  All of those things, I am gifting to myself in January.

The days and weeks seem to pass at an incredible speed, especially when we transition into the Holidays.  I don’t participate in “Black Fridays” and “Cyber Mondays”, because – to me – the holidays aren’t about shopping and gifting “things”.  They are about giving and gifting of myself, my time, and most importantly, using and sharing the gifts that the Lord has blessed me with.  Volunteering, crocheting baby blankets for the Women’s Shelter, chemo hats for the hospital’s cancer unit, etc……….I have a desire to fulfill these needs as a part of my own personal “ministry” during the holiday season.

I have opted to take a break from several blogs in January of the new year.  Those blog trains are:
– Pixelscrapper
– Scrapping Your Heart Out
– We Believe

I will pick those back up in February.  I will continue to participate in the January Scraptwist Blog Train, and the Scrap Designer’s Blog Train.

Blog Train Header
The Pixelscrapper Blog Train theme for this month is “Retro Holly Jolly”.  It would have been a perfect opportunity to put together some 50’s and 60’s papers and elements for you, but – I put together what I could.  If you visit the Pixelscrapper Blog Train Forum, you’ll find a wealth of creative kits that reflect this month’s great theme.





Blog Train Header
We have a lot of fun in the Scraptwist Forum every month.  It’s a great place for learning and sharing – and getting free stuff!  This month’s theme is “Thinking of You”, and I had to try my hand at drawing a bear with my shape and warp tools.  I have a lot to learn about forming animals in my photoshop program, but I hope with practice I will improve.  I also tried my hand at designing “flat” elements, like flowers.  Normally I stick with more realistic items, but I liked the creativity that went into designing what my own world of flowers might look like, in the flat style.  Hey, please visit the blog train role for the Scraptwist Designers, at the end of my download links.






No automatic alt text available.Marniejo’s House of Scraps

Nellie Bell
Songbird Scraps Designs
The Brown Owl
Moore Blessings Digital Designs
LEA Art Designs
The Preacher’s Gal
Lady Digiscrap


If you participate in my December challenges over at the Scraptwist Forum, you will receive these free corresponding mini-kits:


And finally, I ask if you have any opinion about writing or receiving Christmas Letters.  Do you write a letter to distant friends and relatives, summarizing the happenings of the year?


25 thoughts on “Scrapbook Downloads – Dec ’18

  1. Thank you so much for your products they are beautiful… The elements tag is not working in this email for Pixelscrapper



  2. Sunny the Retro Holly Jolly papers are absolutely gorgeous! The whole kit is beautiful, but I really love the papers! The bears in Thinking of You are adorable. I think you did a great job! Thank you so much for your lovely, and beautiful, contributions.
    I can’t wait for the challenges this month, your challenge kits are awesome. Once I get my laptop set up I’m getting started!
    Enjoy your partial break, and we’ll see you in February!


  3. Oh my goodness Sunny – these are super spectacular this month! I especially love the papers and poinsettias. Hope you have blessed holidays with your family and friends. Hope you enjoy your month “off”. You certainly deserve it.


  4. Your contributions to the blog trains are absolutely beautiful! Your drawings are terrific!! You do such a great job; I can hardly draw on paper – let alone trying to do it on a computer!! Thanks goodness for creative & talented designers like you who share their creations!! Enjoy your “break” … have a beautiful & blessed holiday! Thank you, Sunny!!


  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love the blog trains! Both are lovely and are so very much appreciated! Yes, I write a Christmas letter summarizing the year to friends that I only have contact with at this time of the year and enjoy reading theirs. Writing letters is a lost art nowadays, but when I was stationed in Turkey far away from home, I wrote one almost daily and received them as well, but that was back in the sixties…LOL! Thanks for all my lovely treasures I just downloaded. Have a wonderful week ahead! hugs, Mat


    • It was not working on the first day it was posted, but it has since been refreshed – Could you please try again and let me know how it goes? I have refreshed the link, and it downloads fine for me and a tester – I apologize for the inconvenience to you. Thank you for speaking up. 🙂


  6. Thank you for your wonderful sets. I write letters with my Christmas cards and also birthday cards I post. Although the number I actually post are very few.


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