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Mellow Yellow
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx:  100F, Clear
Listening to:  The Best of Glen Campbell

It’s been an expensive week.  And a little challenging.  The well pump here on our ranch has failed.  Additionally, the pipe down the well shaft is corroding and the wiring is old, so we need to replace the entire thing.  I’m sure that the pump and wiring failed because of overuse during this heat.  The well driller is a neighbor and a good friend.  His schedule was already full, because of issues with wells all across the valley.  Farmers have been trying to keep everything irrigated, but the equipment gets too hot.  We are going on our fourth day without water, but hope to have it all resolved by late Friday night or Saturday afternoon.  We have hooked up a hose to our neighbor’s wellhead in order to keep the horses watered, and then we have been filling water jugs up down at our church every day.  Vern sent the neighbor some flowers to thank her for the hose hookup.  The kindness of friends has kept us clean and hydrated.

I’ve put together another group of graphics that I put up on the Commons at Pixelscrapper.  This one is called “Mellow Yellow.  I rushed to put it together for you, but I am somewhat distracted so I apologize if I have forgotten anything.  As always, these are free to you to use in good faith.  Random acts of kindness to others are requested in exchange.




Blessings to you,




5 thoughts on “Free Digital Download

  1. Love your Mellow Yellow – thank you!
    I’m so sorry for your water problems. We have oppressive heat, but plenty of water, thankfully.
    Bless you and I hope the water is flowing soon.


  2. Love your graphics today. So cheerful. Grew up listening to Glen Campbell. Still love his music. Hope you have tons of water by now, and your weather cools soon. Keep shining, Sunny!


  3. Totally awesome gifts, downloaded from Pixel Scrappers Commons, you are making such beautiful progress and I absolutely love your free gifts! Have a terrific weekend! Hugs, Mat


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