Digital Downloads – Oct ’18

Design Teams:  Pixelscrapper & ScraptwistFree4All
Designer:  The Rush Ranch
Location:  Eastern Oregon

Rockaway Beach, Oregon.  It was delightful, peaceful, renewing.    I wish that I could properly convey to you the beauty of it all.  OF. IT. ALL!  The way the sun sinks into the sea, and the night sky fills with stars.  Seagulls soaring high, then crashing with all speed into the sea to capture fish.  Colorful kites dancing on the wind.  I wish I could describe the cadence of the surf, and the way the waves spill out upon the shore.  Or the way the scent of the sea breeze fills you up, clears your mind and refreshes your soul.  Perhaps this picture is worth a thousand words…..  Photo taken with a Samsung phone.


Blog Train Header

The theme for the Pixelscrapper Blog Train is “I Dig It”.  It was in response to a few folks wanting dinosaur themed items that would work for children.  I was quite at a loss, as I don’t do well drawing animals.  I thought perhaps that I would take this theme in another direction, and focus on gardening – but I’ve done that already this year.  And so I forced myself to play around with my shapes and warp tools, and actually put together a few dinosaurs that aren’t too bad!  I was like a little kid when I was done, wanting to hang my dinosaur pictures on the kitchen refrigerator.  Anyway, I hope that you can find something in this kit to add to your stash, even if the dinosaurs don’t fit your needs.  (Next month I am making Owls!)
rr_oct18_dig it_dino 2.png

Please visit the Blog Train list at Pixelscrapper, for all of the other designer kits.  My items are Commercial Use Allowed, in exchange for a Random Act of Kindness to a stranger.


Blog Train Header

The theme over at the ScraptwistFree4All group was a general “Character’s Theme Party”, and  we were to choose a particular character and make a kit that could be used for a child’s birthday party, including printables.  It was a great idea, but one that really challenged me.  So I only have a few printables, and the rest – well – it is what it is.  I chose Holly Hobbie as my child’s theme.

Please visit the blog role list below my downloads, for additional character kits!



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30 thoughts on “Digital Downloads – Oct ’18

  1. I love the Holly Hobby theme. When our daughter was growing up, I used it as a theme in her room and also made some 3D pictures using wrapping paper images. Thank you for this set. I can’t wait to make a special card for our daughter using these images. I always appreciate your special touches that you add to your sets. God bless.

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  2. What a gorgeous picture Sunny! I can just imagine the awesome feeling of being there in the moment! The dinos are so cute, I love them. And the Holly Hobby is so pretty. I remember I had a Holly Hobby lunch box in Grade 2 … it looked kind of like a tall hat box and I loved it because it was so different from those plastic rectangular Thermos lunchboxes that everyone had back in those days!

    Thank you Sunny, I always love your designs!


  3. I love both kits, but I have to say, the Holly Hobbie kit brings back memories. My sister and I had Holly Hobbie wallpaper in our bedroom when we were little! I’ll have to ask my parents if they have any pictures from back then to use with this kit.


  4. Many thanks, Sunny, for your beautiful gifts. And how great that this train got you so far in drawing, it sure don’t like your first attempt. You must be a natural 🙂

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  5. Good Morning Sunny,

    As usual, you make my day with these free offerings! Your work is so classy, fun and full of wonderful surprises! I adore your watercolors and the quilt papers look very interesting! Thanks again for sharing your talent with us! Have a terrific October! Hugs, Mat


  6. What a gorgeous sunset picture! I have missed our yearly visit to the Oregon Coast this year. We just had so much other stuff going on that we had to skip it. Hubby would like to go during storm season, so we might try to make that happen yet this fall/winter. Thanks so much for your gifts!


  7. Thank you so much. I loved your dinosaurs. Even more I loved the pic of the coast. You described in words all that I feel when ever I get to sit and watch the ocean on an Oregon beach.


  8. thank you so much for all your goodies
    I actually still have a Holly Hobbie Christmas ornament that we put on our tree each year with others from my childhood, guess what i’ll need to make sure to take a photo of this year

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  9. Thank you so much! I love both your kits and themes. You always create such beauty and character in your kits. Your dinos are so cute, I love that you tried and didn´t give up – and you truly succeeded! Thanks again!


  10. Your dinosaurs are wonderful! I’m so glad you tried! As always your work is just great and makes me so happy. And your generosity is above and beyond. I’m glad you are part of the digiscrapping universe. I’m always happy to see your name on a list of a BH.


  11. I haven’t thought of Holly Hobby in years — what a beautiful collection you’ve created around that theme! Thanks so much for sharing your time & talent!


  12. Your kit is absolutely adorable !!!!! I would say you “Nailed It”. Thank you for going out of your comfort zone for us. We appreciate your kindness, generosity, and talent.


  13. I don’t know if you’ll see this since it is sooooo long after you made these kits, but I must thank you anyway!! I just discovered your work, and I love it! Thank you for sharing your talents! I had a Holly Hobby room as a child. My mom made curtains and a bedspread for me. She also made a HH latch hook rug that I still have. Thanks againg!


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