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Location:  Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon
Wx: Summer (85F)
Listening to: Purring cat

The smoke from distant forest fires fills our skies here in Eastern Oregon.  The Substation Fire was a difficult one for firefighters to control.  Fields of wheat fed the fury.  Wheat, dry and ready for harvest, was no match for the flames.  Farmers lost their crops, their homes, their farming equipment. One kind gentleman died – he was trying to save the neighbors crops because that’s what neighbors do for each other.  It’s hard to see these multi-generational farmers standing there watching the wall of flames take their world and turn it into smoking ash.  And although most had insurance, insurance never covers the financial part of losing it all.  The emotional toll is heartbreaking.  There are weather tragedies happening all over the world, so let’s keep them all in my thoughts and prayers.

The last few weeks of July were difficult for my precious husband – His  “Most Bestest” buddy passed away on July 15th, after a difficult struggle with cancer.  The friend was a good man, with a good and kind heart.  He will be missed greatly. I am making sure to be EXTRA kind and gentle to my husband this week, as he adjusts. Sometimes, the only thing you can do is just sit quietly and hold their hands………

I love to work on my family’s Genealogy.  I find interesting stories or blank holes that interest me.  For example, this week I found out that the first black man to ever hold the Priesthood in the Mormon Church, Elijah Able, born in 1810, was a distant ancestor.  We descend from the same set of Grandparents (x6). I descend from the son of these GGGGGG-Parents, and he descends from the daughter.  The daughter married and had a son named Andrew Curtis.  They had a son named Andrew Curtis, Jr.  THAT son is Elijah’s father.  Apparently, he impregnated a servant named Delilah and was promptly sent off to join the Army at the age of 18.  Military records indicate that Andrew deserted the military shortly thereafter.   What a scallywag!  Anyway, the family’s records indicate that Andrew died at the tender age of 18 – but…….. I think that Andrew deserted the Army, and never returned home!  I believe that he knew that he would disgrace his family further by coming home a deserter – so he set out to establish a new life for himself in a distant area.  I wonder if Andrew ever regretted leaving his family, or if he knew that Elijah had attained a priesthood……Just supposition on my part.  I don’t belong to the Mormon church, but my sister does, so she was interested to hear the latest.  I had my DNA tested several years ago, and it has been an interesting source of connections!

I have two blog trains and two other kits for you this week,  The first one is for the Pixelscrapper Blog Train, and the theme is “Kids Ahead”.  Please visit the Pixelscrapper Blog Train Forum for access to all the offerings in the train.

Blog Train Header


I also participated in the Pixelscrapper Designer Challenge “Brought to you by the Letter M” – a Masculine themed kit. I enjoyed learning how to make marbled papers, so I was happy with the papers that I made – I can’t always say that because there are times that I just don’t come up with papers that I am satisfied with enough to post!  I have posted this kit link before at the Scraptwist Freebies Facebook Page, but just in case you missed it, here it is:


Download Elements
Download Papers

Blog Train Header
The Theme for August for the Scraptwist Free4All Blog Train is “Garden of Your Mind”.  I had so much fun making the seed saver packets for you!  I checked to ensure that the images from Beatrix Potter were in the public domain.  And, as usual, I couldn’t help throw in a few pieces of jewelry images, too!  There is just something elegant about a jewelry piece when you place it with a cluster.

Please visit the blog role below.  The designers work hard to bring you their best designs, so show them some love, please.


Dancing Tiger Designs
Nellie Bell
Songbird Scraps Designs
Marniejo’s House of Scraps
The Brown Owl
LEA Art Designs
Lady DGScraps

I am also the “Designer Of The Month” over at Scraptwist Free4All, and I have a free kit for you to download:












Download Elements
Download Patterned Papers
Download Solid Papers
Download Watercolors


16 thoughts on “August Blog Trains

  1. Such wonderful kits Sonny! How in the world did you manage to get all of this done??!!

    Sunny I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your husband’s friend. Sending love and prayers.
    My sister lives in Redding, CA, and was just allowed back home after being evacuated because of the fires. They are lucky to have an RV so they were able to set up at my brother-in-law’s parents’ place a few hours away. We also have a forest fire situation in Northern Ontario right now and a coworker had to evacuate from her cottage while on vacation. This cottage has been in her husband’s family for generations and they’re basically just waiting to “watch” it go up in flames as the fire creeps closer. Firefighters from across Canada are helping out, and tragically there are few who have died. There are currently travel restrictions on the main highway arteries that connect Northern and Southern Ontario, and if it continues to grow there will be no way to travel by land. Here in Southern Ontario the fire ban has finally been lifted, but the drought in the north continues.

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  2. My Sunny, I don’t know how you do it, every time you offer us such wonderful freebies. Thank you for all you hard work. The fires have indeed been terrible, they are still burning about 17 miles from our home.
    As far as I am aware there is is no danger to livestock or homes. I feel so sorry for those who have lost homes and crops. I just applied to join Scraptwistfree4ll.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 17 miles?!? The fire is only 17 miles from your home?! That would be very stressful for me, and I imagine it is for you, too. Be well, my friend. May you always be safe….Check in with me and let me know how you are doing as things progress.


  3. Well, WordPress ate my comment! First, I’m so sorry about your husband’s friend. Cancer is a cruel and awful beast. (My older brother, Craig, died in September 2014 from lung cancer. He smoked from high school (late 60s) through Vietnam and through his adult life.) Hugs & prayers for your husband and you.

    Thanks, as always, for the gorgeous contributions! I admire your talent and wish I could design!

    Loved your family history story about Elijah Able and his father! I’m LDS (Mormon) and love family history. That’s my current “calling” (job, sort of) at church, and I love it. I’ve been taking online family history courses from Brigham Young University-Idaho for several years, and earned my certificate in Family History Research a while ago. I’ve been working toward an AA but am taking a short break. I’ve been focusing on various geographic research areas, with the British Isles and U.S. regional research being my focus lately. If you’ve ever got a missing/lost/hiding ancestor and need help, give me a yell! I love mysteries, which is probably why I love genealogy so much. It’s a puzzle waiting to be put together!

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    • So cool, your Family History Training! I’ll have to look into that. I have a few other interesting momon connections of pioneers that went to Utah by wagon train. Genealogy is really fascinating to me.

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  4. Sunny, as usual, you have given us some gorgeous kits. I am going to track them all down to put in my “Sunny Stash.” Yes, a folder of just your kits and pieces. Yours are also in the folders on my external hard drive with the rest of the trains and challenges, but the “Sunny Stash” is on my desktop for me to look through for encouragement and enjoyment whenever I need something beautiful and kind. You are such a blessing in my life!

    My prayers are lifted up for your sweet husband as he grieves the loss of his friend. For you, as well, as you hold his hand (and his heart) in yours. For some losses, there are no words…

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  5. im so sorry to hear the fires have ruined the farmers’ harvest
    here too our farmers are in dire straites too
    thank you for all that you ahve sent, so very much appreciated
    love marfbum/joy

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  6. As usual, beautiful work and I am so happy you are so generous in sharing! Sorry to hear of the losses in the fires (so devastating to watch and unable to do anything) as well as your hubby’s loss of his bestest friend. I, too, enjoy genealogy so very much! Especially finding those proverbial “needles in the haystacks”! We are suffering from triple digit temperatures as well as high humidity and no rain, but then it is August in Texas…LOL! Thanks so very much for all the lovely treats! Have a wonderful month ahead!

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