Free Download – June Blog Hop

Nature Escape
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
Wx: 71F,  Mostly Sunny
Listening to: Brenda Russell, album “Get Here”

It is early morning 5:00 a.m., and the world is still and peaceful here.  The sun rises gently above the Blue Mountains behind me, and I watch it travel across the valley floor below.  The horses are peacefully grazing in the pasture, and quail rush their young toward the feeders under our deck.  The weather is adjusting to spring, and farm crops are a lush, emerald green after the rains. It is remarkably lovely.  I am content.  It took many years to get “here” in this place on the side of my mountain, in this place inside my heart, my spirit, in this place of contentment. I am well-blessed.

(Photo Credit:  Dirt Road Photography)

It’s work to get the mind to quiet down, it’s work to get the body to just pause and relax, put down the spoon and kettle, put away the cleaning cloths and wax.  But eventually, you need to just sit and “be” –   to be renewed.  To feel the harmony and let go of the world clutter.  Allow yourself the time to pull yourself back together into focus.  So much time is spent in rushing to get things done in this busy world, that we simply need to unplug from the routine and give ourselves permission to be at rest, to do nothing.  To empty ourselves of the stressful news, bad situations around the globe, taxes, healthcare, pollution, food sources, and climate change.  Let go, if only for a moment, so that we can be filled with newness and see our way through until we need to climb the next big hill or big mountain.  Easier said than done – I understand that.

The June Blog Hop theme is “Nature Escape”, with a palette of greens and turquoise.  That made me dream of the sea, and all of its many treasures, therefore, my kit is related to the sea. You may find this kit a little difficult to use, as it contains many extractions of my brooches. I always wanted to live by the sea, and once I retired I had planned on living by the sea – but I never seem to end up there.  I am definitely happy where I am, but I always make time for summer trips to the coast.  Nothing beats a walk along the beach as the sun rises or sets.  The sound of the surf is soothing to me.  The majestic colors, the scents, the sounds – all of these things awaken the artist in me.  I want to sing, I want to paint, I want to dance, I want to write.  I want to wear flowers in my hair and bury painted toes in the sand.  I want to feel beautiful in freckles and ponytails.  I want the magic of the Ocean to be in me, too. Every since I was about the age of 14, I wanted to be a marine biologist.  But life happened, and I ended up playing with satellites in the sky rather than fish in the sea.  Go figure.

As always, my kits are free to you to use however you wish, including commercial use. I only ask that you perform some random act of kindness this month, to be the change in this world.  My TOU is at the bottom of this post.


Download Papers


Download Elements

rushranch_June Desktop1920x1080_CU

Laptop Wallpaper (1920 x 1080)


42 thoughts on “Free Download – June Blog Hop

  1. It’s always a delight to see what you have created. You are a very talented lady, and I do enjoy reading your blog as well. You brighten my day dear. Thank you for the lovely shares.

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  2. Sunny, your kit is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much. Those are beautiful brooches! There’s nothing like the peace of the early morning. Thank you for sharing your thoughts … I hope you get to follow your heart to the sea!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank You Sunny For Sharing Your ArtWork Its Gorgeous This Kit Is Stunning LOve What You Have Created,Lots Of Jewels Of The Ocean Enjoyed Reading Your Blog To.Thanks For Taking The Time To Share Your Thoughts & Gifts Bless You Hugs:)xXx

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  4. This kit is beautiful – love the papers AND the brooches! Thanks for sharing that and your lovely blog. I always thought I would live on or near the beach when I retired, but instead I find myself on a farm in Alabama – and I am content, most of the time. And the beach is probably the only place I have willingly seen a sunrise, lol!

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  5. Thank you so much! I just love your kit!! Blues and greens make me swoon, because, like you, I just love the ocean, as well as lakes and rivers! Enjoy your lovely spring in Oregon! It is just lovely here in southern Ontario!

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  6. The colors are gorgeous!!! Very peaceful and serene…. Like the sea!!! All the brooches that you turned into elements are absolutely stunning and amazing!!!! The clusters, frames and borders are spectacular!!! The papers are breathtaking!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!


  7. Горы-долина-какая красота-умиротворенность! И набор ваш прекрасен! Большое спасибо!

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  8. Sunny, these elements & papers are totally gorgeous! Thank-you so much for your generosity in sharing your talent with all of us.
    Blessed Be.


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