New Day – New Way

Rush Ranch, Eastern Oregon
Temp: 40F

Here I am.  A new blog on WordPress as I transition from Google’s Blogger platform.  I hope the change isn’t too inconvenient for you.  It just seemed time to make the switch with the advent of the near year.  Snow is falling, the world outside my window is grey and cold, therefore, I need change.  I need beauty and color and the ZEN of creating something new.  And I FEEL it!  I feel the joy surging through me as I extend my thoughts and dreams upon this page.  I am in the right place.  I am in the right space.  I am home.

Let me go fetch myself a mug of hot chocolate on this dark winter’s night, and then I shall tell you my story – well, a bit of it.  I don’t want to bore you with minutia, but I do want you to know what inspires me, what keeps me sailing in calm waters…………

I’m back. Mexican chocolate in a pottery-thrown mug.  I love my mug.  My sister bought it for me as a gift this summer.  The yellow and blue glaze across it reminds me of a large field of summer wheat, white clouds billowing in the sky.  See?

Things have influenced my dreams and desires in the past few years.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 (Triple Negative Invasive Carcinoma).  I went through a double mastectomy and chemotherapy.  Of course, I didn’t go through it alone – my darling husband and family was with me every step of the way.  So supportive.  So loving.  And I had the most caring and skilled physicians.  I was blessed.  But the Chemo took a hard toll on me.  My bone marrow stopped making platelets.  I was near death.  The Chemo burned my insides, right down to the bottoms of my feet. I had to have more surgery to repair the holes that had formed in my bladder and colon.  My memory and thinking was impacted, including my skills for graphic design.  I had to learn some things from the very beginning, and all things from a cloudy memory.  I am still re-learning my skills, and I shall endeavor to regain my flow.  But no matter, it’s all good.  It’s all a lesson from God, who shows me his mercy, his grace, his love EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I am truly blessed in enormous ways.  I am grateful for all things.

I volunteer on a regular basis.  My church has kindly allowed me the privilege of teaching the Sunday School craft to match our lesson.  I am the church clerk and keep track of our five missionary families all over the world.  I am also the Assistant Treasurer.

I love watching old black and white movies, eating summer dinner outside on the back deck, photography, reading, etc.  I love watching the garden grow and eating the fresh harvest there.  I love watching the many birds sharing our five bird feeders and three hummingbird feeders.  I use too many commas in my writing.  I don’t worry about the rules of writing, I just write.  I write like I think, sometimes a free flowing rush of words. My husband and I write love notes to each other in erasable marker on each other’s bathroom mirror.  He is 71 years old.  I am 65.  And we still make sure we tell each other that we love each other every single day.  We hold hands often.  We hate to be apart for a few hours, much less for a few days.  We have a “Fifth-Wheel” RV that we take out every now and then to wide open spaces that smell of pine or sea salt.  We always take Murphy where ever we go. He is our “Baby”, since our children are all grown adults now.  We have lovely grandchildren.  But then, all children are lovely and precious.

That’s a little bit about me.  Feel free to answer any questions.  Thanks for visiting my blog, and I shall have new digital scrapbook kits up soon!

Be well,


2 thoughts on “New Day – New Way

  1. Hi Sunny! I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing anything new on your other blog. I found you last month when I was following my first Pixel Scrappers Blog Train and really like your style. So glad I found you in this spot while following yet another
    Is the picture on your blog of your ranch?


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