Free Downloads – February 2018

Black, White and Read All Over
Location:  Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon
Wx:  51F, cloudy

Spring is in the distance but has not yet visited our valley.  The coat of many colors in the valley floor is a reflection of remnants from a tired winter.  Colors of emerald and chartreuse are trying their best to weave their way through the dark, brown earth.   I love how the valley changes with the seasons.
grande_ronde_beamsLife around the ranch is as busy as ever.  I have asked my husband to plan a few getaways for us this spring and summer.  I need to see the sea.  I need to close my eyes and hear (and feel) the sound of the surf and seagulls.  I need to feel the breeze against my face, and the sand beneath my feet.  I need to let it all in, and let it blow away the dust and dull of winter greys.
Related image
I am all at once focused and then again wandering amidst thoughts of where I need to be in this world, and what I need to be doing.  My dear husband and I have been talking to the local Food Bank, as we consider our volunteering options. I must take into consideration my ability to handle the emotional aspect of dealing with people that find themselves in stressful situations – I tend to be too overly emotional about children in sad situations, and know that my heart would break at every story. Tears will fall down my face and dry there, time and again.  But perhaps that is what we need, what is human about us, to feel another’s broken heart and reach out with compassion and respect.  Perhaps we are meant to have our hearts broken daily, to encourage each other, to be the light for one another.  I have no answers, I simply move through each day and hope that I am getting at least 10% of my actions right.

I participated in two small challenges at Pixelscrapper.  The first one was to design 3 items for commercial use, using a Mardi Gras theme.  The second was called “Black, White and Read All Over”, and challenged us to use newsprint in our designs.  We were to use a limited number of colors, mainly black, white and green, with another color of our choice – I chose red.  Then we could use a neutral color to round it out.  Well, you know me and color; I never seem to get it right.  So, I simply offer my results and hopefully you can find something that you can use.


Download Mardi Gras


Download Papers


Download Elements

I most likely will not have another download until the Blog Train on March 1st.  Sign up for email alerts if you wish to be notified of a download.

Have a great February,


19 thoughts on “Free Downloads – February 2018

  1. The Mardi Gras kit is sweet. The Black, White, and Red all over is fantastic. The papers are absolutely gorgeous. I think your compilation is fantastic and can’t wait to use it. Beautiful job lady. Thank you. Amy

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Sunny!

    You, as always did a wonderful job. The colors are fantastic!

    I too, would love to close my eyes and hear the water and seagulls with sand under my feet. Praying this will become reality for you soon.

    My mom volunteers at a food bank every Saturday, completely understand how you would feel!

    Have a Blessed day & thank you, so much for all your sharing! 😉



  3. OMGoodness. you never fail to massively impress!! I am in love with the papers!! I hope you are doing well and agree that we must be there to help one another through the tough times. I wish you much luck on your adventures!

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  4. Wow!! What gorgeous papers in the Black, white & read kit. I don’t normally like using newsprint but these are beautiful and I can see myself using them. Thank you for sharing these two kits, the Mardi gras one is also lovely. Have a nice day.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I always love your work but I also love your two photos!! How beautiful!! Take care and thanks so much for the gift!


  6. I find them all three kits very nice, but the papers still have my preference. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
    Beautiful pictures of the valley!


  7. Those papers are gorgeous, thank you so much Sunny. Love the colours in the Mardi Gras elements too. The weather has been very wintery with rain mixed with snow and bitter winds. You can certainly feel the sun’s warmth through glass though. Spring will soon be here x


  8. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us – I really REALLY love your work, the elements especially are much more creative and well done than just the typical flowers, buttons and ribbons. We won’t see Spring here where I live for a few more months but even a winter visit to the beach brings my soul peace. Enjoy your trips!

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  9. Sunny, I look so forward to your coments each time you post. They sooo touch my heart. I have never met you, but feel our hearts are sisters. Your contributed art is just beautiful. Thanks for being so generous to share.

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  10. Thank you so much for sharing your gift in designing and your heart with us! I love all of your contributions. I also love your Lord!


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