March ’18 Challenges

Peaceful In My Soul
Location:  Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon
Wx:  Snow/rain
Listening to:  Soundscapes

The rains of the season splash against my windows.  The crockpot simmers with the inviting scents of homemade stew.  Today it is peaceful in my soul. It reminds me of the lyrics of  “Peace in My Soul”,  by Jermaine Edwards:

“There’s a peace in my soul when I’m with You
There’s a peace in my soul when my spirit is in tune
You’re my Master and I’m not a slave to sin anymore
There’s a peace running deep in my soul. 

In Your will, that’s my strength when I’m with You
Just can’t stop getting closer to You
When my mind now renewed and conformed to the image of You
There’s a peace running deep in my soul.

My spirit bears witness that I’m a child of a King
And I’m sorry I just can’t walk the way I used to
Say the things I used to do I just can’t do them no more
There’s a peace running deep from my soul.”

At the Rush Ranch, things march forward in March.  Moving the clocks forward (I hate that).  Changing vehicle snow tires to summer tires.  Cleaning out flower beds, and trimming trees.  Cleaning out the horse barn, and repairing the fencing line.  The usual.  New birds show up every day with the promise of spring.  Red-winged blackbirds and Kittyhawks have arrived just this week.  It will be another month before I begin looking for hummingbirds. I wait, some days with my nose pressed against the windowpane, for spring.  Glorious SPRING!

I have two downloads for you today.  Both were Designer Challenges at Pixelscrapper.  One theme was on birds, and the other was on “The Letter J”.

I don’t draw birds well, so I just used antique bird paintings to make journal cards with – and then I did make one bird with a swirly tail and carrying a beaded chain. Sort of a whimsical peep.  The journal cards are 3inX4in. You can see and download the other designer kits here.

The “Letter J” challenge required several things, such as jade, something jagged, something joyful, jewelry, etc.  It was a rather enjoyable challenge.   You can see and download the other designer kits here.

As always, these are free to download and are CU for CU friendly.  Use as you wish, and in return, please do a kindness for another.



Thank you for visiting my humble blog, and I look forward to providing you with another Blog Train kit on April 1st!







March ’18 Blog Train

Love Knows No Borders
Location:  Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon
Wx:  Snow, Cold

Parkland, Florida.  It is difficult to see any wisdom in current events.  Yes, difficult to see how we can glue all the broken pieces back together again.  I’m not talking about politics, democrat or republican.  I’m talking about human values.  Our nation’s heart for each other.  At the very least, I wish that we lived in a world where all children are safe, healthy, fed, clothed, educated and nurtured. My husband is a direct descendent of Dr. Benjamin Rush, one of the signers of the United States Declaration of Independence. I wonder what the signers would think today – have we been good stewards of their hopes and dreams?

So, I focus.  I focus on local things.  Making a difference in my church, neighborhood, in my hometown.  It’s hard to see how letting someone else go in front of me in line at the grocery store can make any ripple of goodness throughout the state, country, world – but I keep on believing it is so – I keep on keeping on.  It is because I know the ending to this story – I do!  I know how it all ends.  They lived happily ever after.  It’s true.  I quote the Message bible:  I Colossians 1:18-20

“He was supreme in the beginning and – leading the resurrection parade – he is supreme in the end.  From beginning to end he’s there, towering far above everything.  Everyone.  So spacious is he, so roomy, that everything of God finds its proper place in him without crowding.  Not only that, but all the broken and dislocated pieces of the universe – people and things, animals and atoms – get properly fixed and fit together in vibrant harmonies, all because of his death, his blood that poured down from the cross.”

Keep the faith.

Although the title of this month’s Blog Train was “Love Knows no Borders“, I misread it to be “Bounds“.  It means the same in the long run, but I wanted you to know of the title difference.

“Love knows no reason, no boundaries, no distance. It has a sole intention of bring people together to a time called forever.” (unknown author)

As always, my designs are free to use however you wish, including for commercial use.  All I ask in return is that you pass along a kindness to another.  You can find all the other designer’s blog hop kits at Pixelscrapper.

Two paper previews, but both are in one download:
Papers Download


Journal Cards Download

Two Elements previews, but both are in one download:
Elements Download

Below is a special challenge that I did for Pixelscrapper Designer Forum,  designing clusters for Spring.  You can download my clusters here.


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Thank you for your kind words over the past year.  Together, we can make a difference.  May you be blessed beyond measure.