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Autumn Journal Cards
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
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Thinking about family in Texas this week, as Tropical Storm Harvey turns into a Cat 3 Hurricane, and then back down again into a storm.  Prayers go out to the people of Rockport and other locales that have been hit the hardest.  I have a brother that lives outside of Houston, in a town called Katy.  So far they are well prepared for whatever may come, including an evacuation plan.  In times like these we all – the five of us siblings – exchange “I love you’s”, so that we know without a doubt that we are loved and cherished, no matter the outcomes of a normal day, or a tragic day.  Come what may.  We are faith-based people, so we trust that all will be ok in the end.  And as the famous line from the “2nd Best Marigold Hotel” movie goes, “It will be ok in the end – if not, then it’s not the end”.  I actually have that saying on a board hanging in my kitchen.  I don’t know the original author of the quote.  In my research it has been attributed to a hundred different people.

I made some journal cards, in response to a prompt on the Designer’s Challenge Forum at Pixel Scrapper.  Instead of posting them to PS, I have posted them here.  I don’t know if you use them for anything, but I thought that perhaps you might be interested in them, even to use as tags if you sized them down a bit.  I will have a September Blog Hop download for you on September 1st, but in the meantime, here is a little something:


Download Journal Cards Here

Please let me know if you are a user of Journal Cards, I truly don’t know the number of people that use them.  Am I wasting my time?  Thank you.

Blessings and Blue Skies,



13 thoughts on “Download – Journal Cards

  1. Hi, Sunny !

    I really love your quote. I think I need to hang in my room too.
    I don’t make cards but I know people which could be interested so I will pin it on my Pinterest board.
    Thank you and have a really beautiful week.



  2. I love your journal cards. They are a wonderful size and leave plenty of room for pictures. Also, I always prefer to add my own sentiments to pages, so prefer ones that do not add text. Some beautiful pages are made useless by sentiments that I cannot remove or use.

    Thank you very much


  3. 🌞 Hi Sunny – I Love Journal Cards and use them a lot. They are quiet useful for creating one’s own quotes, or as a foundation for the addition of clip art, (JPEG and/or PNG files). The Journal Cards you design have the added benefit of “little extras” i.e. bows, gems, art work, etc. ♥ Please don’t stop creating them…. and thank you for these. – K.S.


  4. ВАши карточки красивы и удобны для использования! Большое спасибо за ваши подарки!


  5. I love to use journal cards. I appreciate having a collection of cards with and without quotes. When I am designing pages for myself I want to be able to grab and go. I personally don’t enjoy journaling so having the journal cards already made works great for me. I use them to add names and dates. Thank you for these, I love them!


  6. I’ll be honest, I never USED to use Journal Cards much, but I am trying to increase my writing on pages, and keeping my thoughts and impressions as well as just the photos, so beautiful cards like the ones you’ve provided make it a delight to integrate the written word into my layouts.

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