September ’17 Blog Hop

At The Zoo
Rushranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx:  85F, smokey
Listening To:  Soundtrack, Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Mourning doves gracefully glide to a peaceful landing at the feeder on my front deck.  Regular, like clockwork, they are the first early morning visitors.  Their cooing to each other is a calm and soothing sound to me.  I need that soothing sound this morning.  I need all manner of man, woman, and child to feel that soothing sound this morning.  I am concerned for the people of Texas and Louisiana impacted by Harvey.  So many people have lost not only their homes but their sense of security and safety – their lifeline to who they are.  My brother and his family are in Houston. The country needs our kindness and our prayers.

Here at the Rush Ranch, things are normal.  Well, normal for us.  On my front and back decks, I grow four whiskey barrels of hops.  They grow such a dense, hardy bunch of vines and leaves that cover the deck pergola tops.  They provide some amazing shade throughout the summer.  I have strings of clothesline between the barrels and the top of the pergola, to help the plants find their way to the top in early spring, and those lines caused quite a bit of racket last night.  A deer with a huge set of antlers came by to raid the bird feeders, and somehow got caught up in the clothesline.  He struggled trying to get free, and that huge whiskey barrel went flying out into the front yard.  You can imagine the racket as he finally got free and took off for the hills. The plant is a little war torn, but will survive. The whiskey barrel?  That’s toast.  Always something going on, at the Rush Ranch.

The Blog Hop for September is called “At The Zoo”.  (Sort of reminds me of the ranch.  It can be a zoo around here at times….)  You can find all of the Pixelscrapper contributions to the blog hop at this link.  All of the other contributions are awesome, and some of the designers had some fantastic ideas!  I am always amazed at the talent and scope of imagination these designers have!  They keep inspiring me. We were tasked with selecting a particular animal and building our designs around it.  I’m not great at drawing animals, but I gave it a shot.   I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do a polar bear or fox, so I chose the fox.  Below are my previews, and they are for any use including commercial. I simply ask that you pass along a kindness to a stranger.  Hope that you can find something in this kit that you can use.



Thank you for taking the time to look at my designs – Blessings and Blue Skies,





28 thoughts on “September ’17 Blog Hop

  1. Sunny, you do such beautiful creating with each of the kits. I enjoy seeing each and every one of them. This one is delightful. Prayers for your family and all citizens of Houston and other communities. Truly devastating.

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  2. The fox is adorable! Love this kit. Such great colors.

    My prayers go out on behalf of those afflicted by this devastating storm. It is heartbreaking.


  3. Very smokey here in Montana also. Too bad we couldn’t have diverted some of the rain from Texas, better for all of us! Thank you for another interesting kit. Will be fun to play with.


  4. Thank you so much for your elements and papers. I have never heard of growing hops for shade. Sounds like a great idea. Not so sure the deer did–he sounds like meat for the winter! I am praying for the people who have been devasted by Havey.


  5. Thanks for the adorable kit Sunny!
    Hope your brother and family are okay in Houston, my SIL & niece were rescued in Vidor TX to be taken to Lake Charles LA and then on to a shelter in Alexandria LA so that my SIL could get her dialysis! My niece is a teacher in Beaumont and has been advised school MIGHT officially start on the 11th if the flooding subsides any! Sad situation and I feel for all those that have lost everything, including those that lost their lives. Sunday is a day of prayer for all (and all of America too)!


  6. As usual, these elements are terrific! I appreciate your kindness and generosity. Some of us have limited incomes and simply cannot afford to pay for digital art. You are a blessing.♥


  7. У вас получилась великолепная лиса! И весь набор- прекрасен! Большое спасибо вам!


  8. Thank you! I especially love your papers this time around. We are praying for all those caught in the hurricanes & those who are there helping. Also giving what we can.


  9. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people in Texas.
    Thank you so much for the beautiful goodies !!! I love that you chose the fox and the fall colors.


  10. The foxes are adorable!!! The tags and brads are charming!!! The flowers, butterfly and flowers are stunning!!! The charms are delightful!!! The papers are absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!


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