Digital Download – March Blog Hop

In The Pocket
Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon
Wx:  35F, mostly sunny

There is so much to be thankful for – the magical month of March brings the beginnings of spring, summer birds return, babies are being born in the cattle fields far and wide.  The days are longer and colors change from their faded and tired browns to hopeful starts of green.  Something inside of me awakens – perhaps the part of me that wants to garden, walk in the warmth of the sun, or sit in the shade of a bountiful tree.  The hands that punch this laptop keyboard are missing the feel of soil, rich, dark, and cool.

March also brings many changes to my life as a Mother.  No matter how old your children become, you are still a mother to those adults that make their own choices, their own way in this world.  My oldest daughter “A” has moved away as of Feb 25th, back to Alaska.  I will see her and my granddaughter less often.  It is a good move for them, but a conflicted heart for me.  Thank goodness for texting, phone calls, and Skype.  My youngest daughter “J” has a CT scan scheduled for March 3rd.  She had a chest X-ray two weeks ago, which revealed a nodule in her lung. She has had a persistent cough as well, so I am worried about the results.  She smokes.  She will be 40 years old this year, so she makes her own choices. I worry.  I pray.  I am in the midst of an internal storm, at times angry or frightened that cancer may have entered our lives once again.    Some things I have no control over – I can’t change the darkness, I can’t change the course of the disease.  I can’t fix this for J.  Perhaps I am overreacting and the CT scan will reveal nothing. Either way, God is good.

Over at, the theme for this month’s blog hop is “In The Pocket”. The focus is on Journal Cards.  If you are not familiar with them, many people use them to record daily, weekly or monthly life.  Some print them out and keep them in a binder.  Others are involved in the “Project Life”  activity, formally documenting family life.  First, I have to apologize.  I don’t use Journal Cards.  Therefore, my designs for them may not be helpful, applicable, or useful.  But, I did put together various style hoping that SOMETHING in my downloads would be of use to you, even in general scrapbooking. I placed the journals cards in four separate downloads so that you would only need to download those items that suited your style.  I also have papers and embellishments for you.

As the usual, my designs are free to you, for personal and commercial use.  There are no limitations.  I simply ask that you do a kindness, a random act that blesses someone.  My official Terms of Use are at the bottom of this post.

Download Papers

Download Elements

Download Journal Cards 1

Download Journal Cards 2

Download Journal Cards 3

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Download Journal Cards 5

Until we meet again, many blessings –


Digital Scrapbook downloads

The Mix of Stuff  
Rush Ranch – Oregon
Wx:  Cloudy, 30F

It’s amazing how fast the weather can change in the Grande Ronde Valley.  It’s been much warmer the past few days and the warm wind is melting the snow down to the soil line.  There are even some green shoots of grass springing up in the fields.  I am most concerned for the baby calves being born at this time of year – it can get very cold at night, but I suppose being snuggled up to a mother that weighs over 1,000 pounds would keep the little one snug and warm. Our house cat Oscar has even ventured outside for 10 minutes at a time to feel the edge of spring so near.  Funny how each one of us in this household has stood outside on the deck during these past few days, eyes closed, face forward, feeling the faint breath of spring.  I think that we all have had cabin fever!

I have a mix of downloads that I haven’t linked to my blog in the past, so I thought that I would put these additional resources up for you.  They don’t have a particular theme but may be useful in filling out your digital library.

Download Papers

Download Flower Library

Download Winter Papers

As always, I hope these come in handy for you.  These are free to you.  I simply ask that you pass along a small kindness to those around you.  Here are the official terms of use:


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Digital Scrapbook Download- Love

Love Is In The Air
Rush Ranch, Oregon
Wx: 45F, overcast, high winds

February is blowing in with the wind, wild and reckless.  The air is warm, and the heavy snow is disappearing as fast as it can.  Streams of water run down the mountainside and farmers in the valley below are upbeat and hopeful about this year’s crops. We will have high water tables to nourish those fields of plenty.

I’ve had a good week.  My Sunday school craft went over well with the kids, thanks to the abundance of ideas at the website  We did a cute little bear that holds a heart.  I modified the hear3t to say “Jesus Loves You”.  I only had boys in the class today, very unusual but fun.  They sputtered a bit when they thought the bear had on a skirt instead of just an apron, so several of them modified the apron to look like a pair of shorts.  Can you tell the boys are all very young?  1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders.

Being a Sunday School teacher is not something I would have EVER imagined that I would be.  But when we want to hear God laugh, all we have to do is tell him our plans.  He puts us where he needs us.

I have a new download for you.  The Pixelscrapper designer challenge was to make a mini kit for the theme “Love is in the Air”.  We were also challenged to pick an unusual color palette, something other than the usual pink or red.  So, I chose a sage green and plum.  Well, I *THOUGHT* I was choosing a sage green, but then I have since discovered that it is rather a gray-blue.  I am slightly color-blind when it comes to the color green.  I hope you think that it turned out OK. As always, these are free to you, for personal and commercial use.I simply ask that you pass along a kindness to someone else this week, no matter how small.  My Terms of Use are included at the bottom of this post.



I have used three poems from other artists as Word Art.  If you have an opportunity, I encourage you to follow Christopher Poindexter on Instagram and Tumbler.  He also has a store on Etsy.  His typewritten poems can be rather stirring and lovely. I also used a sweet poem from John Mark Green.

I will have some additional downloads for you within the next few days.

Wishing you a lovely week,