Free Digital Download

Stacked Papers
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx:  85F
Listening to:  Soundtrack, Intersteller

I wanted to provide you with another small download of four stacked papers that I did for a Pixelscrapper Challenge in the Designer Forum.  It made me think about my humble designs, and how this forum is challenging me to become better in many ways.  My designing started with small steps, and one of those steps was taking the free tutorials from Cheryl, AKA “Hummie”.  I was very happy to see that she is going to be starting those up again, so if you are an aspiring beginning designer, she can help you get started, and again, it’s free of charge.  Please see her facebook page, “My Corner Online”  for details, and sign up with your email.  You will really enjoy her immense knowledge, her teaching style, and her sweet personality.  She is such an inspiration to so many, and there are many designers that can point to her for their skills.  She also does a weekly challenge for people interested in those.

I did a small challenge over on the Pixelscrapper Website, for Stacked Papers.  The challenge was to make four, and since it was a small amount I was able to fit it in between drilling a new well and teaching Sunday school.  I made them all different, for a variety.  In hindsight, I wonder if I should have made them all with the same color scheme and theme?
PSJUL2017_rushranch_sstacked papers_cu
Download Stacked Papers Here

I got some feedback from one of the members of the Pixelscrapper Community that she didn’t really like my pop-pom flowers, but I can’t help it!  I love them!  They look so fluffy and soft……..So, I am trying not to keep using them on my designs, just every so often….

Well, I wish you a very special week, one filled with wonder and kindness.  Don’t forget to share kindness when you can!



13 thoughts on “Free Digital Download

  1. These papers are so lovely, thank you. Shame on the lady who complained about things that were free! The thought of that just irritates me. Some people’s children, huh?


  2. Sunny, please please don’t let”one” member of the pixelscrapper community dissuade you from making whatever you like to make! I love the pom pom flowers. You’re so generous with the work you share that I can’t imagine anyone being critical! However, there’s always “one” who can’t be happy with what they’ve been given. I’m very appreciative of you work and kindness. Thanks so much. Poodle


  3. Thank for these lovelies. Variety, or not? If you had chosen my fave color of the week, then I probably would have felt like I had struck a goldmine. However, if you had chosen a color I mostly dislike, then 4 would have likely been 4 too many. (giggle) Thus, wearing your shoes, variety seems to have a chance of pleasing more people.

    Regarding your stacked pom-pom flowers. I unzipped your last file and closely critiqued the light pink flower. Personally, I love the concept. I think the flower adds dimension wherever it might be desirable to have some. For my own preferences, I also think the outside edges could use some refining. But, understandably, all things improve with time.

    Only my humble opinions, Sunny; and only shared because I inferred you were asking.

    Your spirit is second to none. Your talent will grow to that. Please don’t lose sight of either because of a few thoughts… either mine or anyone else’s.


  4. Hello Sunny !

    I enjoy reading your newsletters. This time, I would thank you for your tip. I’m searching for lessons and you give us a link with free ones. I hope to be as talented as you, one day.

    Have a beautiful week,



  5. Sunny, The stacked papers are totally awesome! I certainly appreciate anything that you gift us with but I love that they are different as opposed to one palette and theme and I enjoy your beautiful flowers – ALWAYS! THANK-YOU for your generosity.


  6. Шикарные, необыкновенные ,нежные и воздушные страницы! Большое спасибо!


  7. First of all, I want to thank you for all the freebies you have shared with us.
    About stacked papers:
    I love them but would like to see them in something like a template so I could put elements and photos under them. They would be so much more useful that way.
    I really do love you work, it is so beautiful


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