Scrapping Your Heart Out – Nov ’18

Design Team:  Scrappin Your Heart Out
Theme:  Book of Dreams
Designer:  The Rush Ranch

Gathering memories, gathering friends. In such intense pain, an eternity is born.  He lives on, carried within the strong and protective arms of angels to once again walk  whole and complete, in paradise. I am convinced of it. God’s perfect plan, to welcome the faithful into eternity.   Not just forever, but for EVER.

The funeral for my Brother-in-law was rather nice.   It was short and sweet, just how he would have wanted it.  The morning after we sat with our adult children at the hotel’s restaurant and tried to enjoy the last few moments with each other, before we had to leave for separate destinations.  North, south, east, west, we had all distant directions covered.  But for a moment in time, we were once again gathered around the kitchen table, timeless, as a precious family.   I love those kids so………


The Scrapping Your Heart Out theme is “Book of Dreams”, and we were tasked with picking out a favorite book and designing with the book in mind – Well, I blew it.  I tried to pick the most favorite of all books (Besides the bible) and I think that I lost my mind trying to decide!  The Dr. Seuss books from childhood?  Treasure Island?  Little House on the Prairie books from my youth?  Jayne Eyre, Rebecca or Pride & Prejudice from my teens?  Or a few favorites from adulthood?  No.  I’m only human.  I can’t make decisions like that.  I would choose a title, and then the very next day wonder why I chose this book over that book.  So to be fair to all of my favorites, I don’t choose.  Therefore, my designs this month are rather general in nature.  In fact, my “patterned” papers aren’t really patterned at all, just some Bokeh splats of light across their width.  I apologize in advance for my weirdness.

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12 thoughts on “Scrapping Your Heart Out – Nov ’18

  1. So happy the service went so well and you were gathered at the table once again! Enjoy all those special moments as they can not be recreated! Thanks ever so much for your lovely gifts, I love them as usual they are so unique and so very useful for all occasions! God Bless you and yours on Thanksgiving and every day! Hugs, Mat


  2. Thank you so much Sunny for your wonderful designs!! I just love everything you do!! I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday!! God Bless


  3. I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. I’ve experienced the loss of family, too, and it can be SO difficult. My dad died in January 2001, my nephew in January 2011, and my brother in September 2014. Each was difficult and somber and yet at times uplifting. Hugs to you and yours! And, of course, thanks for the wonderful kit!


  4. Oh how I understand…how can you choose. I love books but realized I could never read everything I want to read so I decided to just read books from 12 of my favorite authors…ha…I ended up with 35 but at least I whittled it down a lot. I’ve always dreamt of having a room with all the walls filled with my books and a rolling ladder to access them. I guess I dream big. Thank you so much for your wonderful kit …Cynthia


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