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Black, White and Read All Over
Location:  Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon
Wx:  51F, cloudy

Spring is in the distance but has not yet visited our valley.  The coat of many colors in the valley floor is a reflection of remnants from a tired winter.  Colors of emerald and chartreuse are trying their best to weave their way through the dark, brown earth.   I love how the valley changes with the seasons.
grande_ronde_beamsLife around the ranch is as busy as ever.  I have asked my husband to plan a few getaways for us this spring and summer.  I need to see the sea.  I need to close my eyes and hear (and feel) the sound of the surf and seagulls.  I need to feel the breeze against my face, and the sand beneath my feet.  I need to let it all in, and let it blow away the dust and dull of winter greys.
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I am all at once focused and then again wandering amidst thoughts of where I need to be in this world, and what I need to be doing.  My dear husband and I have been talking to the local Food Bank, as we consider our volunteering options. I must take into consideration my ability to handle the emotional aspect of dealing with people that find themselves in stressful situations – I tend to be too overly emotional about children in sad situations, and know that my heart would break at every story. Tears will fall down my face and dry there, time and again.  But perhaps that is what we need, what is human about us, to feel another’s broken heart and reach out with compassion and respect.  Perhaps we are meant to have our hearts broken daily, to encourage each other, to be the light for one another.  I have no answers, I simply move through each day and hope that I am getting at least 10% of my actions right.

I participated in two small challenges at Pixelscrapper.  The first one was to design 3 items for commercial use, using a Mardi Gras theme.  The second was called “Black, White and Read All Over”, and challenged us to use newsprint in our designs.  We were to use a limited number of colors, mainly black, white and green, with another color of our choice – I chose red.  Then we could use a neutral color to round it out.  Well, you know me and color; I never seem to get it right.  So, I simply offer my results and hopefully you can find something that you can use.


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February ’18 – Blog Train

Enjoy Each Moment
Location – The Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon
Wx:  37F, sleet

It is Wednesday, early morning.  Still and dark outside. Strong winds rush across the valley below.   Princess Daisy the calico sits beside me, delicately cleaning her mittens after her royal breakfast. She will soon head back to bed and purr herself to sleep, tummy full.  I am up early, because my mind is full.  Full of many emotions, many prayers.

You see, my friend Darlene has been moved into Hospice this week.  She has been a brave and courageous warrior in the fight against breast cancer this past year.  Always smiling her way through it all.  One of those folks that you love immediately upon first contact.  The smile.  The laugh.  The love freely given.

And I wonder, as I sit here in the darkness, why her and not me?  Why was my life saved, as hers slips away?  And perhaps, just perhaps, the reason I am here is to tell you about the miracle that I experienced during my cancer journey.  So, if you’ve a mind to sit with me for a bit and hear me out, let’s do this for Darlene.

I had been diagnosed with one of the worst breast cancer types – as if you could classify ANY of them good.  It was invasive, rather than in lumps.  It was also called “triple negative” because my cancer cells were not the type to be affected by the various hormone drugs – they had no “receptors” that could be used to kill the cells.  My husband was frightened, yet I was calm.  I had gone into “warrior mode”, working the solution.  I could have left our mountain to travel to the big city to intake to MD Anderson or Cancer Centers of America – but I just felt the Lord telling me to trust him.  I could do this, close to home.  And that is what I did.  I trusted him every step of the way, partnering with my “small-town country doctor”.

The miracle happened on the day of my surgery – a double mastectomy.   I woke up early and before I even got out of bed, I started to pray.  I prayed for the Lord to give my doctor the wisdom he needed to work my case.  To bless his hands with knowledge in the surgery room.  There were other things I must have prayed for, but what I most remember is, the moment that I prayed for myself, I was hit by a bolt of electricity.  That’s the only thing that I can compare it to.  It wasn’t painful, but there was that definite feeling of a current of electricity passing from my right shoulder, down to my left hip.  It lasted less than a minute, but I knew that something special had happened.   In surgery that morning, my surgeon found my invasive cancer cells that had previously been scattered throughout my breasts and most likely my body, was now in one lump.  And easily removed.  My miracle.  HIS miracle.  And one of many that kept occurring throughout my journey.  What an awesome God!

So thank you for listening.  Just – well, Thank you.  For being here.  For hearing the name of Darlene ringing out in your ears and perhaps your heart.  Bless the coming and going of her.   Had I known that the cancer was moving so swiftly in her, I would have made my kit a bit special this month just for her, celebrating her exuberant life.  A kit with poetry, beauty, smiles and warmth.  Generosity and serenity.  Celebrating the volunteer that freely gave for years and years of service, honoring those around her.  We are all better for knowing her.  Yes, bless the coming and going of her.

Launching my part of the February Blog Train, at Pixelscrapper.  I have a habit of not using the entire palette and blending the colors that bring about different shades.  But if you check out the other Pixescrapper Blog Train designer kits you will find that they have faithfully stayed with the colors of the month.

My designs are available for commercial use, I only ask that you try and pass along a kindness to someone else in exchange.

The elements have three previews below, but there is only one download necessary for them.
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