We Believe Blog Train – Aug ’18

Theme:  Trees of the Forest
Location:  Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon
Wx:  Hot, smokey

Yes, Portland has a chicken beauty contest.  The quirkiness of Oregonians is on full display at the annual Lents Fair, where the winning beauty is chosen by popular vote.  I love the “Silkies”, and the “Frizzles” chickens, but frankly, they all make me smile.  There was even a sweet blind chicken that competed last year – she was a plump black beauty that made sweet and low clucking sounds when she came up to you.  I must have had an awesome experience with chickens when I was young, because every time I see our neighbor’s free-range chickens, they just make me feel good.  I smile or laugh as they scamper along looking for bugs or grain.  I can’t say the same of the one neighbor down the road – she is not too fond of the chickens crossing the road and searching her manicured lawn for worms and bugs.  First she would turn on the sprinklers every time the chickens would come over, but she soon found out that the chickens loved the cool water during these hot August days.  She changed her tactics.  Just last week she was seen scooting the chickens back across the road with a broom.  It appears that this week the chickens are now grounded, and are no longer free range.  They are in an enclosed yard now, so I shall miss them very much as I walk by their former gathering spots. I don’t raise chickens, but I would love to do so.  Unfortunately, my daughter has a dog that would go after the poor ladies, and I couldn’t bear to have them in jeopardy.

And speaking of chickens, have you seen the chickens wearing sweaters?  Yes, apparently it is a “Thing”, for chickens in a cooler climate.  Very fashionable, these ladies…….
Here below is my contribution to this month’s We Believe Blog Train, with the theme of “Trees of the Forest”.  The color palette was a mixture of mauves and greens, which, to me, set an atmosphere of peaceful, cool serenity.  I included the same Vatican Cross that I had provided you in last month’s kit, because some folks didn’t see the separate link for the cross.  (The emerald and diamond one).


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Here is a sneak peek of all the designer contributions to this month’s blog train:
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16 thoughts on “We Believe Blog Train – Aug ’18

  1. Merci beaucoup.

    Bonne journée.





    > Message du 15/08/18 09:05 > De : “Rush Ranch” > A : mc.viougeas@orange.fr > Copie à : > Objet : [New post] We Believe Blog Train – Aug ’18 > >WordPress.com

    Sunny posted: “Theme:  Trees of the Forest Location:  Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon Wx:  Hot, smokey Yes, Portland has a chicken beauty contest.  The quirkiness of Oregonians is on full display at the annual Lents Fair, where the winning beauty is chosen by popular vote. “

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  2. Thank you for the free kit. Love that they have a Chicken Beauty Contest in Lent. I watched the video and agree that the Silikies and Frizzles are the best. The Frizzles look like they are ready for a night on the town! I really like to hear about towns different quirky shows and contest. Our town has Dachshund races every year in September during our Oktober Fest. People come from far away to compete.

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  3. I would love the Dachshund races, but I fear that I would just want to stick them all in my pockets and cuddle them all. I had a dachshund (that was truly a comfort animal) and he lived a long and spoiled life, but passed away.


  4. Thanks so much for your contributions! As always, I love reading about your life. I’ve never really wanted chickens, though. They freak me out a little. Maybe I had a bad experience with them once. My aunt Leona lived on a dairy farm, and I’m pretty sure she had chickens. Perhaps I was pecked once too often?

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  5. Your work is stunning as always – thank you for that! How fitting to read your blog on chickens today. Our local county fair begins today and the chickens are always tops on my list to see. I am always amazed by the variety. Growing up we had chickens. When my parents first brought them home, the roosters were mean as heck. I quickly figured out I could tame them by offering cat food. LOL

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  6. Love your story about the chickens … I’m wondering how that person was able to get the sweater on one! Thanks so sharing your contribution to the blog train — it is beautiful!!

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