Free Download – Fasteners

Designer Challenge:  Fasteners
Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon
Wx:  Sunny, 80F
Listening to:  Rumer, “Season of my Soul”

I’ve had an epiphany – one that I am sure has occurred to every other single person on this planet.  But, I’m a late bloomer.  You see, this evening, as my husband and I ate dinner out on the back deck in the cool of the evening, my mind wandered out amidst the green velvet hills above us.  So lovely.  It’s not for everyone, living here in a town of less than 500 people, but for me – for us – we fit here.  We grow here.  We are becoming what we were meant to become.   I asked my husband if he was happy here. I check in with him about that every so often, because he is such a “people” person.  And  I finally realized – It doesn’t matter WHERE you live, but HOW you live, how you embrace your day – that makes you truly happy.  Find a place within yourself that fills your cup and keeps you moving forward.  Like Einstein says so famously…………


There is a small designer challenge in the middle of the month at Pixel Scrapper, for a small collection of “Fasteners”.  Please visit that challenge here, to see the other offerings.  They are all for commercial use by the way!

Here is my offering.  Hope that you find a few elements that you can use.

As always, I love your visits to my blog, and your sweet embrace of my humble designs.

Blessings and Blue Skies,




20 thoughts on “Free Download – Fasteners

  1. Hi Sunny, the kit is gorgeous, but I do not see the download link/button anywhere.
    Am I totally missing it somehow, or is it really not there. I see the PixelScrapper links just fine, but no kit download. Would love to get your gift.


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