New Download Links for Yesterday’s Post

Hopes & Dreams
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx:  80F
Listening to:  Piano In The Dark – Brenda Russell

Good Morning, Sweet Ones.  I am providing you a download link to my mini-kit “Hopes and Dreams”, because the Pixelscrapper website is having some tech issues with access, and it’s just so…….complicated.    I will never ask you for that favor again, to pull my designs solely from the Pixelscrapper website.  My sincere apologies for the inconvenience.




Again, apologies for an idea that just wasn’t viable.

Have a lovely week,




9 thoughts on “New Download Links for Yesterday’s Post

  1. Woo-hoo! I’m doing a happy dance! I so wanted these beauties, but I didn’t want to ask for a direct download link since you seemed to have other ideas. Thanks bunches for making them more easily available. Hope all your water woes are getting better!

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  2. Sunny you learned a valuable lesson that many should learn about the internet.. Don’t leave you personables in “others” hands… it is one thing if your own blog or website goes down, you at least have access to why, but if PS, or even FB goes down… or gets sold for that matter (MySpace) you info and art, etc… is in the hands of a 4th party now… I consider PS and FB both 3rd parties….

    Anyway, thank you again for your lovely wonderful designs…. ❤


  3. Великолепный набор! Большое спасибо ,что поделились вашим творчеством!


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