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Thank You All
Rush Ranch – Eastern Oregon
WX: 62F, rain

Ah, the peace that comes upon good news, after a long, hard wait. My daughter “J” will be fine.  Just irritations and lesions that will heal on their own.  Thank you, everyone, for sending prayers and positive thoughts.  Your comments really uplifted me when I was scared and greatly concerned.   In this time of our lives when the world doesn’t quite make sense anymore, and there is hatred being practiced in all of its tormented forms, you have proven the truth that there is precious goodness in this world.  Again, thank you all for your encouragement – it meant so much to me.

I have a couple of free downloads for you, one is for a challenge called “The Letter B”.  We were asked to come up with a mini kit that contained a bird or butterfly, borders, button or brad, and a balloon.  I included all of those items, except a balloon – call me a rebel if you must.  Truth is, I forgot it.  My mind had been on J, and I was beyond distracted but I still needed to try to focus on something other than waiting for a diagnosis.  Hence, the absent balloon. I did throw in a few bees just because I love them. And, I have been on a “kick” lately of making blended papers.  I can’t help myself – I love the way the colors ebb and flow into each other.  I have always wanted to paint watercolors, but I never approached that art with any confidence.  But here on paper, I am exploring what it means to be in the midst of a liquid color box. The emotions of color have no better display than in watercolor, yet I suppose Mr. Rembrandt would challenge that theory.

Here are the previews and downloads for “The Letter B”.  The elements have two previews but just one download.  I wanted to show you the full content of the element download, and it is better seen in two separate previews.  I wish I was one of those designers that could just pile it all together in one big center lump, but when I do that, I am never happy with the result.    As always, these are free to you for any purpose – I just ask that you do a random act of kindness for someone else – pass it on.  My official “TOU” is at the bottom of this post.

Download Papers

Download both element previews


I also did a small number of frames for an entirely different challenge, so if you are interested in the frames, here they are:
Download Frames

Official TOU Stuff:

Until we meet again,




14 thoughts on “Digital Download – Free Stuff

  1. I have enjoyed reading through your blog and find your scrapbooking art work absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous creative designs.


  2. Thank you so very much for your donations. It is so very kind of you to help us, me included, to be able to scrapbook our many grandchildren’s photos. Without kind people like you, I, and so many others would not be able to afford to have this hobby. And I do love it so much. I pray God’s blessings on you and your family, for the kindness you show to all of us who benefit from you.


  3. I just discovered this beautiful kit on your blog — I love the artsy look of the papers … & thanks so much for the frames, too. You are very talented! thanks for your generosity in sharing your creations!!

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  4. Thanks for all the gorgeous work on your site! I’ve been snoopin’ around on your blog and found so many beautiful kits. You are so talented! I discovered that both the elements and papers in this kit have the same link, only the papers. Could you please look into it and place a new link for the elements? Thanks in advance. Greetings from Holland.


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