Scrapping Your Heart Out – Aug ’18

Design Team:  Scrapping Your Heart Out
Theme:  Enchanted Forest
Date: August 20th, 2018

This month I am 67 years old.  And, it is never too late, even after 50 years, to say “Thank You” for a kindness.  And sometimes, I think that God plans it all out that way.  Let me explain.

Brenda and I were in High School together.  We lived in the same area outside of a small town, so we rode the same school bus every day.  We just clicked – two geeky wallflowers.  We were both very tall for our age, and skinny.  She had the bluest eyes, and hair that had never been cut.  My family situation was pretty rough, so Brenda’s home was a welcome refuge for me.  I loved walking through her family’s apple orchard together as we shared hopes and dreams for the future. The scent of a thousand apple blossoms, the buzz of busy bees, the promise of a fruitful harvest in the fall…. I can still hear her laughter ringing across the canyon of the Columbia River……She was full of light, for no other reason than her open, loving heart.

Brenda died from a brain tumor a few years after high school.  Always ever brave and positive, she touched so many lives in such awesome ways and in a short amount of time – but that seems to be the way of it, with God’s special people.  His angels move in and out of our lives, leaving such indelible, precious memories.  For me, life happened.  I moved away from the town and never stayed in touch with her family.

Two years ago, my adult Sunday school teacher asked us if we had ever thanked the person that had encouraged us to make the commitment to be a Christian.  I thought about all those years ago with Brenda, and how her family always welcomed me to attend church with them on Sundays.  In fact, they bought me my first bible.  So I wondered, after all these years, would Brenda’s parents still be living? After a bit of Internet web search, I found Brenda’s mother, still the active and loving person at 93 that she was in my youth.  I sent her a letter, thanking her for her guidance and affection all those years ago.  And to my delight and many blessings, we now have a regular snail-mail correspondence.  In fact, if she doesn’t hear from me on a regular basis, she calls my husband to check up on me. She still provides love and guidance through her letters.  She is a widow now, so I do try to mail her every few weeks.  It is a great privilege.  I feel that God prepared both of us for this loving connection, all those 50 years ago.

So, I encourage you to reach out to those adults that had a positive impact on your youth.  A teacher, a neighbor, a friend – Make their day.  Show them that their investment of time and energy many years ago, was appreciated and made a difference – and that you will do/have done likewise to pass it on to the next generation.

This month’s Blog Train for the Scrapping Your Heart Out Team of designers is “Enchanted Forest.”  The other designer’s work is really awesome for this theme, but I really couldn’t find my groove.  I’ve thrown in a few of my brooch extractions, but as usual, the images could be much sharper than they are – but they are just scans from various jewelry catalogs.  I hope that you can find something in my pack that you can use.

Please visit the designers in the blog train role – they have worked hard to bring you some very creative work. Please remember that some are in different time zones, so their downloads may not be available today, so come back and check it out tomorrow!  The list is below.





20 thoughts on “Scrapping Your Heart Out – Aug ’18

  1. Thank you for this beautiful kit.

    You re a marvelous person.

    Thank you for all that you do.





    > Message du 20/08/18 09:05 > De : “Rush Ranch” > A : > Copie à : > Objet : [New post] Scrapping Your Heart Out – Aug ’18 > >

    Sunny posted: “Design Team:  Scrapping Your Heart Out Theme:  Enchanted Forest Date: August 20th, 2018 This month I am 67 years old.  And, it is never too late, even after 50 years, to say “Thank You” for a kindness.  And sometimes, I think that God plans it all out th”

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  2. Thanks Sunny for your words, they are a beautiful gift as the works that you give in your blog, they always make me reflect and, above all, thank, thank everything we have, instead of just being aware of what we want to achieve. Happy birthday and God bless you!

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  3. What a lovely story, what a blessing you are to each other, your work looks lovely as usual, I am sure there is plenty there to bring joy for everyone. I am typing this on my phone so I will download later. Sometimes things I scan just won’t sharpen, must be something to do with the original resolution.

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  4. Best wishes for a wonderful birthday 🙂 Your blog is always an inspiration .. I always feel enriched after reading your posts, so thank you! Thanks too for the lovely contribution to SYHO BT 🙂

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  5. What an inspirational post. I have always said, You never know the impact you have on someone along the journey of life. Even the smallest kindness or encouragement can have a monumental impact. Thank you for sharing your story, and for the beautiful kit.

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  6. I love reading your blog – so edifying and uplifting. Thank you for sharing your life and stories with us. Opening your posts is rather like sitting down with an old friend for a chat. Thank you also for freely sharing the beauties you make.

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  7. I just found your beautiful blog. You are an amazing lady. Thank you so very much for sharing . You are one of the best . I love reading everything you write. All is so well written and interesting. Bless you.

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  8. Happy Birthday! You’re the same age as one of my brothers. Sadly, he passed away from cancer four years ago this September. We miss him in the family, a lot! Thanks also for your contributions to the blog train. And for the reminder to thank the people in our lives! I often think about my former leaders in Young Women (for the 12-18 year old girls), and my Primary (3-11) teachers as well. I’ve kept in contact with some of them, but a few have passed away by now and I wish I had gotten back in touch with them before they passed.

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  9. Sunny, your Enchanted Forest is charming and delights my soul. So no saying you do not have your groove!! I love everything you create! I was just thinking about this topic of people who influenced my life a month ago. And now that I’m 62, they are mostly gone. Hmmm, must be “older” minds think alike!!
    Thank you!

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  10. Thanks a lot Sunny for these lovely gifts, I am soooooooo very far behind in downloading, I took a spill and with being a little older now (71) it takes a little longer to recuperate and get back into the swing of things! These are lovely as can be and I surely appreciate your sharing! Be blessed and belated Happy Birthday to ya! Hugs, Mat

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