Computer Screen Background

Month of May
Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon
Wx:  62F overcast, windy

I was thinking the other day, as the rain pounded down upon this soggy earth, that you can tell a lot about a person by HOW they walk in the rain.  Maybe.  There are those that make a mad dash for cover to protect their hair or clothes, detesting the weather.  Then there are others that just hunker down, resigned to it all as they move from one place to another, shoulders bent, determined to tolerate and persevere.  And then there are those that seem to revel in the rain.  Kids, especially.  They turn their face toward the sky, run about with arms wide, and make every effort to make each splash bigger than the one before.   Sometimes, I wish we were all kids again, experiencing everything through child-like innocence and delight.  I think that I am going to go outside right after this post, raise my face toward the sky and feel the rain upon my face.

Have you done something nice for someone lately?  A random act that was unexpected?  Could you drop me a note in the comment section below, and share some ideas or actions that you did?  I’m looking for more ideas regarding performing Random Acts of Kindness. The world really needs that right now.

I don’t have a kit for you today but I will have one on May 1st.  Instead, I have made a background for your laptop or computer.  It is rather pastel, so it won’t be popular with those that prefer a more universal design.  There are several sizes, depending upon your screen resolution.  Please let me know if it is something that you would find useful, and I will make one for each month with different themes.  If not, no worries.  I also included a page for those building family trees, as in Genealogy.  You may use these for any use you choose, including commercial.  My official TOU is at the end of this post.

rushranch_May Desktop1024x768_pu

Download Size 1920 X 1080
Download Size 1024 X 768
Download Size 1280 X 800


Download Genealogy


Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to sharing the May Blog Hop with you soon!





6 thoughts on “Computer Screen Background

  1. Gorgeous work! Thank you for sharing with us.

    As for random acts of kindness, I like to send a PM to one of my Facebook friends. Not a really close friend, just someone I know, a word of encouragement or just to let them know I’m thinking about them.

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  2. Hi Sunny … gee whiz, is it May already? Wasn’t Christmas just last week? It seems to me that time is speeding up, while I’m slowing down. 🙂 The May calendar and Genealogy chart are simply lovely. Thank you for sharing your time and talent so freely.

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  3. Thanks for the lovely genealogy gift Sunny! I adore researching my family tree (since 1992) and this weekend was a WONDERFUL one as I got to connect a cousin (that I did not know existed as she had been adopted) with her biological mother! What an awesome feeling! As for RAK, I usually “snitch” a photo from a friend off FB and create a lovely memory page for them and send it to them on FB….love doing that a lot! Hope you have a wonderful week, looking forward to you May kit (my birthday month)! Thanks a lot for your generous gifts (they mean a lot to me as I am on strict budget)! Hugs! Mat

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  4. Ty for the lovely May Blog Train! My kindness tends to be anonymous and sort of off the cuff. When I have spare money, I overtip someone. I also try to let folk from the sideline into/turn in traffic and claim I’m getting my reward when I find a parking space or am allowed to turn left in heavy traffic. I also like to hide little letters of encouragement (and/or small sums of money) for others to find.

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  5. Sunny, one of my favorite RAKs is to pay for meat for someone at the grocery store when I see them taking things out of their order because they are over their budget on the total. Another one is to buy a cup of coffee for the person in line behind me and, always, I try to be a polite and patient driver. Very very few drivers notice and fewer acknowledge but I know and that is what brightens my heart.

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