Free Download – The Darks

Feather Flowers – Darks
Rushranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx: 97F, Smoky
Listening to:  Andrea Bocelli

Today is Saturday, so I have much to do.  Throughout the week I have put together the church’s Sunday Program, and now it is time to print out the original and make copies of it on the church copier.  I wait until Saturday, because throughout the week if I get any reports from the missionaries that we support, I put the highlights of it on the back of our bulletin.  I also add any items to the monthly calendar on the back.   By Saturday (Hopefully earlier in the week!) I have made the decision of what I want to do in the kid’s Sunday School as a craft, so I need to gather supplies and make my sample.  (We are building a birdhouse)  Being the Church’s Treasurer also means that I need to pick up the mail (bills), write the checks, and update the books.  I love the volunteer work that I do for our tiny church with a big heart.  It’s my small contribution to the healthy unity of our church family.

I didn’t leave myself much time to write up a proper blog post today, and I apologize for that.  But I wanted to post the dark version of my feather flowers for you.  Free for any use including commercial.  Please pass along the kindness as you see fit.  You can download them here.


Look for the delight.  Look for the joy around you this week.



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