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Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx:  Cold, Windy.  25F

I must admit that I am a recluse.  I don’t think that I am a full-blown Agoraphobic, but I wouldn’t mind if I was.  I prefer to stay home, hang out with my own company.  I have chores, hobbies, and volunteer work at my church that keeps me busy.  I tell you these things because, on the rare occasion,  I do get out.  My husband belongs to a Lodge, and they were having an “installation of officers”  function where the wives were invited.  And since this night was important to my husband, I got dressed up in some flouncy clothes and joined him for the event.  Usually, I have to force myself to go, to smile, to try and feel comfortable in the company of others.  I then leave as soon as I possibly can.  But this time, I felt that I needed to go.  Once there, I realized why I needed to be there – it was to listen to a broken heart.

When I got to the function, the various wives were in the kitchen chatting.  I gave them a greeting and stepped into the main auditorium to watch the people set up chairs and otherwise prepare for the evening.  One lady whom I did not know came over and stood by me.  For some reason, I felt prompted to put my arm around her and give her a squeeze, and she stepped right into my arms for a full-blown hug. We sat down at a table, and after a few exchanges of conversation, she told me that she had lost her lovely daughter to breast cancer. Because I had my own bout with breast cancer, I KNEW why I was there and that the most precious gift I could give to this lady at that very moment was to be fully present for her and truly LISTEN, not just to her spoken words, but also to hear the words that remained unspoken, the ones that are the most painful of all.

As you can imagine, it was hard to hear and see her grief. But I believe that the Lord was there with us, helping her pour out her story – she needed to tell someone the things that were so important about her daughter, and they were delightful things indeed.  About how positive and upbeat her daughter was throughout the entire difficult and painful journey.  How she had such an amazing impact and positive influence upon so many people.  That at her funeral the church was overflowing with people, that they had set up TV screens for folks downstairs and upstairs to watch the proceedings on the main floor.  After she shared with me these precious and tender things, I told her that it was a reflection upon her, that she raised and influenced such a special daughter.  She smiled at me and said that no one had ever told her that before – and I told her well that’s because it was so obvious to everyone else, I was just stating the obvious.  She smiled for the rest of the evening.

I’m not sharing this interaction with you for pride or conceit.  I share as an example, that the greatest gifts are free.  Even when you are a MESSED up loner like myself, we can still make a difference by being kind.  Please, in this month of December, no matter what or when you celebrate your beliefs, please pass along an unexpected kindness to someone out there.  The world is hurting.  We can’t change the big stuff, but we can change our views, our outlooks, our actions – and make a change to our circle of influence.  Pay attention to those small nudges and gentle instincts that tell you to do something – they are important.


Christmas Ornament 1I made a goofy looking Christmas tree ornament for a neighbor of mine.  She likes me to call her “mom”.  She has been a widow for many years and is the sweetest and FUNNIEST 85 year old beauty I have ever known.  I adore her.  I crocheted her that ball and tassel in the photo to the left.

My download today is called “Nostalgia”.  The paper preview reflects only a few of the papers, as there are 30 floral ones, five solid, and five watercolor papers.  I prefer to work with neutral colors, but it does have a few splashes of strong colors in case you wish to use them.  As always, these are free to use for any purpose including commercial. I hope that you find them useful.



I pray that you are blessed in new ways that inspire and encourages you.  I’ll have a January blog hop package for you if I don’t get something else posted in the meantime.  Merry Christmas!

thanksgiving-day-2017_2.jpgHere is a photo of my husband and I as we start to put up our Christmas tree.  Things are going according to plan, at the Rush Ranch!




22 thoughts on “Free Download – Nostalgia

  1. I loved the story you shared because it is such a great example of how our Lord works through us on behalf of others. It is good to pray for blessings for others; for comfort for the grieving for example. It is also good to be available to be that blessing, to bring that comfort. God doesn’t just pour blessings out of thin air (not saying He couldn’t or hasn’t, but), He (often) uses His people to deliver those blessings and in the process, we are blessed ourselves. I am sometimes reminded that if he can use a donkey (and He did – OT), He can surely use me in all my imperfections as well. Thank you for sharing.

    The ornament you made for “Mom” is beautiful.

    Thank you for the lovely kit.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your story. It is true that we can sometimes miss out on being a blessing to others because we don’t listen to the nudges the Lord gives us.
    Thank you for your lovely designs. Have a Blessed Christmas and New Year.


  3. As a stay at home lover myself, I can understand! I never thought of myself as a people person, but I have had a job for the last year that puts me in contact with people who are hurting. This has pretty much forced me to be empathetic to others. I know I am being the instrument of the Lord by simply listening to them, just as you were. I feel that this is why I have not found another job opportunity – because He needs me where I am.
    Have a blessed Christmas and thank you for all the free goodies!


  4. I have to tell you that I have folders in a specific area of my computer where I stash all of my digi scrapping items. They are all categorized. I have one folder that I labeled Just Beautiful because there are kits out there that are just that and I have no other thought for where they should go. This kit is going there, in my Just Beautiful folder because it is just that. Beautiful. Thank you so much for your thoughts in your blogs and your beautiful, free, gifts.


  5. Thank you for sharing. I can see some lovely greeting card fronts with scripture verses on them made from this kit. Blessings to you and yours in this season of celebrating our Lord’s birth.


  6. Thank you for sharing your story Sunny. Sometimes we all need someone to just be present for us. Thank you as well for the freebie; it’s beautiful. Love the neutral colours.


  7. Thanks, Sunny. For Christmas this year, I made the family of my adopted granddaughter a digital scrapbook of her and their new family journey. It ended up being over 100 pages. It is really beautiful, and I hope they will enjoy it. I used so many of your papers and elements in it. Thanks!!!


  8. Faith, Your Decembers lovely Nostalgia is beautiful and the story heartwarming, wishing you and your husband a very Loving Christmas and a wonderful New Year filled with Joy at Rush ranch. May The Angels watch over you both merry christmas! Thank you so much, Linda

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  9. Thank you, Sunny, for sharing your God given talent with us through your beautiful kits! Also, through your blog posts I have come to simplify my life by getting out of a rat race job, slowing down and working where I now have to enjoy life and glorify God such as He wishes! This kit is so very lovely, and I will use it for many “nostalgic” photos of my mother and grandmother. You are a great lady!

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  10. Thank you for your Lovely designs and freebies they are always so pretty. I too am a Christian and it is by God’s grace that I have lived for 60 years as a Type One Diabetic and am in good health and doing well. God loves me and I know it and tell everyone who will listen. Praise God from whom all Blessings flow!

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  11. I loved your story, I have never thought of “listening” as a gift to someone else, but, when I think of it, you are so correct. It was lovely to hear that she had a smile on her face for the rest of the evening, I should think you had really made her day and made her loss easier.

    Your papers etc are always so beautiful. Thank you


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