Digital Download – August Blog Hop

Good Vibes
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx: 90F
Listening to:  Soundtrack to Interstellar

People are interesting.  There is hope for this planet, one person at a time.  I truly believe that.  Here are three of the people interactions with “strangers” that I have had this week, that show me how precious people can be to each other:
1.  My husband and I were walking up to the entrance of our favorite restaurant.  A group of five women came out of the entrance and started hugging each other, sharing goodbyes and good wishes.  It was so lovely that I stood there just watching their joy.  After they finished and moved away from the entrance, I said to them “Gee, we feel left out”.  And they laughed, and hugged me!  Me, a complete stranger, hair in a ponytail and wearing flipflops, they embraced me.  I smiled for hours afterward.

2.  After our well equipment failed, we asked the neighbor if we could hook up our hose to their extra wellhead to water our horses.  They kindly said yes.  Their elderly mother was visiting, and every time my husband went over to turn on the hose to water the horses, he would sit town on our side of the fence as the horse trough filled.  The elderly mother would go sit on their side of the fence directly opposite him, and they visited together long after the trough was filled.  I so WISH that I had taken a photo of them, but I didn’t want to intrude on that precious time.

3.  I was invited to an Open House, for a beautiful garden.  It was a very big garden with all manner of plants and trees, fireplace, water fountain, brick patio areas, and too many things to really mention.  One of the amazing things was an iron dragon sculpture poised along the waterfall.  It was rather amazing, with individual iron scales, and wings.  One of my neighbors that was there told me that the artist lived right in my same town!  How did I not know this?  A woman that builds dragons out of iron?  And scrap machinery, old farm implements, etc.  How did I not know there was a female welder that created amazing things in her workshop?!  About 30 minutes later, I was introduced to a beautiful spirit names Tracy Case – the artist.  I held onto her hand for much long than I should have, but I wanted to feel her energy and countenance for as long as I could.  She didn’t seem to mind.  So gracious, and I hope to know her better one day.

This is Tracy’s dragon before it was delivered to its new home by the waterfall. dragon-tail

Since the well equipment failed, it is going to be a very expensive fix. (Minimum $5K – haven’t received the final bill as the work is still ongoing…) If a new well has to be drilled, that will be around $30K.  I decided that I just couldn’t afford to attend a reunion that my siblings were having in Tennessee, in August.  It is an expensive flight, and of course the expense of being there and doing things together…… was just an expense that I just couldn’t justify in light of my humble bank balance, and the unknown final total of the well fix.  So, I broke the news to my sisters and brother, and the sisters got together and bought my ticket!  I was very humbled at their desire to have me there with them, so I am totally over the moon about how wonderful and kind they are.  They are very special people.  I am blessed beyond measure!

So that was my week.  Despite well water issues, I had an opportunity to participate in the Pixel Scrapper August Blog Hop, called “Good Vibes”.  The color palette was just too much for me to handle:


but the other designers were able to come up with some great stuff!  It was interesting to me that I had issues with trying to design with these bright colors.  I don’t know if that it a personality issue, or a level of experience issue.  I think that it is more of a preference issue because I would have selected the pastel colors, but not the primary colors.

Please check out the PS Blog Train Forum to download everyone’s designs.
I put some things together in hopes that you will find something that you can use.  As always these are free to you including unlimited commercial use, and all I ask is that you pass along a kindness to a stranger.

PSAug2017_Rushranch_good-vibes_cuDOWNLOAD PAPERS1


And I wanted to pass along another site that will provide freebies to you – are you guys following Far Far Hill?  She usually provides paper downloads on a daily basis, and they are always lovely. (Warning – there are sometimes graphic ads on the download site….)

Thank you all for your words of encouragement and support as I work to improve my designing skills!

Blessings and Blue Skies,


26 thoughts on “Digital Download – August Blog Hop

  1. Thank you for your contribution to the blog train and to the world! You had a week filled with blessings, in spite of the well. I hope you continue to be blessed, as you have done so to us. 🙂


  2. Thank you so much. I so enjoyed reading about the blessings you witnessed this week. Amazing how difficult it is to find the good in people these days! Thank you for sharing and I’ll try hard to be more observant. You have helped me have a bit more faith in people which has gotten pretty low recently. Thank you again for the beautiful digital products. So very talented!!


  3. Thank you.
    re: your comment on Farhill. The only problem I find on it is she uses Deposit Files and it takes forever to download them. Ex. 18 min or more.


  4. Thank you for the freebies. I love your work. Your post is so inspiring, there are nice people out there and it is wonderful to come in contact with them. The artist’s work is wonderful. I love sculptures.


  5. Thank you so much for the PS Hop download. I am sure that I can find some use for the papers and elements. I loved your sharing. I grew up on a farm in Southern Idaho-similar to what you have in Oregon. Well troubles are terrible. I am wondering if you had to drill a new one. I will pray that you soon have all restored. Have a great reunion with your family! Blessings to you.


  6. Thank You so much for your beautiful blog train contribution ! I absolutely love your papers ! I hope you have a wonderful reunion with your family. The dragon sculpture is gorgeous !


  7. Your good vibes are returning to you!! Blessings — hope all goes well with the fixin’ of the well. Thanks so much for sharing your creation for the blog train!


  8. Thank you Sunny for your part in the train – I think you managed to do a great job, despite you feeling as though you had a had time with the colours. I always love your stuff! I love the denim look papers, and that plaid bow is super cute! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. The dragon is absolutely breathtaking! What an amazing artist Tracy is.Thank you also for sharing the Far Far Hill site with us – her work is beautiful.
    Sorry to hear about your troubles with the well. We’re on well too, and really should have it re-drilled as they originally just drilled to the first aquifier which is not plentiful enough so we have to be very careful with consumption, as we just can’t afford it. We did run it dry when we first moved in, not realizing how poor the flow rate was, which burned out our pump. Luckily that was only about $2000, nothing like what you’re facing. Good luck and have a wonderful time at the reunion!


  9. Hi, Sunny! What a refreshing post. It’s so positive, even when you had the sad news about your “well woes.” Your free offerings are fantastic, thank you! Besides being a member at Pixel Scrapper, I write and create for a blog called the Path of Positivity ( Please check it out, I think it would be right up your alley! I do a monthly “pondering” on positive themes and would love to hear your feedback. Meanwhile,keep inspiring me to create graphics and papers! You do lovely work!


  10. Praying that not only good vibes but that all the good things you so richly deserve will come your way – SOON.
    Hoping that your well will be well 😉 and that your positive attitude is repaid multiple times over.
    Blessed Be.


  11. Счастье-когда семья собирается вместе! Ваш дракон-великолепен! Ваши наборы прекрасны и интересны! Большое спасибо ,что поделились!


  12. Fabulous!! Thank you so much for the share 🙂 I absolutely refuse to watch the news .. I think they should just call it “The Bad News” !! It is so uplifting to hear something nice about this world, and the people in it !! They are out there, they just get drowned out by all the bad stuff. Hope your well is fixed as soon as possible, and hopefully, not as expensively as you predict !!!! Hugs!


  13. Hope your well doesn’t cost as much as you think! Thank you for the lovely elements. You have wonderful sisters, I am sure you will have a great time with them.


  14. Your work is so beautiful and creative. Thanks for being so generous!

    I LOVE reading about your life in Oregon.

    Far Far Hill has some beautiful things but I agree with Mary’s previous comment. It is just too difficult to download from that site.


  15. Thank you very much for your BT goodies 🙂
    Thanks for the photo of the dragon too….it is so awesome, the perfect lawn ornament 🙂


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