Scrap Designers Blog Train – October ’18

Design Team: Scrap Designers
Designer:  The Rush Ranch
Theme:  Popcorn & Movies

I received a phone call yesterday from one of our church members.  She was calling to start a prayer chain on behalf of another member.  Their beloved grandson had committed suicide.  Another young person, lost to the darkness.

I don’t know.  I don’t know why, but I know it’s a darkness that must cause great pain and suffering.  It is a darkness that sucks the life out of our young people, destroying all vestiges of hope and reason.  And I don’t know the solution.  Darkness pours into the cracks of their broken vessels, and shatters all that remains.

But I know two things – yesterday a young man LOST his life.  And yesterday at the hospital, I held the door open for an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair,  headed to chemotherapy as he tried everything imaginable – and unimaginable – to EXTEND his life.

So – let’s keep working at it, you and I.  Let’s keep trying to make a difference with a kind word, or a kind action toward others.  You never know if it is the one spark of light in their heavy world of darkness.  Ensure people around you feel valued and engaged.  LISTEN with your heart and see their needs with clear eyes.  Are you disengaged with siblings, parents or children?  Be the change.  Step up and reconnect.  Forgive.  Forget.  Be the light.  Start today.  Be Awesome!

Blog Train Header
The theme for our monthly blog train is Movies and Popcorn.  I love movies.  I love going to the theatre, getting a bag of popcorn and a cherry coke, and holding hands with my hubby.  It’s our way to continue “dating”, and being sweethearts.

Here is the color palette:
Movie & Popcorn HEX

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Songbird Scraps Designs


Joy’s Creations

DigiScrap Angelhaze

Skinni’s Scraps and Stuff


Nellie Bell

DigiJen Scraps

Promethean Concepts

Moore Blessings Digital Design


23 thoughts on “Scrap Designers Blog Train – October ’18

  1. thank you for these new wonderfull kit.I really love your work ..but ..I think you forgot to give the links to the others designer of the blog train…but it’s no problem for me because I go to the kit “farm and fair” to find them


  2. Another fabulous kit, Sunny, thank you.
    So sorry to hear of the loss of another young person. This seems to be all too prevalent these days – and not even among the young. Sometimes it’s so hard to see. I lost my brother to depression 11 years ago, and none of us knew, or saw the signs – not even his closest friends. That’s why your statement about ensuring people feel valued and engaged is so important. You never know when someone desperately needs that!


  3. This is so sad about another young person.I pray for him and his family.Thank you so much for the beautiful kit once again. Bless you Sunny.I love your name.


  4. Movies are so much fun! My hubby and I used to go to the matinee in The Dalles when he worked at Goldendale Aluminum. Good times… Thanks.


  5. Thank you so much for the kit! I am so sorry for your friend’s loss. My nephew Jake committed suicide in January 2011. Fortunately, he was found early enough that his organs were donated to several people in need. My brother and his other children really struggled with Jake’s actions. Sadly, the world loses too many young, vibrant people to the despair that leads to suicide. Hugs & prayers.


  6. Thanks again Sunny, this is a marvelous gift! So sorry about your friend’s loss! Suicide is always so tragic! Sending prayers for healing and understanding that only HE can provide! Have a great weekend, I’m very thankful my family survived Hurricane Michael with only property damage and having to deal with no electricity and/or phones!


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